Being on top of everything (day twenty three)

Hi guys,

Today’s post is being written from home. Finaly. I feel very weak and sleepy, but that’s because of medicines I am taking. I hope it will go soon.

Today I was thinking about being on top of everything. At the moment I can just dream about it, but I have done next huge step in developing my website. And for a while I felt, like I have it. Like I can do everything I want, I just need to work for it. This, of course, isn’t anything new, never discovered by anyone. But I needed some success very badly.

What I have realised, it’s very important to divide bigger projects into smaller tasks. Why? It just sounds much better, that you have finished two or three tasks out of hundred, than none out of ten. Simple like that.

And this is another skill, I am trying to learn. Dividing any tasks, even if they seem like not too huge, into more, but smaller. It helps a lot.

So I have divided my website project into pieces during my stay in hospital. I have divided it before, but previous tasks still were quite huge. I needed at least two or three hours to complete each of them. My new one are much shorter. I have estimated time of each of tasks and on average I need 20 minutes for each (there are some shorter and the longest one is going to take 1 hour). I am working in 1.5 hours blocks and that alowe me to accoplish at least one and sometimes much more during one working period. This is amazing.

Only this simple think is boosting my productivity any time I am trying to work. And what I have realised, this is what I needed to do. Look into any advises and keep trying them, till I will find set, which works for me perfectly.

Today, as I metioned before, I wasn’t very well. I haven’t felt like doing anything. But I’ve said to myself, that ok, I will get one task done. It’s only 15 minutes. When I have done, I’ve decided to do one more. Another 20 minutes won’t do any difference, will it? This way I was working for two hours in total. Considering my condition, this was great result.

And this is the only think I wanted to share with you today. Maybe it will help you, if you are struggling to start doing anything, or projects you are procceeding in, seem to be too overhelming. Maybe you need some success like I did, even if it will be some small one.

So the only thing I can do now, is to wish you those small successes, which finaly will lead you to achieve this big one, you were dreaming about. Of cours, I couldn’t finish my post without wising you a productive day 😉 I see you in Wednesday’s post.


How much 24 is? (Days seventeen to twenty two)

Hi guys,

And I have failed, again. Over and over again. I should say sorry. But this time I don’t feel like, as again, unexpected happened. Well, if it would be anything what I could predict, I would do all my best to get ready for this. So I am writting this post from hospital. This time any accident happened. Or maybe some kind of accident?

So everything have started with my nose bleeding. You might say, it’s nothing (and I had said same actually), but it got a bit serious when I couldn’t stop it for four hours. I felt like I am going to collapse, so I’ve decided to call an emergency. I’ve said what is going on, explained that I am home alone and just wanted to get some advise. Instead they’ve came and took me to the hospital.

I was trying to explain, that I must be overworked and nothing else. But it happened to be my blood pressure problem. I am about to be sign out soon (propably tomorrow) as now everything seems to be under control. And my phone was dead for all this time, as my husband kept forgetting to bring my charger (sometimes happen). Any way I wasn’t upset about this. It’s just a phone.

So any way, my next blog post hasn’t appeared (as you could have noticed), but even if I would have my phone with me, medicines are making me sleepy. Well, now I know I needed rest 😉 I can literally feel the difference.

Ok, so this is what was going on with me for last few days. And this time, there are no excuses, just explanation and I hope you’re going to understand.

Today I wanted to talk about something very impotant to all of us. Something, what belongs to everyone and is used by each of us in diferent way. We all have same amount of this source and some of us complains, that it’s not enough, while others think they have more than they actually need.

What is this excellent source? Of course it is 24 hours of our day. No matter, we are kings or beggers or anything in between, no matter if we live in the city or in country side, all we have every day, is 24 hours. We are the one who decide, what are we going to do during this time. Are we going to sleep, meet our friends, spend time with family or maybe all of above? We need to decide.

What is amazing about this currency? No matter how much money you have, how hard you try, you can’t buy even one extra second. And whatever you do with your time now, will bring consequences in your future. That’s why you need to be very carefull, how you are going to spend this currency, you’ve got for free.

What else is amazing about time? Or maybe about human’s nature? That I am sure every and each of us knows at least one person, who does almost nothing, but complains all the time, that he/she doesn’t have time at all. And on the other hand someone who is getting incredible amount of stuff done during every single day and still is looking for some more activities, as there is still a lot of time to use.

