Motivational thought instead of post ;)

Hi guys,

Today I have had a lot of unexpected appointments and events. I am starting this post on my way to work and today I haven’t got time (and head) to sit in the morning and write a proper post. But as I promised to myself to stick to my schedule, I’ve decided to write at least an explanation. So you know that I haven’t disappeared.

But just not to leave you without nothing, I am going to share one thought with you. I hope it will motivate at least some of you: if you think that it is as bad as it can’t be any worse and you are thinking to give up – don’t do it! You never know what life is going to throw at you. And maybe next day, you will get news, that will change everything. Just keep going and take an action, to be able to see a better tomorrow and never loose hope.

I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.



Motivation and will-power. What is more important?

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk about will-power and motivation. This is something, what every productive person should be working on. But before I will get to the right topic, I will tell you what will-power and motivation mean according to me.

Will-power is a level of determination in the process of achieving something. It might be your goal, getting rid of bad habit, increasing performance at work… As stronger your will power is, as more likely you are going to overcome difficulties on your way. I have heard opinion, that will-power and motivation is the same thing, however I believe, that motivation is some kind of picture showing result of your work. For example, you might be working 16 hours a day, because you want to be reach. And in this case being reach will be your motivation. On the other hand, if so long work hours will make you extremely tired, but any way you are going to push yourself; or everyone tells you that this way you are not going to become reach, but even if you believe it sometimes, you still keep going – this is a will-power in my eyes.

So these is the difference. In this post I would like to tell you, why improving will-power might help you and why motivation can work against you sometimes.

Let’s start from this second one. Having some reason to work toward your goal is very important. It can help you beat procrastination (when you’ll be asking yourself, why should you do this particular activity, you can just picture this brand new car, you have always dreamed about). But sometimes it can make you lost. Imagine situation, when you have decided to save money for a new car. But instead of thinking how to earn more money, or where possibly could you cut your costs, you keep thinking about this car instead. How nice you would feel driving it, which places would you be able to visit, etc. And because of it, you are not getting closer to your goal.

On the other hand, when you are determined and you use your will-power to picture your motivation and quickly come back to following your goals, you are more likely to achieve it. Just because you are taking some actions to get there. And even, if one thing you kept doing didn’t work, you will quickly imagine this car and right away start thinking about other option to save enough money for it.

I used example with the car, but it could be anything. You might dream to become a doctor. But if you don’t have enough will-power to spend some time on preparing to your exams, your chances are very low (at least I hope so, because who would like to be checked by doctor without a basic knowledge 😉 ).

But in that case, why do you need motivation at all? It seems to be quite harmful, doesn’t it? Well, as I mentioned before, you would like to make sure that you know where you are going. You need something to remind yourself, why this hard work now is worth it. You might also consider that your journey will not always be as easy. And having this motivation will be life-saving in that moments.

And this is it for today’s post. I hope it is helpful for you and as always, I will be happy to read your opinion in the comment section.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


What helps me to stop smoking?

Hi guys,

Today is my day off again, as my schedule changed again. And although I have to work during the weekend now, it is more convinient for me to have a Friday for me. First of all, I can get all my things in hospital and other offices sorted, without neccesity of taking a day of, but also it is better for me to have some time to work on my projects, while other people are in work (this is because me and my husband are renting just a room in a shared home, so sometimes it is getting a bit loudly). I don’t mind having people around when I do my work, but recording when there are a lot of sounds in the background is quite annoying (especially, that my microphone is not very professional).

And, as I usually do, when I have a day off, today I have spent eight hours working on my computer and getting my stuff done. But, because I started at 5am (I haven’t started my challenge again; simply something woke me up early), I was done by 1pm. And I realised one thing: if I can put all my heart into something, I really can succeed. Today I realised, that since my post about leaving smoking (so almost two weeks) I haven’t stop smoking (it woud be huge lie), but I reduced amount of cigarettes to just one before going to bed. And although going through the day is being very hard sometimes (especially during day off, when I have to keep distracting myself from smoking), I am able to manage it. In the evening it’s much harder, as need for nicotine keeps me awake, that’s why I decided to keep this one cigarette a day in my routine.

But what is the greatest thing in all this situation, is that even smoking this cigarette doesn’t make me break my rule all the way. And even though I will still need to get rid of it as soon as my brain will get used to much lower intake of nicotine, I count it as a huge achievement.

