4th day: nothing to complain about?

Hi guys,

I was working today and what I’ve realized is, that most of my posts are started with  complaints. How hard my day was, how tired I am and stuff like this. Well, today  was quite easy day. No unnecessary stress, nothing unexpected to do. Even I’ve came from work much earlier than normally, as we’ve done all work before time came.

On my way back, I’ve done some shopping. It isn’t my favourite activity, so every time when I am going on my own, I put my earphones on and I am just thinking (by the way, sometimes very interesting thoughts come to my mind 😉 ).

Today I was thinking about money. But don’t get me wrong, not how to become rich or that it would be nice. I was wondering how it’s possible, that people who don’t have enough money to spare (actually they can’t afford for anything except paying their bills and some food) can be so good buddies. You can talk to them about everything, they are just normal. But when they get better job and their situation changes, they are changing as well.

For exaple, I had one friend. We know each other since we were little children. I am not sure, but it is possible, that when we were three or four years old (any way, since I remember we were always together). Any of us had too much money, even if we haven’t pay bills (advantages of living with parents 😉 ), but we always had something to do together. It was great time.

Everything changed when three years ago, when we were twenty three. I moved to London and after two months she has started new job. What is important: well paid job. And don’t get me wrong, I am very happy about this. The only think is, that as more money she had, as less things we had to talk about. She started doing stuff, which other people do, she is eating only food what is good to eat, just to take photo for instagram. And stuff like this. And even if this is the same person, I can’t find my friend in her any more. That is making me very sad.

That’s why please, have it in your mind, that no matter how much money you have (and of course I wish you to have as much as possible 😉 ) always remember who you are. Even if you can afford for more, you make use of it and have fun, but don’t change your personality because of that. Just keep your mindset same 😉

Ok, but let’s leave my shopping thoughts alone and come back to my goals 😉

Today as I said was good day and a lot of stuff have been done.

First and the most exciting one was my first Arabic lesson which was just great 🙂 And it makes my: learn Arabic – checked 😉

I’ve red three chapters of book, what means: website content and English improvement – checked 😀

And what I am proud of the most, is the fact, that I’ve done are two HTML lessons – checked 🙂 😀

And my plan for tomorrow is done as well – checked 🙂

And whole day today I was traveling by bike, so being active deserves for huge CHECKED 😀

And now, proud of myself, not very tired but very happy instead, because of what I’ve done today, I am moving in direction of my bed. Today earlier than usually, but as everything had been done, why not? So for today I wish you all sweet dreams and very productive day tomorrow. And just to remind you: never forget, who you are, no matter how much your situation will chenge and you can be sure: your friends are going to be grateful for that.

I see you in tomorrow’s post 🙂


3rd day: or just a little part of day

Hi guys 🙂

3rd day already finish. Or better to say, part of the day. Why? As today so many unexpected things have happened. Starting from one hour overtime. I know, that everyone may feel not well in the morning and just call to inform about his or her absence in work. But five people at a time?! This was horribly hard day in work. Luckily 5:30 came, I was still alive, so what wrong could happen?

Well, after coming home I wanted to warm up my food and my microwave just wasn’t working, so I took my bike quickly and I went to buy new one, which is going to be delivered tomorrow evening (maybe it wasn’t so big disaster, but like some people says: “without phone I am like without hand” – at least in my back home we are saying like this, I am not sure if this does exist in English – my family without microvawe is like without hand).

When I returned home again, I just couldn’t resist and I took a nap. Short, but it helped me a lot. That’s the reason, why today I’ve started my personal work late and why this post showed up late as well. And this turned my whole day into just few hours.

So today I won’t be writting too long, as tomorrow we have short of stuff as well and I suppouse I am going to need some sleep 😉

So let’s go to my activities 🙂 First thing is: I was being active, as I went to work and to the shop by bike (shop is around half an hour away from my place, I hardly got there on time 😉 ) so I think I can easily mark it as checked 😀

I wrote my review as well – finally. So my website’s content – checked 😉

And I’ve done my next HTML lesson – checked 🙂

Unfortunately I haven’t read even one chapter today and I don’t think I will, but plan for tomorrow is ready, hanged on my cork board, so I can’t do anything else as mark it as checked 🙂

Ok, I think I am going to finish for today, as it has gotten late already. I hope tomorrow, there won’t be any surprises and with this hope I wish you all good night and productive day after 😉


P.S. Today I am not going to make summary, as I was trying to write everything in one place, so let’s hope you’ll like it as well. And if you have anything you do, when something unexpected happen, please let me know. I will really appreciate this 🙂

2nd day: little steps are counted, aren’t they?

Hi guys,

Another day. I can’t even believe, how helpful this blog became for me. Even if only few people visited it and very likely most of those few will never come back, still it’s so motivating. First thing I do after wake up is thinking what I am going to do.

