Little steps – at least getting there. How time is being wasted? (day one)

Hi guys,

Today I am not going to write a lot as my eyes are already burning. It’s quite hard to do anything, as most activities I need to do, needs my eyes to be working. But I’ve decided to keep going. Even if everyday I will be able to do only one activity, just one thing which is going to help me get, where I want to be, it’s stil worthed, isn’t it?

I’ve decided, that at least till my eyes are not going to come back to norm, I am going to take it easy. Let’s give them chance to recover properly. And what I have realised, that still there have been quite a lot of things done, even if after every activity I needed 45 minutes of break. Maybe because I had day off in work today? To see my progress, check my day’s one summary in the end of this post.

Any way, I just want to share with you, guys, one quick thought: have you ever tought, how easy it is to waste time?

For example today, I was doing some arabic excercises and I’ve realised, that I was leaving my work so many times. Reasons: I needed tea, someone text me, notification on my phone did let me know, that there is new video on channel, I am subscribing or someone called. All this during two-hours period of work.

I had eventualy finished all excercises I was suppouse to do today, but so much time I had wasted on the way. I realy can’t believe that. I’ve counted, that I would be able to finish it in half of time I’ve spent on doing it. This is scaring.

I had put it as a thing to do tomorrow, to figure out how minimalise amount of time wasted every day. Let’s see what will come to my mind.

Now I am going to move to quick summary of day number one:

  • Arabic excercisses – checked
  • Review of next book – checked
  • Two chapters of next book – checked
  • HTML&CSS advanced course: one lesson – checked
  • Post on this blog – checked
  • And plan for tomorrow – checked

For now, I am going to sleep, as it is already 12:30am, here in London. I wish very productive day to all of you. I hope you are having your time under control and getting your stuff done.

I see you in tomorrow’s post

Daria 🙂

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