10th day: can you overheat your brain?

Hi guys,

My yesterday’s post is again late. My router decided, that there is no point of working and he just stopped. This time completely. Today is going to be changed after my work, so I decided to use my break and go to coffe shop for my lunch and publish this post (so good, that there is free wi-fi in almost every coffee shop). So just have a look, what I had to tell you yeserday 😉

Today was very hard day for me. Not because of huge amount of work or something, but because of… temperature. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am working in laundry company. We are washing napkins and table clothes for restaurants, bed cloths for hotels and every kind of work suits. Any way this is not hard, but what is worse is ironing. For all this time it was easy for me, as outside wasn’t too hot. But today it was. And short of stuff made me work in between two huge ironing maschines. But work came to the end.

After coming home I had horrible headache and even drinking 3l of water in work, haven’t help me not to feel thirsty. When I’ve counted it, during whole day I’ve drunk four 1,5l bottles of water. And all the time one thought kept coming into my head: is it possible to overheat your brain? I don’t know why, because of course I knew it is.

Any way, today it was very hard for me to focus. But I’ve force my overheated brain (by the way, today I feel good already 😉 ) to do some work, so today I am not going to share any other thought (I think this post is the shortest so far) and I’ll go straight to today’s summary:

Being active  – checked 😉 

CSS lesson – checked 🙂

Arabic lesson – checked 🙂

One chapter of book – checked 🙂

Plan for tomorrow – checked 🙂

Today’s post – checked 🙂

And what is new: few chapters of Sunday’s book with notes – checked 🙂
Now I am going to bed and as always I wish you productive day (and because of summer is round the corner, don’t forget to drink enough water 😉 ). And I’ll see you in my next post 🙂