1st day: Achieving goals is actually quite hard work…

Hi guys,

Here is first day of intensive work on my goals. And here I am: excited, motivated and… well, extremely tired (and little bit late as well). I knew, that if I want to change my life and become better version of myself, I will need to spend huge amount of time on performing activities, which are going to bring me closer and finally lead me to my goals. But I haven’t suspected it will be so hard…

So let’s start from the very beginning: yesterday I was so excited about setting up this blog. I was thinking about new things I can do here, on my blog (some of my ideas are already in my “things to do in the future” notebook, to see what I am going to think about them after some time πŸ˜‰ ). And I felt asleep late.

After my morning came (I wish it would be my nightmare only but it wasn’t). I woke up too late and I had to rush to my work. When I thing about it now, it had some advantages as well, as I went to work by bike and I liked it actually: being active – checked. But great disadvantage was I haven’t eaten my breakfast, what made my day very hard.

When my work time came to the end, there were some chords at home to be done, so I decided to sort them out first (and of course I ate and had my morning coffee – you know, morning coffee taste the best in the afternoon πŸ˜‰ ) and after that I’ve started helping my dreams come true.

So what have been done? First of all: I’ve started HTML course on youtube and I’ve went through 2 lessons. It hasn’t take me too much time as I’ve learnt some basics of this language in school. I loved it that time (and now I think I am going to love it as well), but haven’t used it for very long time. This way: learn HTML – checked πŸ˜€

After I’ve red book. I actually finished it. Not whole today, I’ve started about 2 days ago, today I had only about hundred pages left: improving my English and prepare content – both checked!

And of course post on this blog. A little late, but – checked!

And even if after work I’ve been doing stuff I like to do, I feel tired. I am not sure if I’ve ever been so tired before. And I’ve asked one question to myself: was it worth?

Answer came almost straight away: definitely yes! I think this work will help me appreciate results more. As I will know, that all I have I earned with hard work, time spent on doing all those stuff and finally on having good time.

I hope your work on your goals is going well and bringing you a lot of fun (this second is even more important). Any way I wish you all good luck. Have a good night πŸ™‚



Here is quick summary:

Learn HTML – done πŸ™‚

Be Active – done πŸ™‚

Prepare content and improve English – done πŸ™‚

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