Even today, for instance, I woke up and I was thinking: “Daria, today you just rest, don’t do anything, you are tired, aren’t you?”, but just one minute after another thought came into my mind: “Ok, but what are you going to write about in the evening? That you were laying in bed all day?”. It made me move straight away. Great feeling. I haven’t had to force myself. And it doesn’t matter, that working haven’t been as easy and quick like yesterday (when, obviously, I had much less time then today, as today was my day-off in job). It doesn’t matter, that when I’ve started, at least hundred times I considered coming back into my bed. Why? Because I managed to beat my laziness, which today was very hard enemy of mine.

I suppose my achievements won’t throw anyone to one’s knees, but I feel proud of what I’ve done, anyway 😉 No matter what people will tell, I thing that little tiny steps are better than standing in one place without moving 🙂

So today I couldn’t force myself to start jogging or going by bike anywhere. But I took long walk instead. I’ve sorted out my shopping on the way, but still I haven’t chosen to go by bus. It took me around an hour and half altogether, so I think being active – checked 😀

I’ve done one HTML lesson, which isn’t very impressive (especially that they are very basic classes, just to remind myself what I’ve been learning at school), but at least I haven’t leave it completely. So learning HTML – checked 🙂

Next thing, which is not going to be checked (at least not today), but I think it’s huge step to actually start working on this goal is, that I’ve finally found my Arabic teacher! So even if I haven’t started yet, I am happy about that. And I can’t wait to have my first lesson 😉

And one thing, I am disappointed about today, is that I haven’t write review of book I finished yesterday, but simply I haven’t got enough time for this. But at least, I put all my thoughts about it in my head in right order, so tomorrow, after my work I am going to sort it out as a first. So this isn’t checked yet, but let’s hope it’s going to be tomorrow.

What I’ve forgot to mention yesterday and have been done today as well is plan for next day – checked 🙂 I was thinking if there is really any point to keep planing, but what I’ve realized today is, that it is saving huge amount of time, especially during so lazy days, like this today one. Normally, just to gain another hour (or two) of sitting and thinking what to do (read: sitting and doing nothing). Today I couldn’t use this excuse, as everything was clearly written, so the only thing I could do, was to actually start working 😉

And last thing I’ve done today (to be more precise: I am doing at the moment) was writing this post. So the only think I can do is to mark it – checked.

Whole this day is making me a very happy 🙂 Before, if I decided in the morning about staying in bed, this exactly what was taking place. That’s how a lot of my days was being wasted. Today it wasn’t very productive time, but some of my stuff are already done. So no matter how I am going to call this day in the future, for sure it won’t be “another wasted day” 🙂

I think this is going to be end of this post, as I am getting a little tired. The only thing I am dreaming about at this moment is to go to bed and read one, maybe two chapters of next book and sleep straight after.

That’s why I wish all of you extremely productive days and having all your dreams becoming a reality. But for now I wish you good night (or day if there is brightly behind your window) and I can’t wait to write you about my next day 🙂

My only request is, if you are having any ways to get some motivation and they are working for you, please let me know in comment below 🙂 I will be very happy to try it myself 😉 Again have a good and productive time 🙂



P.S. What I’ve decided I won’t keep my timing as I promised in my first post. But not because of laziness, but what I’ve realized today, sometimes at 11 pm I still think like do something (like doing plan for next day, for instance 😉 ), so post is going to appear every day, as it was said, but without any time precised. When I will feel, that I am not going to do anything else this day, I will be sitting in front of my screen and produce post for you. Just not to lose my do-it-now attitude 😉 And I think, that any way time, when all work is done is the best time, so my summary will contain everything what have been done 🙂

P.S.2 If we are talking about summary…


Today’s summary:

Being active: checked 😀

Learn HTML: checked 🙂

Today’s post: checked 🙂

Plan for tomorrow: checked 🙂

Read book: checked (not yet, but I am going to read straight after publishing this post)


Stuff done, but not checked:

Arabic teacher: found

1st day: Achieving goals is actually quite hard work…

Hi guys,

Here is first day of intensive work on my goals. And here I am: excited, motivated and… well, extremely tired (and little bit late as well). I knew, that if I want to change my life and become better version of myself, I will need to spend huge amount of time on performing activities, which are going to bring me closer and finally lead me to my goals. But I haven’t suspected it will be so hard…

So let’s start from the very beginning: yesterday I was so excited about setting up this blog. I was thinking about new things I can do here, on my blog (some of my ideas are already in my “things to do in the future” notebook, to see what I am going to think about them after some time 😉 ). And I felt asleep late.

After my morning came (I wish it would be my nightmare only but it wasn’t). I woke up too late and I had to rush to my work. When I thing about it now, it had some advantages as well, as I went to work by bike and I liked it actually: being active – checked. But great disadvantage was I haven’t eaten my breakfast, what made my day very hard.

When my work time came to the end, there were some chords at home to be done, so I decided to sort them out first (and of course I ate and had my morning coffee – you know, morning coffee taste the best in the afternoon 😉 ) and after that I’ve started helping my dreams come true.