As I have tried a lot of things to stop, and it didn’t work for me, I will give you some advise, which might help you (remember, that every one is different; but it will not harm to try): if you are trying to stop, try to keep one cigarette during the day. The one, which is the hardest to get rid of (like in my case, before bed; but it might be different time for you) and any time when you want to smoke other time than this agreed one, just simply tell yourself: “Look, there are only X hours left, after you can smoke”. Next time, simply: “Ok, last time it was X hours, now is X- (whatever it is). You did so great, just let’s do something, so time will pass” and so on. And make sure you have some hard candy by you or any other snack of your choice. While talking to yourself (it sound a bit mad; but my dad used to say: sometimes I have to talk yo myself, otherwise I would never talk to anyone on my level 😉 ), just put a candy in your mouth and try to get distracted by anything.

And it is not proven by medicine, for me smoking so much as I did and one cigarette now, is like going from the Earth to the moon and back. Just unbelievable! And as this small success will become normal for you, getting rid of one cigarette a day will be easy. You already eliminated so many, didn’t you?

It works for me. Just knowing, that I am going to smoke this one time a day, makes me more calmer. And I believe, that sooner than later, I will be able to say with huge pride: “I stopped smoking by myself”.

And with this thought I am going to end this post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to work on personal project, when there is so much to do? (6 steps I’ve taken)

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to focus on how can you do some stuff on side, if you have full time job, family to look after and many other things to take care of. For me, it seemed to be impossible at some point. I usually came back from work and the only thing I wanted to do is to take shower, eat something and go to the bed. But still, I needed to cook, do some cleaning and when I was done with it, it became insanely late already.

Basically, at the moment I am starting my job at 2 pm and I am done by 10 pm, so when I am home, it is easily 10-11 pm. And this was my excuse for not doing anything after that. Of course, in the morning I couldn’t do anything, as I had to prepare food, so it wouldn’t take me too long to cook in the evening and generally get ready for work. And in the evening I used to make sure that food is ready, take shower and just go to the bed. At least this is what I believed at that time.

So now I would like to share with you some steps I have take to change this situation.

STEP 1: Track how do you spend your time and determine where it goes

This might seem easy and pointless. But it isn’t. If you will be honest with yourself, you might realise that you have a lot of time spend on activities, you are not even aware of. When I first started tracking, I decided not to see results for one week. And when seven days passed, I got shocked. Each day I have spent at least 2-3 hours watching next episodes on Netflix or YouTube; I was sitting and doing literally nothing for at least half an hour each day. And although amount of this time spent at not being productive was so huge, I wasn’t aware that I am doing this at all. And I haven’t even mentioned how much time I have spent on scrolling through my social media…

Step 2: Minimise an amount of time spent on unproductive activities

Tracking my time helped me also determine, when I am wasting hours out of my time. And I simply made sure that I have some productive tasks scheduled for this part of the day. I also make sure that there will be a reminder refreshing my memory. There is still problem of procrastination, by having my phone screaming to me, that this is time to get work done, I am forcing myself, to shorten my Netflix session (usually, one episode does pretty well as well). And to reduce time spent on scrolling through my social media, I have scheduled a time for this particular activity. I have also removed spamming and not really useful users and simply stopped following them. So my news feed became much shorter and my scheduled time is more than enough to go through it.

Step 3: Find some time for activities you reduced

This have been mentioned in previous step, but for me it turned out to be very helpful to reduce time spent on other activities instead of eliminating them completely. I had an attempt to stop doing them, but usually I used to fail. Having this scheduled time for these activities just make me stick to the new way of living.

Step 4: Sleep less

And this will not work for everyone. If you already sleep only 4 hours, this advise is completely reversed for you: “Sleep more!”. However, if you are like me and you like to sleep for 12 hours each day, consider reducing it to 8 hours. I did it and I have gained 4 hours of awake time each day. And guess what? I am still rested. But remember, don’t reduce it too much. Being sleepy will reduce sharpness of your brain and it will make it harder to stay focused. This way, even if you’ll get this extra hours, you are most likely to get much less work done too.

Step 5: Try to prepare meals for at least two days

This was just amazing for me. Cooking bigger amounts of food doesn’t take much more time, but saves you a time the next day. This way, instead of spending one hour each day on cooking, you are going to spend one hour every other day. This is definitely a good deal.

