Why to plan, If I am going to change them over the time?

Hi guys,

Last three posts have been about planning for the New Year: setting your goals and working on them to actually achieve them. This topic is very long and we touched it just a bit. To go very deep into it, we could spend hundreds of posts on explaining various ways of planning for different people. As I’ve mentioned before, each of us is different. All of us are at different stage of life, experiencing different responsibilities, having different priorities, facing various difficulties… All of this makes different solutions more suitable for each of us. As I am not an expert, I don’t want to tell you what you should do and I am not able to give you any direction, which will lead you towards your goal for sure. In my opinion, there is no one solution, which will be perfect for everyone.

However, today I would like to focus on something else, which is actually connected with planning. As I was going to bed last night, I’ve decided to watch something on YouTube, before I will fall asleep. I saw an episode of a of Mateusz Kupilas’s podcast. He summarises his 2018 year. But he said very important thing (which will not be quoted here, just paraphrased). He said, that he never found himself in a situation, when at the end of the year, he thought that he from the past was right, while planning this year. That his goals and things he wants to achieve changed over the year. (If you are interested, here is a link to Mateusz Kupilas’s video, which is in polish and maybe I don’t know where to look for but I couldn’t find subtitles).

So after hearing such statement, there is one question popping up into the head, which is: “If everything change, what is the point of planning ahead?”. In mentioned above video, this question is answered too. The whole point of planning is actually quite crucial, as it is a kick start for our action.

And I can agree with that completely. Of course each of us is going to keep changing. Each event happening in our life makes us a bit different, some situations change our priorities. We are getting older too. This makes us more experienced, we are more likely to think about settling down (no matter what that means for us). As we go we can realise, that what we wanted so much at the beginning of the year, might loose on it’s importance as we go. Or it might be same important, but there is something else being more important and will be better to focus on it at first.

That’s why it is important to look at your plan as at something which is going to change. If it will not, you know what to do. Otherwise, you can just adjust it a bit to your needs. Make sure that it will not put your down. After thinking a bit on this subject, I see my plan as a map shown on GPS. As you travel, it might change proposed way, as there might be some accident, or maybe it will find some solution, which will lead you quicker and easier to your destination.

That’s why, it is very important to me to plan my goal and some steps to achieve them. As I go, I might realise, that steps I need to take are not the best for me for some reason, but at the same time I might find the other way to achieve my goal. And if it will be more convenient at that time, of course I am going to go for it. Any way, I will get to the same point, eventually.

Before I’ll end this post, I would like to share one more advice (or maybe not advice, you can decide how are you going to look at this), but try to make your life as constant search. I’ve learnt this from my experience. If you think, that something is not for you, just change it for something else. Look for other solutions, for small things you might change. And I can promise you, that you will end up with ideas, which are meant for you. They will cause a drill each time, when you’ll think about them. The only thing is, that you have to give them a chance, see if after going through the rough time (which will most likely come, when starting new things), that this doesn’t mean that this is not for you. Very often beginnings are hard, what is going to happen after is important. But remember also, that each experience will teach you some lesson. Even if this lesson will be that this particular thing is not for you.

And this is it for today’s post. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.



How do I plan?

Hi guys,

Today, as we have tips on setting goals and actually working towards them, I am going to tell you, how I am personally planning my goals. The important thing is, that I am not the perfect planner and the most motivated person on the internet. But what is important too, most of the people out there were at the similar point as me (and maybe you), where they had to figure out the next step, how to boost amount of task they are getting done and finally, how to work smart, so they are getting closer to their goals with each task they are doing.

As I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos of people who achieved their goals (or they are on great path to do so) and I’ve read a lot of blogs showing such stories, I came to some conclusions. First of it was, that some of the ways these people have taken are simply not for me. And it is not because their way is wrong, it is not working or something like this. No! There is a lot of great ideas out there! The only thing which was making it not suitable for me, was difference in priorities of these people and priorities of mine.

