11th day: can we change the world?

Hi guys,

Today was another shopping day, as our little household runed out of some groceries. And while standing in queue, I’ve heard two men talking (usually I don’t listen to someone’s conversation, but they were so loud, that even my headphones haven’t help me). Here is what they were talking about (not exactly, but words they were using wouldn’t go through my keyboard and I haven’t memorized exactly every word, they’ve said, so remember it’s only main thoughts):

(F)irst: have you heard about terrorist attack in Manchester Arena?

(S)econd: I’ve heard. They shouldn’t have let any muslim to Europe. It was easy to predict, that they’re going to cause problems.

F: Well, what can you do? Now damage is done.

S: If I would be deciding, none of them would be here. Not even single one.

F: Single human cannot change the world, you would do nothing…

And conversation carried on, but I haven’t listened to it any more (maybe better for me, as words, they were using – even if in front of them there were children – well, let’s say, almost every second word would be censored in every TV program) and I’ve just started my own thought proccess.

But first, short explanation: I don’t think every muslim is bad, to be honest I don’t even think, that all those attacks are caused by muslims (maybe some brainwashed, who was simply manipulated and missguided). Just make it straight, I work with a lot of muslims and only in London there are hundreds (if not thousands) of them living, so first of all, they would be able to blow whole London within seconds, just because of number of them. And as I’ve talked to my work mates, any of them is proud or happy of what had happened. Even more, they are very upset, that someone is doing something like this in the name of God. And why most of muslims will say, that terrorist cannot be muslims? Let’s make it short: purpose of living for muslim is to be as good as they can, to be able to go to paradise in hereafter. And one of very important rules is, that person who commit suicide is closing his/here way there (actually very hard punisment is going to happen to this person after death). And if you’ll go deeper into it, you can see, that this is true. And even if some of muslim would do this, we should remember, that we can’t judge whole religion, because of small group, who cause problem. We should remember, that in every group they are different people: some are good, some are bad. But this is up to each of us, who are we going to be and we shouldn’t be judged because of where are we coming from or what do we belive in. And that works in other way: our group shouldn’t be judged by what me or you, as a single person (or few of lots) have done.

But this is my opinion, I don’t want to force any one to change one’s mind. But this is connected with the subject I want to talk about. One of them said, that single person cannot change the world. Is that true?

Let me explain quickly, what I thing about it. First of all, we need to remember, that everything what we do, casue chain reaction. Very often we don’t even know, what we are responsible for.

Some time ago, I saw one advertisement on TV. I don’t remember exact chain, but what happened was, that boss shouted at his employee, than on the way back, he shouted at bus driver, bus driver did same to his wife, she rised her voice to their son, who started fighting with his friend on playground. And this last one, as it turned out, was boss’ son. And whole chain closed.

All those people got angry, because of one person and finally it came back to him as well. So maybe we can’t change whole world completely. We can’t make other people change their behaviour, but what we can definitely do, is to try give some little sun shine to every other person, who would pass it to next one, and that one to another…

And even if we can’t reach every single person in the world, we will make huge difference. But what is the best in all this: you don’t have to do anything extra hard. Very often simple smile will do, or little help given to someone in need and someone’s life will become a bitt better and more happiness will be there as well. And this happiness is going to be passed further and further.

What is the problem of today’s word? According to me the worse are invisible walls we are building every day. Walls between people, who are slightly different then we are. Just because they were born in other place, or they have different colour of skin, or their believes differs.

There is only one thing, that scares me in all that. And this thing is, that we are the one’s who cause it. Children learn from us to hate those people and love the other. I’ve never met a child, who wouldn’t play with other, because their skin colour differes or they are wearing different cloths. Parents and other adults from around children are responsible for this. And this is scaring, as this small thing is starting huge chain, which will never ever ends, if as many of us as possible won’t stop it. Just let’s try to be like those child, innocent and not wise enough (or maybe wiser, than we, adults, are) and let’s start looking at people as same as we are. And if we have to judge, judge through prism of their personality, not background.

That’s all of my thoughts for today (there were much more, but this one brought so many emotions to me, so I’ve choosen it to share with you). But please, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. This is my opinion. Everyone can have some other.

But because it became very serious, so better let’s move to today’s summary:

Being active: checked 🙂

One chapter of book: checked 🙂

One CSS lesson: checked 🙂

Arabic excercises: checked 🙂

Plan for tomorrow: checked 🙂

And today’s post: checked 🙂
I think that’s all for today. Like always I wish you very productive day and as much happiness as possible. Because what is amazing about happiness? Even if you share it, you still have same amout of it, it doesn’t cost you anything. But at the same time, it’s going to come back to you again, double in strength. So this is what I wish to everyone today (and not only today 😉 ).

And I’ll see you next time 🙂


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