So what have been done? First of all: I’ve started HTML course on youtube and I’ve went through 2 lessons. It hasn’t take me too much time as I’ve learnt some basics of this language in school. I loved it that time (and now I think I am going to love it as well), but haven’t used it for very long time. This way: learn HTML – checked 😀

After I’ve red book. I actually finished it. Not whole today, I’ve started about 2 days ago, today I had only about hundred pages left: improving my English and prepare content – both checked!

And of course post on this blog. A little late, but – checked!

And even if after work I’ve been doing stuff I like to do, I feel tired. I am not sure if I’ve ever been so tired before. And I’ve asked one question to myself: was it worth?

Answer came almost straight away: definitely yes! I think this work will help me appreciate results more. As I will know, that all I have I earned with hard work, time spent on doing all those stuff and finally on having good time.

I hope your work on your goals is going well and bringing you a lot of fun (this second is even more important). Any way I wish you all good luck. Have a good night 🙂



Here is quick summary:

Learn HTML – done 🙂

Be Active – done 🙂

Prepare content and improve English – done 🙂

My dreams and plan how to make them happen

Hi guys,

It’s just happening! All my goals (without those too personal, of course) and everything what I am going to do to actually achieve them in one place! This is one of my dreams becoming reality.

So maybe short explanation: why on the internet? why not in any kind of notebook, file on my computer or anything like that, what I can keep for my personal use only? Answer for those question is very simple: because I need motivation. Even for such simple thing like tracking my goals progress. I use to have a lot of tries to have them written anywhere and any time I do something, I can just come back to them and mark what have been done. I’ve really tried. But always something happened. I’ve left my notebook in random place (like my friend’s home) and all my goals stayed there for quite long time. I had an excel file, but when my computer died, my file was gone as well.

So maybe all that list weren’t necessary? Well, they were. At least for me. It’s very motivating, when you have every goal, dream and habit you want to implement into your life in one place. That gives you some kind of peace of mind and let some thoughts like: “Ok, there is ton of work to be done, but I’ve done this, so I am one step closer” come into your mind. This is some kind of motivation on it’s own. You see how every activity you do, brings you closer to become who you are.

Ok, I’ve explained, I hope. And I don’t want to make my first post too long, so let’s talk about my actual goals. Most of them require long time to actually achieve them, but no mater what result it would be, I think it is worth trying.
1. Design my own website.

So this is kind of goals which doesn’t want to leave me, no matter what I do. I already have some clue about topic and form of my website, where I am going to upload reviews of book (you don’t know yet, but reading is my passion). But before I’ll start I need to learn some stuff and improve the other. Here is a short list:

  • learn HTML and CSS (as these are the programming languages I am going to use, at least in the beginning)
  • code my website
  • improve my English skills (as you could already realize, I have a lot to do about this)
  • prepare content (just read books and keep writing reviews – what is actually great, as same time I am going to improve my English skills – everyone wins).

2. Release my own app.

This is something what appeared in my head not too long ago, when I realized that most of apps I am using, are not good enough. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t thing they are bad. A lot of them are just great. The only thing is, that I would add some features, which I would use or just remove some which I don’t need. So I thought: “Daria, why cannot you just make your own one?”.

But for now, I am going to leave details about this, as first I will try to work on my website. When it will be launched, I’ll start going into my own app 😉 One thing at the time 😉

3. Learn Arabic language.

This is another dream of those never going away from my head. It’s hard to explain it, but Arabic language always attracted me. Even if I hadn’t had too much contact with this language, I think the way it sounds is beautiful.

4. Become more active.

This is something connected with well-being. All my previous goals require from me huge amount of time spent in sitting position. Well, let say I wouldn’t like to wake up one day realizing that I am not able to walk for longer than 15 minutes without being breathless. It would be scary for me. So I decided some jogging or bike every day won’t harm me, will it?

5. Post every day on this blog.

This is idea of having this blog. As to write anything here, I have to do something to have to write about (what means: get closer to make my dreams become a reality).

I’ve gave myself a deadline, so I would like, that every day at 11 pm (according to London’s time and of course except today, which appeared much earlier) I will upload new post. So it will give me some time after my work, to do anything I can write about.

I would like to make this blog look more my way. But as this is my first blog in my life, I just need to look little bit deeper into it. Tomorrow I’ll try to take some shots and at least use my own pictures instead of those, I am using at the moment.

Those are my five main goals at the moment. I have some more, but I need to to be realist: with my university starting after around 1 month and my work, I won’t have as much time as I wish I had. Every goal, which will be achieved or activity which will become my habit will be replaced with next one.

I hope you like this post. Please leave any suggestion or opinion in comment below. And I’ll see you tomorrow in next post.


P.S. Today I’ve done some activities, which made me a little closer, but I’ve decided that my tracking I’ll start tomorrow, as this post became quite long already. I realized, that I forgot about one of the most important habit I want to implement into my life which is to make plans for the next day. So I’ve done one for tomorrow 😉

Have a nice evening 🙂