Let me explain it. For a lot of people, the most important thing was to earn some particular amount of money, so that their families can have better life. You know… children can take any course they want, have great Christmas gifts, designed clothes, the best holiday, etc. My goal is very similar in the long run. I wish that in the future I don’t have to worry about each bill, make sure that after paying it we will still have anything to put into the pot, etc. But at the same time, I can’t afford to work 16 hours each day to achieve this. And this is not because of my laziness (or at least not only because of it). Having enough money is important, but not at the cost of my family. I don’t want my husband to be able to see me just once a week, I don’t want my son, who is going to be born quite soon, not to be sure who his mother is and things like this. I am sure there are a lot of you out there, who think similarly.

So having this example in mind, I saw stories of people, who have worked for 16 hours for let’s say a year or two (now their work count looks much better), but for me it isn’t the possibility. Although, I don’t say that their way is wrong, for me it would be as I am trying to give better life to my family, but not at the cost of my family. I hope, it does make sense. So I have made some schedule, which works for me.

But before I’ll move into it, I would like to tell you what I am using to do my plan. Track of all my goals, meetings, task, deadlines, etc. I keep it in my bullet journal. I’ve started my in 2017, but I haven’t kept up with it for very long time, as I saw it as waste of time (setting up each page, making it look clean, etc). But as I’ve started having more and more specific goals, and my schedule became more and more congested, I’ve realised that this is the best option for me. It gives me great flexibility, as I can add any page, any tracker or whatever I want. And this haven’t been possible in any of my other planners (well, I had one on my phone, where I could add whatever I wanted too, but the problem was, that whenever my battery died, I couldn’t add or check anything).

So what do I have in my bullet journal? First of all I have calendar for the whole year. I can put there all meetings and all things which are going to happen in the future. That makes it easy to have quick glimpse at everything, without necessity of going through all pages to find any particular date.

I have also my goals pages, where I have all my goals written and split up for the steps. That gives me an overview on what I need to do to achieve each of my goals. If some tasks have deadlines, they are written there as well. This is very helpful, when I  am planning my days. As after handling my everyday tasks, I can see what should be done next, to allow me to achieve my goals.

My planing schedule happens every evening. I am scheduling all my tasks according to time I have available next day (when I book time for my every day things, like cooking, cleaning, going to work or appointments, spending my time with my husband, etc.). I make sure that every day I have at least one task, on which I can work on the way, as my travelling to work (yeah, I found a job recently too) and university takes around one hour. Usually, I don’t decide on order of my tasks. I know that it might be very helpful thing to do, but as there is a lot of unexpected things happening in the course of the day, I have realised, that not always it is possible to follow very strict schedule. The only exception is, if the task has a very short deadline (like needs to be done same day or very early the next day; that time I am making sure I handle it as a first).

There are also some days, where I am not able to managed all I have planned. These task are being handled as first the very next day. This way, at the end of each week, I don’t have any tasks, which are too overdue (it used to happen a lot to me in past). So this is just basic planning, which happens every evening, before I go to bed.

There is also one bigger session of planning every end of the month. I’ve been doing it for three months now and it is working amazing so far. During this sessions, I am picking one or two goals in which I wish to progress the most during coming month. I have one monthly to do list, with tasks associated with these goals and as I am picking task for each day, I am starting with these tasks first.

This is basically my way of planning for now. It might change overtime, but at the moment it works for me perfectly. This ends my post, so as always, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


So you have plan – what next?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about the way, how we can work on goals, when we have a plan. It seems simple, doesn’t it? Just make plan and follow it. But in that case, why so many people who prepare plans fail?

The answer is relatively easy: they don’t have good tactics to work with the plan. Very often (I used to be one of these people too), they don’t really know what they are supposed to do. Plan, of course is a very important part, but all work is on our side. We can’t forget, that writing something on the piece of paper or in any electronic form will not make it just happen.

And here are a lot of possibilities to attempt your plan. You might just leave it and hoe for better tomorrow, or you can actually keep progressing. But even if you decide to work on your plan, you have to do this wisely, in such a way that will suit you. I will try to introduce one possible way to work on your goals, but bear in mind that there are many other available. As each of us is different, different things will be perfect for each of us. If this technique will not be perfect for you, do your research, or let me know in the comment section below, so I can write about some other technique, too.

