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4th day: nothing to complain about?

Hi guys,

I was working today and what I’ve realized is, that most of my posts are started with  complaints. How hard my day was, how tired I am and stuff like this. Well, today  was quite easy day. No unnecessary stress, nothing unexpected to do. Even I’ve came from work much earlier than normally, as we’ve done all work before time came.

On my way back, I’ve done some shopping. It isn’t my favourite activity, so every time when I am going on my own, I put my earphones on and I am just thinking (by the way, sometimes very interesting thoughts come to my mind 😉 ).

Today I was thinking about money. But don’t get me wrong, not how to become rich or that it would be nice. I was wondering how it’s possible, that people who don’t have enough money to spare (actually they can’t afford for anything except paying their bills and some food) can be so good buddies. You can talk to them about everything, they are just normal. But when they get better job and their situation changes, they are changing as well.

For exaple, I had one friend. We know each other since we were little children. I am not sure, but it is possible, that when we were three or four years old (any way, since I remember we were always together). Any of us had too much money, even if we haven’t pay bills (advantages of living with parents 😉 ), but we always had something to do together. It was great time.

Everything changed when three years ago, when we were twenty three. I moved to London and after two months she has started new job. What is important: well paid job. And don’t get me wrong, I am very happy about this. The only think is, that as more money she had, as less things we had to talk about. She started doing stuff, which other people do, she is eating only food what is good to eat, just to take photo for instagram. And stuff like this. And even if this is the same person, I can’t find my friend in her any more. That is making me very sad.

That’s why please, have it in your mind, that no matter how much money you have (and of course I wish you to have as much as possible 😉 ) always remember who you are. Even if you can afford for more, you make use of it and have fun, but don’t change your personality because of that. Just keep your mindset same 😉

Ok, but let’s leave my shopping thoughts alone and come back to my goals 😉

Today as I said was good day and a lot of stuff have been done.

First and the most exciting one was my first Arabic lesson which was just great 🙂 And it makes my: learn Arabic – checked 😉

I’ve red three chapters of book, what means: website content and English improvement – checked 😀

And what I am proud of the most, is the fact, that I’ve done are two HTML lessons – checked 🙂 😀

And my plan for tomorrow is done as well – checked 🙂

And whole day today I was traveling by bike, so being active deserves for huge CHECKED 😀

And now, proud of myself, not very tired but very happy instead, because of what I’ve done today, I am moving in direction of my bed. Today earlier than usually, but as everything had been done, why not? So for today I wish you all sweet dreams and very productive day tomorrow. And just to remind you: never forget, who you are, no matter how much your situation will chenge and you can be sure: your friends are going to be grateful for that.

I see you in tomorrow’s post 🙂


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