Hi guys,

I haven’t been here for quite long time, as so many bad things happen last week. Next morning after publishing my post, I’ve got message, that my 27-years old friend passed away. It broke me down. In my age girl, a few days before we were making holiday’s plans.

I went for funeral to Poland and I just haven’t been able to focus on anything. I’ve just been thare for her family, alone with my own thoughts. I was trying to be strong for them. But in reality I went through a little break out.

When I came back to London, I’ve lost my documents. Just to make it even worse….

Now I am better and I am ready to go back to my goals and dreams. So I’ve decided I am going to start again tomorrow. My book post will appear as well. Today I am going to extend my break, just to put my thoughts as they should be.

So I see you guys tomorrow in proper post and in my book review.


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