  • Set particular time for your work

This might be a very wise and helpful step. You know your schedule the best, so you might decide that every day at 6 pm, or any other time, you will be sitting and working. Completely focused on what you have to do. If your schedule allow you for more such days every week, you can decide to work towards different goal each day a week. But even if you don’t have as much time, you can set just one session a week and plan in advance, what are you going to work on. For sure, you don’t want to waste your productive time for wondering what to do).

  • Switch off all distractions

This might be quite hard sometimes. Of course, switching off your phone or TV playing in the background might be already challenging, but if on top of this you have children, it might become even harder. That’s why make sure, that you plan your working session at the time when your children are asleep. TV and phone? Just switch them off. It might seem hard at the beginning, but I am sure you will survive for this 2 hours 😉

Other distraction is also mess in your workplace. Try to make sure, that your desk (if you are working by the desk) is clean and tidy, that there are no unnecessary things to catch your attention while you are working.

Don’t give up

You should remember that not always everything will go according to your plan. Keep in mind that everyone has worse days in their life. What is important, don’t take it as a reason to stop carry on. Any way, there is still the whole year left. But remember don’t push it away too long either. Time flies and if you leave everything for last moment, you will probably not be able to catch on in the future. Your list, even if it used to seem manageable, might overwhelm you (especially when you’ll try to catch up everything in December). That’s why it is so important to be consistent and slowly keep moving towards your goals.

These are all advises I would like to share with you today. I hope they will help you to achieve your goals. For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


New Year’s goals and resolution – how to achieve them?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about New Year’s resolutions and goals. As January approached, there might be a lot of things we want to achieve in 2019. But it isn’t new that very often we realise at the end of each year, that we haven’t progress with our goals a lot. There might be various reasons for this, starting from being unwell, through unexpected events that happened in our life, to just being lazy. However, no matter what was the reason, we might feel bad about it.

That’s why, today I would like to share with you some tips on how to prepare list of resolutions and goals for 2019, so it will not be too overwhelming, but at the same time you will be able to proudly say, that all or almost all of your goals have been ticked off.

Make sure that your list has an end

This might seem kind of simple, but having this new boost of energy and motivation, makes it very easy to overestimate your time. Especially, that there are 12 months in front of you, equivalent to 365 days and many, many hours. And that’s true. But it is worth it to remember that there are a lot of other activities that are going to take some of this time. You might want to eat, sleep, meet your friends and family. Sometimes you might need to spare some time for this newest episode on Netflix, too. Having your list too long might discourage you to do anything, especially if half way through you’ll realise that it’s length haven’t at all or got just a bit shorter than it used to be. In case you can always add something on as you go, so make sure you are not overwhelming yourself at the beginning.

Keep your goals specific

There is probably no worst thing I can think of while planning my goals. Something like “I want to be rich” or “I want to read more” is very hard to verify. Because, if you are earning £2000 monthly, does it mean you are already rich? Or if you used to read one book a year, but this year you will manage to read one and a half, do you read more? Are you happy with it? So set actual amount and work towards it. You can always increase it, if you’ll realise that you are going to achieve it earlier.

Make a plan how you are going to achieve your goals

Having just a list of goals, even the best one, probably will not make you achieve them. For example, if your goal is to visit some country this year, make sure that you’ll schedule research (sometimes you might need some extra documents, you would probably like to know which cities you would like to visit or if you go to just one specific city, knowing what you want to see there might be helpful too. When you know that, you can schedule working on necessary documents, planning your budget, booking tickets, hotels, etc.

Similarly, if you want to learn a new skill, you would like to plan they way you are going to do this. Are you going to join a course, or use free resources? And good thing might be scheduling some time for it (for example an hour a day, or two hours a week).

Having all these steps for all your goals and actually scheduling them in your planner is going to help you to focus on what is important now. That will ensure  that you are not wasting your time on things, that are not so urgent yet.

