Failure is a part of a success (day zero)

Hi guys,
I haven’t been here for so long time. I was even considering to leave this blog for good, as anything seemed to go right. But I just can’t. Every single day of my absence I used to miss it a lot. But let me explain, what was going on with me during all this time.

As you might know, I have had internet problem recently, but every second or third day I was able to post something. Finally I’ve got it done, now it’s working correctly. When I was in my job, I was thinking, that finaly I’ll be able to keep publishing regularly. I couldn’t wait to do so.

But two hours before end of my work-day an accident happened. Me and my workmate were geting some washing done. One step of procedure is to spray  them with bleach and put into washing machine, so my friend strted doing it. He wanted to scare me a little and while being sure, that spray is locked (it wasn’t), he pretended to spray into my eyes (and he succeded).

I’ve been taken to emergency by ambulance to hospital. Luckily, it wasn’t anything serious, but I wasn’t able to use my eyes for some time. Now, they seem to be much better. Today I have even came back to work. Temperature caused a little pain to my eyes, but it isn’t any major pain. Similar to this, when you haven’t got enough sleep and they are just tired. So I’ve decided to come back, this time for good, I hope.

There is another think I wanted to explain: why I wanted to leave my blog and stop publishing anything here. The reason is very simple: I’ve given up. When I was in hospital (few hours only) I was thinking quite a lot and what I’ve realised was, that no matter how much I am trying, I always fail in long run (of course I am talking about regalar publishing here). If there aren’t any internet problem, there is work, if not work, some accident and always something. And that time I’ve decided, that there is no point of trying. Why shall I waste my time, if I can’t do this properly? That was my opinion and I was sure, this is what is going to happen.

But after two days I’ve realised, that in fact I miss it a lot. Actualy I can’t wait, when my eyes condition will alowe me to write some post. I understood, that no matter how many times I’ve failed, proccess of writing posts brings so much fun into my life. So I’ve decided to start all over again, but this time I am not going to give up easily. Obviously, I couldn’t publish anything for last two (or three) weeks, as I was suppoused to save my eyes. But internet problem could have been sorted easily. I could have asked my husband and use his phone (as he has unlimited data). But I had choosen easier way (I’m not sure if I had mention this, but I am master of excuses 🙂 ). So this time I want to fight as hard as I can, to overcome difficulties and fail only if I’m realy not able to manage. Let’s see how it is going to work.

But why I actualy decided to continue? Well, my parents always thought me, that looser is not the one who will fall down, but the one who will not try to get up.

So here I am. I’ve gotten up. And I’ve lernt my lesson. I was thinking to share my thoughts with you, but I have a feeling, that this post is already too long.

Now, I am going to bed. I wish you productive and joyful day. And I see you in tomorrow’s post 🙂

PS. I’ve started my day counting from the beginning, as there were a lot of days, when I couldn’t do anything. Todays post doesn’t include summary, as I was getting my eyes used to work again (writting this post took me whole day, as stil my eyes are getting tired very quickly). So today’s day is numbeed as 0.

PS2. Self-development book’s post is going to be published on Sunday, as it was planned before. And I am going to do all my best to have one book every Sunday.

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