8th day: productivity equal to zero?

Hi guys,

Today’s post appeared even later than usually, but I couldn’t help it. When I am starting typing, it is already almost 4 am, here in London. But it has been very hard day.

As you can see title of this blog, today not too much have been done. And it isn’t only my fault. This is what I was thinking at least.

So very short view of my day: I came back from work with very high temperature and I went straight to bed. As my eyes were tearing, I couldn’t even read (actually reading was the only activity, which is going to be checked today and have been started at 2:30 am, when I was feeling better).

So I was thinking, that this is ok. No matter how we look at it, I wasn’t well. But on the other hand, isn’t this way of doing called “making excuses”? What I mean by is that I’ve thought about so many people, who’s life is hard every day. And any way, they achieved so much. And I haven’t heard them complain (at least not in interviews, I don’t know them personally 😉 ).

Who I am talking about? First person is Stephen Hawkins, for instance. I don’t think I need to introduce him to any one. He can’t move, can’t talk and any way, he doesn’t look like someone who is thinking: “Man, you can’t move, what are you doing it for? Take rest, you are not well!”.

Next person is Nick Vujicic. Man who was born without legs and arms. On the beginning he was very depressed because of his body. He thought, he is not going to do anything great, because how? He was thinking, that even everyday’s activities are going to be impossible. I am not sure, but if I am not mixing it with other story, he has even atempted to commit suicide, but he failed. And look at him now. Still he hasn’t have neither legs or arms, but he is doing amazing. I don’t know any one, who can deliver speach, which is going to be more motivating than his one. And by the way, he got married mean time and he has even a child. Isn’t that great?

And when we are talking about people, we need to mention all disabled people, who against their disabilities, are working on their passions. People, who’s live is already hard, complain less and find less excuses than we, who in eyes of society an government doesn’t have any difficulties. They are just taking life as it is and trying to make all the best out of it.

That’s why I don’t feel sad for all people, who weren’t so lucky like me and most of us. I am just impressed of them. And very often I have the thought, that we are the one, who should be called disabled (not all of us and not always, but sometimes I would call myself like that), as they are learning how to live on their own, even if this is extremely hard. They don’t give up, no matter what kind of obstacle stand on their way. And finally, they have so much courage, to face the whole world and show to other people, that they are same (actually, according to me, even a bit better).

I remember one time, I was so upset as children at scool were making fun of me, because I was the smallest. I was questioning my parents (as if it was their fault) why me? After that, I saw an interview with a girl, who lost her leg after car accident. She’s been asked if she doesn’t feel, upset about this? Her answer made me feel so ashamed. She said: “Well, in the beginning I was, but after I’ve realized, that each and every part of my body I’ve got for free. It was some kind of gift. I haven’t work for that. After this accident I became gratefull, as I haven’t lost my life. And there is a lot of people, who are in worse situation and still are doing stuff, I wouldn’t be able to do, even before I’ve lost my leg. They just haven’t given up.” (I’ve put those words in quotes, but they are not actual words of this girl. I’ve just translated main points).

That’s why I’ve decided to consider my 8th day as not productive and try my best, to make next one much better.

Very quick summary:

Few chapters of book: checked.

And for now I wish you very productive and happy day. And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


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