Let me introduce you someone special (days twelve to seventeen)

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be about someone special. One and only one person in the world, who deserve for this name, but what is interesting, everyone will call other person with this name.

Who is it? Ok, this is the person, who will help you with every problem. Who, when you get some gift to, answer will be: ” Why are you wasting your money? You might need it!” – and it will be an honest answer. Someone, who will make sure you have fresh food on table after long shift at work, even if this person’s shift was much longer. And finaly, someone who will be proud of you, no matter what. Someone who will stand by your side, even if everyone else will turn away.

Do you know who I am talking about? Of course about person, who is called by you as MUM. I think I might have talk about mother before (or at least I wanted), but today I want to share it a bit different way.

So let me scetch a bit of the story. Around one month ago my cousin gave birth to twin-boys. They weren’t fully developed at first, they were incubated, after they’ve stay a bit longer in hospital, just to make sure they are ready to move to their home. Finaly it had been decided, that they are ready to go out and last Monday they spent their first night in place, which they are going to call home for long time since now.

For my cousin it was very hard time. Emotional and happy, but hard. Two little boys (who by the way are smaller than some baby-dolls) are so demanding and at the same time, she is scared, that she might harm them unintentionally.

Ok, but why this inspired me to talk about mother? Well, I’ve spent few days in my cousin home as her husband went to Poland (he needed toget some documents). So after my works I used to go there, so we could take four hours turn in sleeping. I was thinking, that so small children are only eating and sleeping. And this is true, but anyone told me, that every cycle repeats every 1-3 hours. And what is worse, her twins aren’t synchronised at all. What means she has something to do every minute.

And here comes mum’s role. Even if we were taking turns, when my cousin was sleeping in the other room, she was sending me messages every half an hour. Just to make sure everything goes right. After whole day of being alert and fulfilling her children’s needs, she wasn’t able to forget about them even for very short period of time.

When my turn came, I was completely gone. No matter, they were screaming or she was singing a lullaby to them, I couldn’t hear that. She heard (or maybe sensed in any other way?) every little noise they’ve made. This was amazing.

This inspired me to write about it. As very often our mums ask as for something and we are tired. Just try to thing how many times have you said to your mum: “After I’ll do this, I am tired now!” or “Let me rest a bit!”?. And now thing about her sleepless nights, when you were newborn. Or after, when you went for some partying and forgott to inform your mum about being home later, than you’ve agreed before (is there anyone who never did it. Unintentionally or even on pupose?). And what about, when you were sick, she was with you for all the time, right by your bed, ready to bring tea or soup for you. How do you feel now?

This sacrifice is amazing. And mothers do this on daily basis. They are not waiting for anything in return. They don’t say anything, when you’ll complain with no reason or when you are saying you hate them. Even if it hurts them so so much. Next day (or sometimes a bit longer) they are talking to you like nothing wrong have been said.

I don’t know why, but seeing my cousin looking after her children, reminded me about one document I’ve watched long time ago. It was about murderer’s mothers. They couldn’t belive, that children, they’ve sacrifised whole their lifes for, could do such horrible thing. All of them were saying, that they were ashamed beacause of what their children have done. But one of them said, that if she only could, and if she would be sure her son will never do such a thing again (unfortunately, she couldn’t, as she said), she would have taken his punishment on her. She knew, he deserved what he was going through at the moment, but it was breaking her heart. When all people around saw a monster, she had seen her little boy. Before she saw joy in his eyes and now his soul was broken. She was saying, that he is good boy, he’ve just got lost on the way.

To be honest, I couldn’t understand that. I remember I’ve said to my mum, thatthis wiman is mad. How can you try to protect someone, who first of all, killed someone intentionally, and second of all, doesn’t even try to pretend, that he feels sorry for that?

My mum just replied, that I will understand one day. This is just unbelievable!

That’s why here is my request: always restpect your mothers and keep trying to make their life easier, as probably this is the only person, who loves you so much, unconditionaly. And stop taking your mum for granted (of course if you are doing so), show her how much you are grateful for what she has been doing for whole your life. Show her, that SHE is important for you. It isn’t a lot, but it will show her, that all those sleepless nights, worries and everything was worthed.

Ok, I’ve shared what has been sitting in my heart. So let me move to last week’s summary:

One book’s review and next book started – checked

My website project (home page with content) – checked

Being active – checked

Self-development’s book post – ready to publish tomorrow 😉

Arabic classes and revises – checked

And for today, that’s everything I wanted to share with you. I wish you all very productive day and that your mums will always be around you, whenever you need it.


PS. Post was about to appear yesterday in the evening, as I’ve finished writting around 3am and wanted to proof read before publishing. And in my previous post I’ve introduced schedule, but forgot to mention, that it’s going to start since this week. I hope you’ll forgive me that (again)

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