And not by accident I used word “currency” to describe time. There are so many similarities about any currency and time. But they are some differences as well.

Let’s start from similarities:

Both of them we are spending. Money we are spending to buy food, clothes, etc., to pay our bills and go for holiday. Time we are spending for doing different kind of activities.

Next think is investing. We can invest money to get more money in the future. With time is similar, but in the future we are gaining not more time, but sometimes some money, other time better relationship, new skills, etc.

The greatest difference (in my opinion) is that we can save money, to use them later. With time is completely different. I’ve heard people saying: do this differently, so you’ll save some time. And this is true. But time, which have been saved this way, must be spent straight away. We can’t use it after one week, or even one hour.

Ok, so this were similarities (not all of them) and main difference between time and money. But what is the answer for question from the title of this blog? How much is 24 hours? Is it a lot or not enough?

Well, the answer is simple: 24 is just enough. Enough to work and earn money, enough to enjoy your hobby and you still have some left to give to your family and friends. The only thing: make sure everything you are doing, you are doing wisely. On the beginning it is hard, but when you’ll find the way, which works for you the best, you’ll realise that you have actually a lot of time left to rest, or start doing new activity you’ve always dreamed about.

For now I wish you very good and productive day, as it’s after midnight already, here in London. And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


PS. Promised self-development’s post is going to apear on Wednesday, as I have it written on my computer. I think I need to keep saving all post as soon as they are ready, so wherever I’ll log in, I’ll be able to publish it.

Let me introduce you someone special (days twelve to seventeen)

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be about someone special. One and only one person in the world, who deserve for this name, but what is interesting, everyone will call other person with this name.

Who is it? Ok, this is the person, who will help you with every problem. Who, when you get some gift to, answer will be: ” Why are you wasting your money? You might need it!” – and it will be an honest answer. Someone, who will make sure you have fresh food on table after long shift at work, even if this person’s shift was much longer. And finaly, someone who will be proud of you, no matter what. Someone who will stand by your side, even if everyone else will turn away.

Do you know who I am talking about? Of course about person, who is called by you as MUM. I think I might have talk about mother before (or at least I wanted), but today I want to share it a bit different way.

So let me scetch a bit of the story. Around one month ago my cousin gave birth to twin-boys. They weren’t fully developed at first, they were incubated, after they’ve stay a bit longer in hospital, just to make sure they are ready to move to their home. Finaly it had been decided, that they are ready to go out and last Monday they spent their first night in place, which they are going to call home for long time since now.

For my cousin it was very hard time. Emotional and happy, but hard. Two little boys (who by the way are smaller than some baby-dolls) are so demanding and at the same time, she is scared, that she might harm them unintentionally.

Ok, but why this inspired me to talk about mother? Well, I’ve spent few days in my cousin home as her husband went to Poland (he needed toget some documents). So after my works I used to go there, so we could take four hours turn in sleeping. I was thinking, that so small children are only eating and sleeping. And this is true, but anyone told me, that every cycle repeats every 1-3 hours. And what is worse, her twins aren’t synchronised at all. What means she has something to do every minute.

And here comes mum’s role. Even if we were taking turns, when my cousin was sleeping in the other room, she was sending me messages every half an hour. Just to make sure everything goes right. After whole day of being alert and fulfilling her children’s needs, she wasn’t able to forget about them even for very short period of time.

When my turn came, I was completely gone. No matter, they were screaming or she was singing a lullaby to them, I couldn’t hear that. She heard (or maybe sensed in any other way?) every little noise they’ve made. This was amazing.

This inspired me to write about it. As very often our mums ask as for something and we are tired. Just try to thing how many times have you said to your mum: “After I’ll do this, I am tired now!” or “Let me rest a bit!”?. And now thing about her sleepless nights, when you were newborn. Or after, when you went for some partying and forgott to inform your mum about being home later, than you’ve agreed before (is there anyone who never did it. Unintentionally or even on pupose?). And what about, when you were sick, she was with you for all the time, right by your bed, ready to bring tea or soup for you. How do you feel now?

This sacrifice is amazing. And mothers do this on daily basis. They are not waiting for anything in return. They don’t say anything, when you’ll complain with no reason or when you are saying you hate them. Even if it hurts them so so much. Next day (or sometimes a bit longer) they are talking to you like nothing wrong have been said.

