13th day: ok, it just haven’t work…

Hi guys,

Today I am publishing yesterday’s post and unfortunatelly without any summary. I feel very bad about it, but I coudn’t help it.

So let me explain at least. As you already know, I am working in laundry company. And sometimes happen, that we are short of stuff. But yesterday it was just horrible. You might not know, but tomorrow ramadhan starts (this is islamic month, when all muslims are fasting) so because of this almost no one showed up in work. They needed to prepare (do generall cleaning, buy some frozen stuff to fry, some people are even cooking in advance, to freeze), as since tomorrow they will not be able (they will be able to eat between 9:30pm and 2:30am, plus during this time they have long prayer as well). So out of fifteen people only four was there.

This woudn’t be so bad, but a lot of our customers are halal restaurants and they got ready for ramadhan as well, sending us huge amount of clothing to be washed, ironed and packed. All that made me work for fourteen hours (not only me, all four people).

So I finished my work at 10:30 pm (usually it is 4:30). When I arrived home it was already 11. So the only thing I have done, was having my dinner, shover and I went straight to bed. I had tried to write something, but before my phone logged in, I had fallen asleep. So I am writting now, very short post, just to let you know. And today I am going to finish on time, so I’ll try to do more than usually and inform you in my evening’s post for today 🙂

So see you all in the evening and I am going back to work, as my break is almost finish. Have a good day 😉


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