Prioritise goals to make sure you don’t have too many goals requiring a lot of effort

This might seem a bit weird. Of course, you want to achieve as much as you can, why limit yourself? Well, this is very closely connected to the first point of this list. Even though, year has a lot of days, there are also other activities you might like to focus on. Goals are important, but they will not make for all your life. You might need to work, you might have a family and friends to spend time with. Definitely you need to eat, sleep and find some time to just relax and do nothing. Being productive require finding a balance between work and all other stuff human does. That’s why previous point is so important. Having actions for your goals scheduled, you can see how much time you are going to really have. And if it will turn out that there is not sufficient amount, you might resign out of one or two of your goals just for now and as you handle remaining one, you might add them as a replacement. That’s why having your goals prioritised, will help you to decide on which goals you definitely want to focus on and which of them could wait just a bit longer.

A good idea might be to have some kind of running list, where you have all goals you are working on at the moment, and some additional list, where are other goals to be added, if time will allow you to do so. Even if you will not be able to achieve all goals from both lists, you will have predefined list for next year and the only thing you’ll have to do, will be to ensure that all of them are still valid and eventually add some new one.

These are all the tips I would like to share with you today. I hope that they will be of any use for you. For now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Another point of view about changes

Hi guys,

As I said last time, I am returning to my schedule and this is the first post being on track. I have decided to postpone it a bit, because of all my deadlines in university and Christmas preparation, but here I am. I can’t believe that I have managed with catching up in my university. At the beginning it seemed manageable, but as I started working on all assignments, I’ve realised that there is much more to do than I thought. Any way, everything is ready now, so let’s move into today’s topic.

I am about to touch the subject, I have been talking about on this blog many times. However, today I would like to share a bit different point of view at it. Today, I am going to figure out, if there is as many changes as I thought there are. Obviously, they are some. Our environment changes, people around us change and finally each of us changes too. We experience new things every day and as a result we start looking at everything in a bit different way. And here came my question: as our perception changes, is it possible that in reality nothing else changes? Is it possible that because of the fact that we change, we look differently at things and we think they have changed, while we are the ones who are different?

I would like to share with you two examples. First of them are all the things we used to like as a children, but we don’t like them any more. In my case, there will be a lot of cartoons I used to watch as a child. That time they seemed very interesting and funny, I couldn’t forgive myself, when I missed even one episode (especially that at that time it was impossible to catch up online after) and basically it was so huge part of my life. Recently, I have been watching some of them again with my cousins and I can say that some of these old cartoons are valuable (however much more boring than they seemed to be in the past), while the other are just stupid. And looking for something funny in them does not make any sense.

The other thing is Christmas. I remember that as a child I used to wait for it since summer holiday ended. I couldn’t wait to meet my cousins, all family, to find out what Santa Claus is going to leave under the tree… All this made this time very special. It was hard to wait so long and so many times I wished that Christmas happened more than once in a year. At the moment, there is no such excitement. There are gifts, there is a family and of course I still enjoy it. But it is not the same any more. Maybe it is because of all magic, I used to believe as a child. Well, I don’t any more… And although Christmas is still very similar to this from my childhood, there are same people (more or less) coming to celebrate, the whole experience is completely different. Not as joyful as it used to be.

These two examples (well, I have some more, but I think you’ve got the point 🙂 ) shows, some things, which haven’t changed in a long time. But the way how we look at them make them completely different, than they used to be. So sometimes it might be worth it to stop and ask this one question:

Did anything change around me? Or it is just me, looking at it in the different way?

And with this questions I am going to leave you today. I hope you enjoyed this post and I see you on Wednesday. I wish you a very productive day


PS. By the way, I hope your Christmas were amazing and very merry. I haven’t got chance to wish you all the best before 😉 And of course I wish you a happy New Year!

Don’t wait for “perfect time”, as the time you are having might be the best of this ahead of you

Hi guys,

Today was the day, when I’ve realised I should make a lot of changes. First of all, I need to update this blog (which I am going to do during the weekend, hopefully), as the purpose of me sharing with you slightly changed. I might change it visualy, if I will find something more appealing.

But also I have been watching my videos on YouTube and the time to change them came as well. Maybe it is my perfectionism, but I think it is not as it should be. You can’t really learn too much from them, some things require more explanation. So next week, apart of me preparing for my exam and working on my assignments, I will be focused on this.