I don’t know why, but seeing my cousin looking after her children, reminded me about one document I’ve watched long time ago. It was about murderer’s mothers. They couldn’t belive, that children, they’ve sacrifised whole their lifes for, could do such horrible thing. All of them were saying, that they were ashamed beacause of what their children have done. But one of them said, that if she only could, and if she would be sure her son will never do such a thing again (unfortunately, she couldn’t, as she said), she would have taken his punishment on her. She knew, he deserved what he was going through at the moment, but it was breaking her heart. When all people around saw a monster, she had seen her little boy. Before she saw joy in his eyes and now his soul was broken. She was saying, that he is good boy, he’ve just got lost on the way.

To be honest, I couldn’t understand that. I remember I’ve said to my mum, thatthis wiman is mad. How can you try to protect someone, who first of all, killed someone intentionally, and second of all, doesn’t even try to pretend, that he feels sorry for that?

My mum just replied, that I will understand one day. This is just unbelievable!

That’s why here is my request: always restpect your mothers and keep trying to make their life easier, as probably this is the only person, who loves you so much, unconditionaly. And stop taking your mum for granted (of course if you are doing so), show her how much you are grateful for what she has been doing for whole your life. Show her, that SHE is important for you. It isn’t a lot, but it will show her, that all those sleepless nights, worries and everything was worthed.

Ok, I’ve shared what has been sitting in my heart. So let me move to last week’s summary:

One book’s review and next book started – checked

My website project (home page with content) – checked

Being active – checked

Self-development’s book post – ready to publish tomorrow 😉

Arabic classes and revises – checked

And for today, that’s everything I wanted to share with you. I wish you all very productive day and that your mums will always be around you, whenever you need it.


PS. Post was about to appear yesterday in the evening, as I’ve finished writting around 3am and wanted to proof read before publishing. And in my previous post I’ve introduced schedule, but forgot to mention, that it’s going to start since this week. I hope you’ll forgive me that (again)

Art of saying “No” (days eight to eleven)

Hi guys,

Today again after some break (I think it’s four days). And unfortunately now I have no choice, but change days when posts are going to be published. Instead of every day, posts are going to be published every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (except that yesterday it wasn’t any and one is today instead) and self-development’s book post is going to be published every Wednesday. All those changes, because I have been asked to work for two months, as my friend is going for holiday. So every evening plus full day every Sunday I am going to take her shift. Why? Because even if I knew I won’t have time for much alse, even if I was desperate to say “No”, I’ve said “Yes” instead.

So now after my regular job, I have four hours to be spent in restaurant as a waitress. It has been already one week since I am working like this and I can’t say it’s easy. It’s very hard actually.

To be honest on the beginning I was very upset, because by agreeing, I said “goodbye” to my free time. Now I am still upset, but the reason is different. Because of lack of time, I need to be very choosy, if it is about spending my time. I can’t do everything, so I needed to set priorities, what have been very hard for me since I remember (I’ve just wanted to do everything at the same time). But now, I have huge opportunity to practise this.

And any way, now, when I have only 2-4 hours every day, I can get skills, which are going to be very usefull in the future, when I’ll have much more of free time. This is the only think about it, which makes me happy.

I think increasing my free time (and how I am going to do this) is worthed to be mention as well. So as I’ve said before, working for twelve plus hours every day is extremely hard, but not impossible. So I’ve decided, that for next one year I’ll give it a chance. Well, a bit less, as in the end of September my uni starts. But any way, for whole this time, me and my husband (as he admited it is worth trying) are going to work a lot and save as much as we can, so after that, we can slow down without worrying about our finances and fully focus on our personal goals.

So this is a reason why posts are going to appear every second day. As except my two works, I am stil going to work on my personal stuff, so when I’ll be able to slow down, I won’t need to start everything from zero.

Ok, I have written a lot about what had happened and what is going to happen, but let’s talk about right subject of this post.

Art of saying “No”

So during this past week, I have been asking myself, why I have agreed fo all this. I could just say “No” and live like I have been living before. And to be honest, “No” was the most desired word I wanted to say, when my friend asked me for this favour. Well, I haven’t. Why? I was thinking, that I don’t want to make her life hard (if she wouldn’t find anyone to take her place, after coming back she would be without job).

And I think this is the reason, why a lot of us is doing things, we don’t realy want. We are trying to please everyone else, but ourselves. I’ve catched myself on doing this many times. Especially when I was much younger (well, now I’ve presented, that not too much had changed since that time). I have been doing some things to make others happy. Even if it wasn’t so exciting for me.