Step 6: Take an advantage from your commuting time

Are you travelling to work by train, or just walk? You can always find some podcast to listen on the way. This will not slow you and at the same time, you can get skills which will help you in things you want to do as your personal project.

And these are all advises I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed it and that they will be helpful for you. If you have any other advises, I will be happy to read them in the comment section.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Work with what you have and look for opportunities

Hi guys,

Today is a very exciting day for me, as my first video has been scheduled! It is not perfect (especially that I can’t speak English properly while I am stressed; and quality of montage… well) and I have been thinking for a long time to reschedule it for the next Sunday, just to make it better. And I almost did it, but as I was about to go for it, when I have got notified about this post. I commented on it and as I posted my opinion, I have realised, that “girl, something goes wrong!”

Basically that post is about ideas and taking actions for them; and costs connected to both of this things. And I understood, that I am waiting with my upload for a better time, till video will be perfect. But I forgot, that perfection will come with the experience. And how am I going to get experience, if I am not going to start?

So yesterday, for the last time I have rescheduled my video and this time I have actually uploaded it. And this is how the idea for this post has been born.

Having an idea and taking action towards it, are two things needed at the same time. You can have an idea and keep waiting till something happen, till time will be better and finally till you will become perfect. But reality is harsh. This perfect moment might never come. You want to invest first to increase quality of your product, but you have to save some funds for it, but are you sure, you’ll be able to do this?

I have decided, that it might not happen in my case. There is always a lot of things to do, a lot of spending and finally not enough time in one day, so now I know, that good time will never come. So I just started with what I have. Quality of my videos? I can always correct it after, when I will be able to afford for microphone I want or for better software to record my video. Now I have what I have and I am going to make a good use of it.

And this is my advice for you. If you have an idea, Just try to start. Maybe it will not be perfect at first, but go for it. If you will keep pushing it away, this great idea might never be seen by the world. Do you want to take this risk?

And today’s post is very short, I know. But for now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Processes in our life?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to tell you about processes. Lately, I have realised that the entire life of each person is made of smaller and bigger processes. We are growing, eating, learning, building new relationships… All of these are some kind of processes. It doesn’t happen within minutes, it can take even a years.

There are also some processes, we don’t have too much to do to change them or decide how they will go (for example, you can’t decide how tall you’ll grow) and the other are highly dependent on our actions. To build good relationship, you need to spend some time with the person, get to know each other. Your time and behaviour during your meetings will determine, if this person will become your friend, your partner or just one of the colleagues.

But what I wanted to focus on today, are processes connected to self development. Here we have a lot of processes going on. First of all, figuring out that you want to change is a process. It doesn’t happen over night (at least not always). There must be some events, making you realise that something is not right; this one thing has to happen to let you know, that this is the time to start all this changes. And finally you are coming to the point that you are starting to incorporate new habits into your life.

Habits are processes itself, but the longer process connected to them is making some activity a habit. This can take as short as a couple of weeks (especially, if we are talking about bad habits we are incorporating, while we are not aware of it) or as long as couple of years. And with the second type, there is one problem. There are very hard on the beginning. You must keep reminding yourself about this new thing you want to do, you have to fight your procrastinating self and finally, you have to be consistent.

I have mentioned in one of my previous post, that having a routine is very important and helpful, however I haven’t mentioned that actual process of building this routine is very hard. You might think: “What is so hard in doing different things than I usually do? Especially, things like drinking the water as a first thing in the morning, or having a good breakfast?”. And I have to agree, it is simple in theory. As soon as you’ll find any small hardship (like I haven’t prepared my water the day before or I need to go to the shop and buy fresh bread), you are very likely to give up for the day. You might think something like: “Ok. Today, I’m going to leave it, I will come back to it tomorrow, it is just one day…”. But in reality, this one day might change everything. Next day you will become less willing to do it, after less willing to even thing about it and try to produce some kind of excuse, and finally you will forget about this great habit you wanted to have.

So building a new routine or incorporating new habits are very complicated processes. There is constant war between doing well and failing, but after retrying it again and again, we will succeed. This trigger another process, which is a process of building self-confidence. We will have ups and downs, but each time we are trying again, we are getting this feeling, that this time it will work, I can do it!

And this leads me to a conclusion. We need to be aware in which processes we are involved, as all of them are cross connected. They influence our life, and might have a great impact on our life, but they might be also destructive. For each process you have to sacrifice accurate amount of energy, otherwise you might become too overwhelmed or too lazy to get it to the end. And this unfinished process might have an impact on your life, even if it will only decrease your self-esteem.