This last few weeks have been very rough for me. I always wanted to have a lot of children, but as my pregnancy progresses, I am starting to change my mind. I haven’t suspected that it is going to have so huge impact on me. Especially, that this is the thing being done by so many women every day. Unfortunatelly, it turned out to be extremely hard to stay awake during the day, even though I am sleeping well during the night. But as the first trimester came to the end and second came with my well-being increased, I am hoping that now everything will go up-hill.

Any way, as I finally started to feel a bit better and unexpected visits in hospital ended too, I’ve decided that there will not be a better time to start getting things done.

This reminds me about my dad’s words: “There is no such a thing like perfect time. If you want to achieve something, you need to work for it, even, if the time seems to be the worse in your time. At the end of the day, you don’t know if it isn’t the best time you are going to have up to end of your life.” And there is so much truth in these words. As older I am getting, as more I understand them. Life is not getting easier. There are more and more responsibilities, so waiting for this perfect time seem less and less possible. Maybe this is one of these things, which you don’t understand till you will gain some experience?

Any way, I’ve decided this is the best time to set to work and catch up with everything. I wish to get ahead with this blog and with my YouTube channel, as I can imagine that having a new member in a family might turn our lives the whole 180°. Probably at the beginning it is not going to be the easiest time.

I know that all this seems like I am complaining, but I’m really not. The fact of having a little person, part of me, is actually very exciting. And as this blog is supposed to be my motivation to do as much as I can, I need to say, that this not even born yet child is playing this role much better. It’s just a thing, that I want to be able to give him or her (as we don’t know the gender yet) the best future I can. I wish to be able to show the whole world to this little human and to be able to let him or her find and maintain a passion, which will possibly be his/her way of earning money and hopefully a source of joy and fullfilment.

This might seem easy, but it is not actualy. Sometimes to find passion, we need to try a lot of differnt things, even if it is only to find out that this is not that thing. And this might or might not be connected with signing for different activities. My biggest dream at the moment is to make sure, that I will not have to say “no” to my child, when it will want to try something, just because we can’t afford to sign for particular classes.

And although it is extremely hard at the moment, it will be worth it at the end. It is worth it to suffer a bit now, but be able to watch how part of me is going to grow, learn how to be a good person and what most important, it is worth it to be a part of all othe whole proccess.

So, as you could realise, this post is my coming back post. I just threw everything from my mind (that’s why it might be a bit chaotic) and now I am ready to come back with my regular posts.

So for now I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Why is it so hard to come back to work after a break?

Hi guys,

Today I am hopefully coming back to the schedule. Unfortunately, first trimester of my pregnancy turned out to be a very hard time. I had to take more than 1 month off in my work, as I was so tired, that I couldn’t drag myself out of the bed. At the same time I am very happy, because last scan, I had on Thursday brought very good news to us and full of excitement, we are waiting for a new member of our family, who so far is making very well.

And as I feel much better now and I am starting to have much more energy than before, I’ve decided that this is the time to come back to my blogging schedule. Today is my first day in my uni after the break and first week of work too.

I have to admit, that I got used to spending the entire day in bed and it spoiled me completely. But as I am aware of importance of being active during pregnancy, I feel quite positive about returning to my normal life.

And being lazy is a topic of my todays post. Or maybe not being lazy on it’s own, but returning to work after fairly long break.

As I mentioned before, having an opportunity not to do anything for over a month, made me pretty lazy. As I am starting writting this post, I am on the way to my uni – fifteen minutes late already and I need at least fifteen minutes more. Eventhough, I woke up on time, I still couldn’t manage to leave my home early enough. I have to admit, it made me a bit frustrated. It would be much different, if I would wake up too late; but being late just because I couldn’t manage to get ready on time isn’t ok.

As my experience suggests, there had to be something, what was stopping me, without me being aware of it. And as I thought of it in deph, I found few reasons for that, which I am going to share with you:


This might seem a bit odd. After all, we are coming back to familiar places, where very often we have spent great part of our lives. There are most likely same people, same duties… But there is one thing, that have changed and these are things which happened while we were away. Most likely our coleagues will be talking about recent events, they will be going through them over and over again and we will not know, what they are talking about.