So this is my new goal: learn how to say no.

And I don’t mean, that I am not going to help anyone. It isn’t about it. But next time I am going to make sure first, that this is not going to be harmful for me. If I am not going to sacrifise something, what is very important to me, I will propably be very happy to help. I’ve realised, that after all, I need to care for myself, as there aren’t a lot of people who will do this if I won’t.

Ok, I think for today that’s all what I wanted to share (as this post is being produced in bus on my way back home). I will see you tomorrow in next post. But for now, I wish you productive day and ability to say “No”, when it’s neccessary.

PS. I’ve decided, that I will keep skipping daily summary and replace it with weekly one. In tomorrow’s post I am going to explain in details why, but to make it short: I’ve decided to focus on one thing each day. So if summary will contain only one thing, there is no point of having one.

Energy equals zero (days six and seven)

Hi guys,

Today’s post contains two days. This time nothing bad happen (fortunately, otherwise I would suspect, that I am magness for bad things). So let me explain what happened yesterday I’ve started coding my website, as I’ve decided I need to get some practice, not only theory. And it took me quite a lot of time (well, on the way I’ve came across some issues, my lessons haven’t cover so far and I’ve needed to search for some solutions online – thank God for internet!). And even if I’ve spend a lot of time on doing this, I gave my website look, I wished it will have.

Ok, but why there was no post? Well, I can’t say how long exactly I have been doing this (when last time I’ve checked my phone it was already five hours), as next thing I remember is lifting my head from my desk. Yeah, that happened at 7:30am. I falled asleep and don’t have any idea when. After realising what had happened, I needed to rush to work. Normaly I am leaving such a way, that when I arrive to work, I still have 15 minutes to start my job. Today I’ve arrived 1 minute before.

Ok, but was it worthed to spend at least five hours to get only home page ready? Because it’s going to be my first website, done without anyone’s help (except internet courses, of course), I think it was. I believe, that speed is going to come with some more practise.

Ok, but this is not what I wanted to talk about. Today, on my way to work, I’ve been thinking about this situation. And I think, this is unbelievable, how person can be so much into some activity, that is not able to see, how quickly time goes and how he or she is falling asleep. So I’ve made some characteristic of such activity (remember: I am not specialist, this is my opinion only). Here are some points with explanations:

  • It has to be connected with something, you are dreaming about – you need to be excited about it.

    Well, when I was starting, in my head I had picture of my website. Fact, that proccess of coding will make it become reality, that I would be able to type my website’s address and see it (every one is going to be able), made me so excited.

    Ok, on the begining I had no idea it will take so long and that I will fall asleep without any control, but I knew it won’t be easy. Any way, my excitation hasn’t alowed me to think about it.

    • You need to have something to check/prove to yourself

    In my case, I wanted to check, if all lessons I’ve done so far, will be enough to actualy design something what I want.

    Every small thing I’ve been doing yesterday cause some changes to my website: new colour, feature, or just shape. And every time I’ve refreshed my website, it looked better and better. And this assured me, that time spent on learning HTML and CSS, wasn’t wasted. Even if still I needed to find some solutions on the internet, I’ve done it on my own.

    • This activity need to be fun for you

    Ok, you might ask me now, how on the Earth sitting more than five hour in front of screen can be considered as fun?

    Well, for me it was. I had some time only for myself, I have been doing everything my way. And yes, I had a lot of fun. Not only that. I was looking forward to sit again and go to my own world – without any advises or suggestions – just me and my imagination.
    Well, I think, this is everything, what came into my mind. The only thing left is two days’ summary. So let’s move into it:
    Day’s sixth summary:

    Home page of my website (without content – I mean I have part of the content ready, but I haven’t implemented it to my code) – checked

    Chapter of book – checked

    Being active (finaly I wasn’t scared of wind causing harm to my eye and I’ve rode my bike) – checked

    Day’s sixth post – failed

    Plan for next day – failed
    Day’s seventh summary:

    Two last chapters of book + review – checked

    Being active – checked

    Implemetation of content to my website’s homepage – checked

    Today’s post – checked

    Plan for tomorrow – checked
    Ok, I think that’s everything for today. I wish you, that you’ll find something to do, what is going to help you to forget about whole world and as usually I wish you very productive day 😉 I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


    Getting into routine (day five)

    Hi guys,

    Today has been very hard day. There were two shifts (to be honest one and a half), as my friend asked me to replace her in her work, while she is on holiday.