I am going to leave you with this thought. I hope you like this post and I will be glad to read your opinion on this topic in the comment section.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to deal with other people’s opinions?

Hi guys,

This week is going to be a very work-loaded week. I have managed to get all tools needed to get my YouTube channel running and on Saturday there will be the first episode uploaded. Any way, I am very excited about this, but at the same time, there is still so much work to be done. I have first episode of tutorial ready, but there are still little bits and pieces to take care of.

All this made me decide to talk about other’s people opinions today. I don’t know, if you have realised, but very often we are getting opinions, we are not asking for. Like, you’ll say to your friend: “oh, I am going to start my own band!” or “I am going to set up my own business!”. And while you are suspecting some sort of support, you are getting: “It will not work” or “You’ll just waste your time”. As I have been blessed with a lot of this kind of opinions, while informing about my YouTube channel, I would like to talk, what to do with them (or at least what I am doing). I have divided this process into stages, so let’s jump right into first of them:

Stage one: Try to understand, why people are saying this

This might sound funny. Why shall I be interested in the reason of someone’s opinion? It is my life and I need to decide about it. That’s of course true. However, understanding reasoning of other people, gives you another point of view. When you are deciding on some new things, usually you are excited and your brain seems to ignore any hardships you might find on your way.

That’s why it is worth it to spend a while to consider other’s opinions and reasoning behind them. Maybe they had some experience with similar activity, or they just can imagine the whole process much better than you do? Maybe they will just open your eyes on things you have to do before starting and you’ll be more prepared, then you would be without knowing it?

The only thing is to make sure, that other’s opinions aren’t base on their priorities. Make sure, that while listening to them, you’ll make sure that this huge disadvantage mentioned by your fiend, is a disadvantage in your eyes also. Remember, that we are all completely different!

Stage two: Figure out your ability

Using what you have found out from other people and what you knew before, now is the time to see, if you can manage it (I am failing in this stage very often, so I think out of my experience, that this is an important one). And what I mean by, is to ask yourself few questions:

  • Do I need to invest any money? Can I afford it at the moment?
  • How much time will I have spend on this each day? Am I able to do so?
  • Do I have all necessary skills? If not, can I get them? And how long it will take?
  • Is there any risk? Am I ready to deal with consequences, in case if I fail?

These questions are quite simple and they don’t require anything from you, except a little time. But remember, it is easier to climb the mountain knowing that you have someone to ensure your safety, than being on your own. So being prepared for any hardships might make your journey much easier and less stressful.

Stage three: Have a plan B

If people are saying, that you are going to waste your time (or sometimes you are considering it too), try to thing about other way, how you can use skills you’ll gain, in case if this idea will not work. Will it be considered as an experience in some kind of job, you wouldn’t mind to perform? Or maybe you have another project in your mind and you can use some of the skills? It will give you a peace of mind and help you focus on your tasks.

Stage four: Make a plan and start moving forward

If you weighted your risk and you are more aware of negative possibilities connected to your project, now it is time to plan everything and start your work. It won’t be done itself 😉

I hope this will help you to make decision and make you be able to figure out which opinions are helpful, but which of them aren’t. If you have any advises on this topic, I will be more than happy to read them in the comment section.

But this is it for today. I’ll see you in my next post.


Getting rid of the worse habit of mine. New challenge!

Hi guys,

Today, I am going to talk about very important part of self-development, which is getting rid of bad habits and I will take on the new challenge.

As I mentioned in few of my previous posts, habits are a very powerful tools in achieving anything you want. You want to learn something? Make a habit to spend time to master this skill. You want to be stronger? Make habit of exercising every morning. Just simply include it in your routine and before you’ll realise, you will be doing it on autopilot. Without wondering about all excuses.

However, not every habit is good. There are some, which are devastating for us. But before I will tell you about this group, let me tell you, how one of my friend explained me, what habit mean (please note that this is not an official definition):

Habits and addictions are actually same. Bad habit is called an addiction and good addiction is called a habit.

Why I have mentioned that? First I will tell you, that I am writing this post on Saturday and Sunday. Although, it will be published on Monday, I want to keep it as a preparation for war with the worse of my habits, namely: smoking.

