7th day: can we expect unexpected?

Hi guys,

Today has been a very hard day, as I was sick all day (well, I am still sick). So after my GP appointment, I’ve spent the entire day in bed. It wasn’t too bad and still I’ve done some stuff. Obviously not so much as I wished, but better this than nothing 😉

But before I’ll procceed to this, I would like to tell you about something I’ve heard recently (I am not sure where, propably on the radio or someone told me). So it was story of one man from my city back home, who hasn’t turn out in work, because his son had an accident. He hasn’t informed his boss either, explaining that he simply hasn’t thought about this that particular time (and of course I can understand that). But what was the main point of his story, that because of this he had been fired.

His boss’ explanaition was, that he has used his days off for unexpected situations (short explanation from me: in Poland, except holidays planned in advance, you have few days off for unexpected situation and you need to inform your boss same day about fact, that you are not going to come. As far as I know, you don’t need to tell what is the reason and it depends on where you work, but usually you have up to ten days every year).

And here is my question: can we really expect, that something unexpected is going to happen, let’s say tomorrow? He used his days off before (and I have no idea whether he had any good reason or just laziness won), but could he predict, that this particular day, something is going to happen to his son?

We have saying in Poland, which we can translate like: “misfortunes always walk in company” or the other one: “if something is about to tumble down, everything will collapse at the same time” (sorry for translation, but I hope you’ve got my point). But why I’ve brought it here is, that sometimes we have many years in our live, when anything really serious happen. But the other day, we are just realizing, that it was just silence before the storm and out of a sudden evrything goes wrong. We think we’ve sorted one problem, but many more are coming almost straight away.

So can we really be sure, that ten days is enough to sort everything what might come unexpectedly?

Giving certain amount of days for unexpected things is actually a try to expect, that there will be no more of unexpected situations than let’s say our ten days. But unfortunatelly it doesn’t work like that.

And when I’ve realized that, I’ve started to feel very sorry for this man. I don’t know him, but at the time, when he really needs work, to be able to pay for his son’s rehabilitation, he loses it. While he should be able to sort it out on his own, he has to ask other people for donation, otherwise his child might not be able to walk.

This scares me actually. Not only his case, it could happen to every one. We can even have great, well-paid job, but something happen and out of a sudden we can lose people who are the most important for us and any amount of money is going to help us.

That’s why I’m requesting you, to always be gratefull for what and, the most important, who you have around you. And always appreciate what people do for you, especially your family and friends. They are the one, who helped you become who you are at the moment, so no matter how busy you are, find some time to let them feel, that they are important for you. And in case of any emergency, they will always be there, to help or just support you. Remember that.

Ok, but finishing my thoughts, let’s move to my goals.

First of all I wasn’t active today 🙁 but this time it wasn’t my fault, so I feel not too bad about it 😉

I’ve done some Arabic excercises – checked 🙂

One HTML lesson – checked:)

And I’ve red a lot – checked 🙂
It isn’t huge amount of work, but quite a lot of time I’ve spent on sleeping (today I alowed myself – getting better is important 😉 ), so I am glad of whatever it is any way 😉

And for today I am going to finish this post and I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all very productive day and as less unexpected events (at least those bad one) as possible. Have a good time.


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