Getting into routine (day five)

Hi guys,

Today has been very hard day. There were two shifts (to be honest one and a half), as my friend asked me to replace her in her work, while she is on holiday.

So today again I am not going to share any thought with you. Only thing, which makes me happy is, that I am getting into routine of working. In between my two jobs I had four hours to spare at home. And what is great, it was very productive time. I haven’t have to force myself to do anything. Automaticaly I’ve started doing, point after point from my today’s plan (it was shorter than usualy, as I knew, that today I won’t have too much time).

So please forgive me, but I am going to go straight to my summary:

Two chapters of book – checked

Next self-development book: started – checked

My arabic revision – checked

HTML&CSS lesson – checked

Today’s post – checked

Plan for tomorrow – checked
At the moment I am going to sleep, as my eyes are closing without my permission. As always I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


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