This is one of my bad habits, I had a lot of attempts to stop. As I still struggle with it, you can figure out that they were just failures. Sometimes, things you want to get rid of, are being so rooted in your everyday life, that you are reaching for them automatically. This is how it looks like with my smoking. I have been smoking for about eight or nine years, but I have reached amount of 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. I started to smoke so much after beginning of this year, when there were just too many things happening and I couldn’t handle it. However, I really can see an impact of smoking in my body, but in my mental balance, too. I became much weaker, very often I need a break to catch some air, even if I just walk a bit quicker. But what is the worse, I became very prone to getting frustrated. It doesn’t make me blow or anything. But inside I can feel it. My failures from the past, the amount of money, I have to spend each week and finally, this shade of possible diseases I can get from smoking. All this makes me stop right away, but at the same time, there is this voice in my head saying: “You will fail again, don’t waste your time and effort!”.

Well, this is going to change, when you are reading it. This time I just know, I will be able to take control in my life and my schedule won’t be driven by cigarettes breaks. This time, I had done a great research and I know that being aware of symptoms connected to nicotine withdrawal, will help me to overcome them.

So here it is! My first day of not smoking! So far it is not that bad, but I also know that real struggle will start tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


P.S. To be more precised, this is first half day of not smoking, as I had three cigarettes left from yesterday. But it is first day of my challenge. If you are interested what tricks I am using to make sure I am not smoking, let me know in the comment section below. They might be useful if you are at the same place as me.

Why all this productivity things, self-development and ideas are so important for me?

Hi guys,

Today’s post is a continuation of my previous post (here is the link, if you are interested), where I introduced you to the way, how I am dealing with my ideas. As my dream is to be able to earn my living by working from home. Moreover I want to build sources of passive income online, so most of my ideas are connected with that.

However, building passive income online is quite a big struggle. There are not too many stories, where you are becoming rich overnight and instead, there is a lot of work going on at the beginning, without any income at all. And, as a passive income seems to be a very convenient option, there are a lot of people who got discouraged and simply gave up before seeing any results at all. This was the reason, why I have started this blog. Just to keep me moving. To have some space, where I can track progress on my goals. But as time passed, I have realised that this is not the way to follow. And I decided to share my thoughts and opinions about things I am reading or just things I knew since very long time, but never had an occasion to think them through.

Switching the way with my blogging, made me realise that building a passive income requires a lot of changes. You need to develop patience and you have to learn how to enjoy the process. After all, you will never know, if this project you are working on at the moment, will ever be successful. But the fact of building passive income itself make you more productive. Just because you can’t just leave your job right away (especially if you don’t have enough savings to survive for some time) and you have to work on it in your free time, when people around are just relaxing.

To be honest, people around can be discouraging as well. You will probably hear a lot of opinions that you are just wasting your time. That nothing is going to work. You have made so much effort already, so where are your results? You might even believe them at some point. But the way, how I am writing my posts at the moment, requires from me a lot of analysing. Wondering about the world, about myself… But it also requires a lot of learning. I just watch some videos and I am getting inspired, so I am trying to go deeper into the topic and learn more.

What is impressive, I had to learn to look around me. Before I was known as a person walking with my head in the clouds. I could pass by the people I know very well and just not even notice them (even if they said “Hi!” to me). At the moment I am watching the world around me. I can see people’s struggles, sadness, happiness and all set of different emotions. I can see their behaviours and learn. Learn about people and the whole society I am living in. I feel that this makes me a better person.

However, I have slipped out of passive income topic. Building it online makes you work a lot from home. You hardly meet any people, you don’t deal with them a lot (I mean, there are some people who you are talking online). You will need to care for your social life yourself. You have to make sure, you are meeting your friends spending quality time with your family, just to simply socialise with the people.

So coming up to the conclusion building the passive income requires a lot of work, which doesn’t show any results on the beginning. You might want to carry on with different sources of your passive income, however I have decided to focus on one at the time and carry on to the next one as soon, as the previous one doesn’t require a lot of work from me any more (or I will just become familiar with it and it will not keep taking a lot of time for me). You might need to invest some money as well (but it depends on the things you are doing). But what is the most important (at least in my opinion), you have to keep learning constantly. Learn about things you are doing (just to become better in them); learn about yourself, to find how to overcome moments of resignations and learn how to stay productive, while everyone around is just relaxing. The other thing I haven’t mentioned yet, your products (whether it is a website, YouTube channel, book, podcast, etc.) should bring some kind of value for people, who are going to use them, either it will be something entertaining, educational or any other.