    So today again I am not going to share any thought with you. Only thing, which makes me happy is, that I am getting into routine of working. In between my two jobs I had four hours to spare at home. And what is great, it was very productive time. I haven’t have to force myself to do anything. Automaticaly I’ve started doing, point after point from my today’s plan (it was shorter than usualy, as I knew, that today I won’t have too much time).

    So please forgive me, but I am going to go straight to my summary:

    Two chapters of book – checked

    Next self-development book: started – checked

    My arabic revision – checked

    HTML&CSS lesson – checked

    Today’s post – checked

    Plan for tomorrow – checked
    At the moment I am going to sleep, as my eyes are closing without my permission. As always I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


    Struggling does pay of (day four)

    Hi guys,

    Here it is, day four. There is no fail so far. And there is no thought to do so even. So I am proud of myself.

    What is good, my eyes are getting used to work as well. They aren’t as good as they were before, but yesterday I was able to work for four hours with fifteen minutes break in between only. For me it’s huge progress.

    And today, I would like to talk about struggling. We all know, that there is nothing good in struggling. We are putting so much efford and instead of things going on smoother and easier, it is becoming harder and harder.

    But what is important? If we are only able to stand this tough time, we are going to be so proud, like never before. Just only because we managed. No matter what. And even if we’ll fail, but get up and start all over again, we are still going to fight and we won’t give up, we will achieve any way. We will get knowledge about our limits. So we’re going to know, how much we need to do, to become better version of ourselves. Well, if we won’t get to those limits, we can only guess. Isn’t it right?

    What I mean by: you won’t know, how long distance you can run, how long you can work, etc. if you will not get to the point, when you can’t.

    I remember in my gymnasium (just to explain, in Poland we graduate from gymnasium at the age of 15-16) a lot of girls got pregnant. It became some kind of fashion to have a child and a lot of my school mates were dreaming to catch occasion to have one. No matter how, or who will be father of their child. Well, they wouldn’t even care, if they know who is the father.

    Scaring? So try to imagine, that in my school were around two hundred girls, of wich sixty were pregnant or had their child already.

    What did our head teacher do? He gave to each girl one doll. It looked like normall doll, but it was crying every 15 minutes. Parents agreed, that they are not going to help us with it and every girl had to carry this doll everywhere. It was tiring. A lot of us was crying, that we don’t want child after one night of struggling with this doll (I needed three nights). After we had some speach delivered by our school psycologist.

    But what was the point. After this experience I knew, I can start work at night, as long as every three shifts I will have at least two days off. And this was what I did. Before I was worrying, whether I can manage or not (it was very important as my parents alowed me to work only if I am not going to fail even one day in school because of that. If I would, after I wouldn’t have any chance to work before I will turn 18).

    To be honest, I am not sure why I was thinking all day about limits, struggling and stuff like this, but I’ve decided to share it with you, guys. I hope you like it.

    Now, I am going to present my today’s summary:

    Five (or four) chapters of book – checked

    One HTML&CSS lesson – checked

    Revision before my tomorrow’s arabic lesson – checked

    Today’s post – checked

    Plan for tomorrow – checked
    Now I wish you good night and productive day.

    PS. After around two maybe three hours self-development’s book post is going to appear, as at the moment I am in the car, coming back from my friend’s birthday party (that’s why today’s summary isn’t very impressive, as after work I was away and my HTML&CSS lesson I have done in the morning, rest had been done in a car).

    I hope you’re going to enjoy it. And see you in tomorrow’s post.

    Overcoming difficulties as a way of life (day three)

    Hi guys,

    Today a bit later as before posting anything I’ve decided to take a nap. So I can write something more, than just summary. So here I am. A bit late, but stil acceptable 😉

    Today I’ve learn very important lesson and I would like to share it with you. As I suppouse, most of us knew it already. We had that quiet voice in our heads, saing to us, when procrastination wins with us: “Well, maybe we can just do it now?”. You think, you don’t have it? Well, of course you do. You just can’t hear this wisper from among procrastination’s screamings.

    But let me tell you something about this voice. Let’s leave procrastination for the other time. So this voice, it is our inside warrior. We all have it. The only problem, we haven’t feed it so much as we did procrastination (about feeding our inside, I’ve red in one book, but I can’t remember which one).