This is as well connected to fear. But it is some different kind of a fear. This is much subconcious. Our mind doesn’t like changes. And even if it is something what we have been doing for a long time, it need a while to get used to it again. Although, you are happy that you are going back (they are people, who love what they do 😉 ), you might feel deeply inside of you, that something doesn’t feel right.

Strength of habits

Ok, you had so much time to rest and you probably managed to build a new routine, which now has to be forgotten. You can’t sacrifice a hour a day to watch netflix, you can’t drink your usual cup of coffee or tea without rush, and you can’t take as much time to rest. Even if your holiday was sacrifised to working on your personal projects, now you don’t have as much time for it.


This is probably the worst. You had so much time to spare and you might realised, that you haven’t taken the adwantage of it. It might make your come-back-to-work day much harder than it should be. You couldn’t manage it during holiday, how are you going to manage it now? Well, probably you still can, it will be just a bit harder, but you can do it!

And these are all my thoughts about it. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Another absence and another good news

Hi guys,

Today I am returning again. I have spent some more time in hospital and although I prepared some posts in advance, I haven’t schedule them (aplaud for me for that). However, they have managed to bring my pregnancy to save point and even if I am still not allowed to go to work, I am able to attend my university, what I have done today. And at the moment, we are hoping for the best. The only thing what have left is to wait for my regular appointment taking place within next few weeks.

Any way, now relieved, I wish to be able to finally keep with my schedule on this post and on my YouTube channel. On this second one it was much harder, because as I just rewatched my recently prepared videos, it turned out, that my voice is barely hearable, so I need to re-record it again. And hopefully, now I will be able to record a voiceover and take care of my YouTube channel too. I still feel a bit exausted, but they said it’s normal due to the treatment I had. Any way, now I am able to function without stress eating me. I am still not completely calm, it has been quite hard begining, but knowing that everything became as it should be is a life-changer.

So again, this has been a short post, just to explain my absence. And hopefully, this time I’ll see you regularly in my post appearing according to schedule.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Why there were no posts recently and what is the best experience in my life so far.

Hi guys,

Today again I need to apologise for my absence, but it happened that I had to stay in hospital for two weeks. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything serious; just series of tests to make sure everything is going right after all medicenes I used to take. And it is, what means huge relief for me. And now, I can confirm with huge hapiness, that I am pregnant and by baby is doing great so far!

Any way, today is a first day when I am coming back to my schedule. First day, when I came back to work and when I can finally come back to working on my personal things. I have been doing some tasks in hospital, but as I couldn’t have my computer and it was extremely hard to catch network, it was mostly a planning job. I’ve planned several episodes for my YouTube channel, I’ve planned some post, which I am going to prepare in advance and in case of any emergency like this, just have them ready to be scheduled. This will give me some peace of mind, if I will have to disappear next time. So it looks like it is going to be very busy week. But to be honest, I am looking forward to it. Especially, after so many days doing nothing.

Also, there are a lot of changes to my work schedule, as all heavy tasks had to be removed and I can’t keep staying longer in work any more (in hospital, they told me that I don’t have to resign out of my work, but I have to make sure that I am not overdoing).

So this is a short coming-back post, just to let you know that I haven’t disappear. Just making sure, that everything is ok with my baby was a priority for me, especially that doctors told me, that there is not a lot of chances that there will be heart beat in this pregnancy. However, I was able to see it with my own eyes. It is to early to hear it, but I could clearly see the heart beating. It was amazing experiences and well worth it staying in hospital for so long.

So for today’s post that’s everything. On Wednesday I will be back with regular schedule. For now I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


Motivational thought instead of post ;)

Hi guys,

Today I have had a lot of unexpected appointments and events. I am starting this post on my way to work and today I haven’t got time (and head) to sit in the morning and write a proper post. But as I promised to myself to stick to my schedule, I’ve decided to write at least an explanation. So you know that I haven’t disappeared.

But just not to leave you without nothing, I am going to share one thought with you. I hope it will motivate at least some of you: if you think that it is as bad as it can’t be any worse and you are thinking to give up – don’t do it! You never know what life is going to throw at you. And maybe next day, you will get news, that will change everything. Just keep going and take an action, to be able to see a better tomorrow and never loose hope.

I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.