But what I think is the most important, they have to be unique. And you can ask: How can I make an unique product, if there are already millions of them out there? Everything has been told! And you would be right. However, the important thing is how are you going to deliver your value. And there is a wide field here to experiment, to include your unique personality here and there and just make it stand out of the crowd.

Now you might ask, if it is worth so much effort. Sacrificing evenings out and working a lot of extra hours every day instead (I have even heard that this is a slavery job; I am working like dumb just for free)? Well, for me it does. First of all, learning process is very exciting. Second of all, If I can work harder now and be able to rest after, not worrying about my incomes? I am in!

And what is important, I am making sure, that my projects are about something, what is very interesting for me. So even by working more, I am doing things I love to do any way. Moreover, there are still a lot of things I want to learn, just because I would like to be able to do particular things. So including them into building my passive income is very effective, actually.

And this is it for today’s post. I hope you like it and that it explained you, why I am so interested in self development and productivity topics. Why ideas are so important for me and why I want to make sure that I am not loosing any important one.

If you have any questions about passive income, you can ask them in comment section below. I will answer them either by replying to your comment or writing a next post (if your question requires more explanation). What is important, this blog is not a way to earn any money, it is some kind of journal, where I am keeping my thoughts and I hope that my point of view might help someone. If I will be able to earn some extra money, I will probably use this opportunity, but there it isn’t a source I consider as passive income.

For today, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


How to manage your ideas?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about new ideas (again 😉 ), as I think they are a crucial part of any kind of creative work. Even if you are the master of sitting and getting your stuff done, you won’t be as productive, if you won’t know what to do, will you? And in this post I have already mentioned, that having a lot of ideas might be quite hard. New things popping up in your mind can disturb you quite effectively. You might get this feeling of first excitement and want to leave whatever you are up to at the moment and start working on this great and the best new idea. However, if you are getting these new ideas too frequently, you will be left with huge amount of projects which have been started, but they are waiting on your to-do list to get them done.

I can’t remember in which of my post I have mentioned about working on one and only one project at the time, but I think I haven’t mentioned what I am doing with these new ideas I have (yeah, at least in my case, my brain mastered forgetting them in very short time). Very often I don’t even have time to think about them (as I am working on only one project, I can’t distract myself with considering pros and cons of the next one). But at the same time, when I actually finish whatever I am working on, guess what? I can’t come with any new idea for some time and I don’t remember my previous ones (or I remember just few of them, which I can’t start right away, because of tools I need, or lack of skills).

So some time ago I came up with the idea, how to solve this problem (well, to be more precised, I found it on the internet here 😉 ; however, the material is in polish and this method is used there to sort out tasks, not ideas). And the way to solve it, is just having a list with all ideas you have. Does it mean that you have to sit and spend two hours on working on them? Not necessary. The point of this method is, that you need to find any small notebook, or even one sheet of a paper (probably your phone will do very well, too), which you will be carrying with you and write each idea visiting your mind (they are trying to be very tricky, as they are coming in the most unexpected moment). So as soon as you feel that this is it! just write it down without considering anything about it and just leave it on the list for a time being (out of topic, for a time being is probably my favourite saying in English; I have no idea why 😉 ).

As soon as you’ll get your current project done, you will have a list of ideas, and you can always look into it and thing about each of them. At this moment, you are not working on anything, so you can allow yourself to just determine, if an idea you had some time ago still seems to be a good idea. If not, you just remove it from your list. At the end of the process you will be left with a list of potentially good ideas and you need to pick one, which you feel like working on at the moment.

I think, this is going to work great for people, who are working on their own products, too. You can write all ideas along the time and when you get one done, you can pick the next one and start working on it. This way, you might be sure that you are not going to lose any of them and, if after some time you’ll decide, that this particular idea is not as good as it seemed at the beginning, you can just remove it from the list.

As you can see, it isn’t a hard process, but it happened to be life-saving for me. I have in plan to include in my thing one more tip, which I came across in one of the podcasts I am listening when I have a time (mostly when I can’t do any other work; for example, when I am commuting, cooking, cleaning, etc.; so in reality it is huge amount of time each day). Although it is very interesting, I will share it, when I will adapt it in my planning process, so I will be able to share my opinion on this topic, too.

And this is it for my today’s post. If you have some other tips how to manage your ideas, I will be delighted to read about them in the comment section below.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.