    Usually we let our procrastination win. Actualy, it becomes our habit. Something very natural. And whenever we need to get this huge project done, or learn for tomorrow’s test, or anything else, what in fact is very important to us, out of a sudden, we realise: “Hey, it’s been a long time, since I’ve played this video game last time” or “Well, work can be done after this movie. I will still have a lot of time till morning, won’t I?”.

    And here is our warrior’s job. He is suppoused to convience you, that the best way is to get your things done now. Right away. He is actualy trying to do so. Do you know this kind of thoughts: “Maybe I’ll be to tired, after watching this movie?”. That’s him.

    He is very weak creature, with low self-esteem. He got used to failing and now, even he doesn’t believe in success.

    But  let’s come back to feeding. In one of the books I’ve red, that every of us has two personalities of some kind: good one and bad one. Whichever of them we are feeding (means doing good or bad things) this is becoming stronger and, as a result, we are behaving according to the winer.

    Similar is here. If we will let procrastination win most of the time, we are going to procrastinate more likely next time. It’s becoming our habit within no time.

    But if we would let our warrior win more often, it would actualy make getting things done much easier in the future.

    In one of articles on the internet I’ve red, that procrastination is some kind of addiction. First you are procrastinating and you are sure you have it under control. And within no time you realise, that this is actualy huge problem. That you don’t know when starting any job became hard like trying to climb Mount Everest.

    So my advise is, to let your warrior win sometimes. Even if this is very hard. Just imagine how free you will become when activities, you are suppoused to be doing now, will actualy be done now how much time to spare you’ll get after finishing it. And just do, whatever needs to be done.

    Ok, and with this positive thought I am going to finish today’s post.
    Here is today’s summary:

    Chapter of book – checked

    HTML&CSS course – checked

    Arabic excerssises – checked

    Self-development book – checked

    Today’s post – checked

    Plan for tomorrow – checked
    For now I am going to have one more nap (as after one hour I need to wake up and get ready for work). I wish all of you very productive day and see you in next post.


    Getting there (day two)

    Hi guys,

    Today’s post will contain only summary, as my eyes are tearing.

    Day’s two summary:

    Two chapters of book – checked

    HTML&CSS course – checked

    Arabic classes (afrer quite long time) – checked

    And I’ve started next self-development book – checked

    Post on this blog – checked

    And plan for tomorrow – checked
    For now I wish you very productive day. I hope I will be able to share my thought with you tomorrow. Now I’ll just try to sleep. See you in next post


    Little steps – at least getting there. How time is being wasted? (day one)

    Hi guys,

    Today I am not going to write a lot as my eyes are already burning. It’s quite hard to do anything, as most activities I need to do, needs my eyes to be working. But I’ve decided to keep going. Even if everyday I will be able to do only one activity, just one thing which is going to help me get, where I want to be, it’s stil worthed, isn’t it?

    I’ve decided, that at least till my eyes are not going to come back to norm, I am going to take it easy. Let’s give them chance to recover properly. And what I have realised, that still there have been quite a lot of things done, even if after every activity I needed 45 minutes of break. Maybe because I had day off in work today? To see my progress, check my day’s one summary in the end of this post.

    Any way, I just want to share with you, guys, one quick thought: have you ever tought, how easy it is to waste time?

    For example today, I was doing some arabic excercises and I’ve realised, that I was leaving my work so many times. Reasons: I needed tea, someone text me, notification on my phone did let me know, that there is new video on channel, I am subscribing or someone called. All this during two-hours period of work.

    I had eventualy finished all excercises I was suppouse to do today, but so much time I had wasted on the way. I realy can’t believe that. I’ve counted, that I would be able to finish it in half of time I’ve spent on doing it. This is scaring.

    I had put it as a thing to do tomorrow, to figure out how minimalise amount of time wasted every day. Let’s see what will come to my mind.

    Now I am going to move to quick summary of day number one:

    • Arabic excercisses – checked
    • Review of next book – checked
    • Two chapters of next book – checked
    • HTML&CSS advanced course: one lesson – checked
    • Post on this blog – checked
    • And plan for tomorrow – checked

    For now, I am going to sleep, as it is already 12:30am, here in London. I wish very productive day to all of you. I hope you are having your time under control and getting your stuff done.

    I see you in tomorrow’s post

    Daria 🙂