Struggling does pay of (day four)

Hi guys,

Here it is, day four. There is no fail so far. And there is no thought to do so even. So I am proud of myself.

What is good, my eyes are getting used to work as well. They aren’t as good as they were before, but yesterday I was able to work for four hours with fifteen minutes break in between only. For me it’s huge progress.

And today, I would like to talk about struggling. We all know, that there is nothing good in struggling. We are putting so much efford and instead of things going on smoother and easier, it is becoming harder and harder.

But what is important? If we are only able to stand this tough time, we are going to be so proud, like never before. Just only because we managed. No matter what. And even if we’ll fail, but get up and start all over again, we are still going to fight and we won’t give up, we will achieve any way. We will get knowledge about our limits. So we’re going to know, how much we need to do, to become better version of ourselves. Well, if we won’t get to those limits, we can only guess. Isn’t it right?

What I mean by: you won’t know, how long distance you can run, how long you can work, etc. if you will not get to the point, when you can’t.

I remember in my gymnasium (just to explain, in Poland we graduate from gymnasium at the age of 15-16) a lot of girls got pregnant. It became some kind of fashion to have a child and a lot of my school mates were dreaming to catch occasion to have one. No matter how, or who will be father of their child. Well, they wouldn’t even care, if they know who is the father.

Scaring? So try to imagine, that in my school were around two hundred girls, of wich sixty were pregnant or had their child already.

What did our head teacher do? He gave to each girl one doll. It looked like normall doll, but it was crying every 15 minutes. Parents agreed, that they are not going to help us with it and every girl had to carry this doll everywhere. It was tiring. A lot of us was crying, that we don’t want child after one night of struggling with this doll (I needed three nights). After we had some speach delivered by our school psycologist.

But what was the point. After this experience I knew, I can start work at night, as long as every three shifts I will have at least two days off. And this was what I did. Before I was worrying, whether I can manage or not (it was very important as my parents alowed me to work only if I am not going to fail even one day in school because of that. If I would, after I wouldn’t have any chance to work before I will turn 18).

To be honest, I am not sure why I was thinking all day about limits, struggling and stuff like this, but I’ve decided to share it with you, guys. I hope you like it.

Now, I am going to present my today’s summary:

Five (or four) chapters of book – checked

One HTML&CSS lesson – checked

Revision before my tomorrow’s arabic lesson – checked

Today’s post – checked

Plan for tomorrow – checked
Now I wish you good night and productive day.

PS. After around two maybe three hours self-development’s book post is going to appear, as at the moment I am in the car, coming back from my friend’s birthday party (that’s why today’s summary isn’t very impressive, as after work I was away and my HTML&CSS lesson I have done in the morning, rest had been done in a car).

I hope you’re going to enjoy it. And see you in tomorrow’s post.

Overcoming difficulties as a way of life (day three)

Hi guys,

Today a bit later as before posting anything I’ve decided to take a nap. So I can write something more, than just summary. So here I am. A bit late, but stil acceptable 😉

Today I’ve learn very important lesson and I would like to share it with you. As I suppouse, most of us knew it already. We had that quiet voice in our heads, saing to us, when procrastination wins with us: “Well, maybe we can just do it now?”. You think, you don’t have it? Well, of course you do. You just can’t hear this wisper from among procrastination’s screamings.

But let me tell you something about this voice. Let’s leave procrastination for the other time. So this voice, it is our inside warrior. We all have it. The only problem, we haven’t feed it so much as we did procrastination (about feeding our inside, I’ve red in one book, but I can’t remember which one).

Usually we let our procrastination win. Actualy, it becomes our habit. Something very natural. And whenever we need to get this huge project done, or learn for tomorrow’s test, or anything else, what in fact is very important to us, out of a sudden, we realise: “Hey, it’s been a long time, since I’ve played this video game last time” or “Well, work can be done after this movie. I will still have a lot of time till morning, won’t I?”.

And here is our warrior’s job. He is suppoused to convience you, that the best way is to get your things done now. Right away. He is actualy trying to do so. Do you know this kind of thoughts: “Maybe I’ll be to tired, after watching this movie?”. That’s him.

He is very weak creature, with low self-esteem. He got used to failing and now, even he doesn’t believe in success.

But  let’s come back to feeding. In one of the books I’ve red, that every of us has two personalities of some kind: good one and bad one. Whichever of them we are feeding (means doing good or bad things) this is becoming stronger and, as a result, we are behaving according to the winer.

Similar is here. If we will let procrastination win most of the time, we are going to procrastinate more likely next time. It’s becoming our habit within no time.

But if we would let our warrior win more often, it would actualy make getting things done much easier in the future.

In one of articles on the internet I’ve red, that procrastination is some kind of addiction. First you are procrastinating and you are sure you have it under control. And within no time you realise, that this is actualy huge problem. That you don’t know when starting any job became hard like trying to climb Mount Everest.

So my advise is, to let your warrior win sometimes. Even if this is very hard. Just imagine how free you will become when activities, you are suppoused to be doing now, will actualy be done now how much time to spare you’ll get after finishing it. And just do, whatever needs to be done.

Ok, and with this positive thought I am going to finish today’s post.
Here is today’s summary:

Chapter of book – checked

HTML&CSS course – checked

Arabic excerssises – checked

Self-development book – checked

Today’s post – checked

Plan for tomorrow – checked
For now I am going to have one more nap (as after one hour I need to wake up and get ready for work). I wish all of you very productive day and see you in next post.