How much 24 is? (Days seventeen to twenty two)

Hi guys,

And I have failed, again. Over and over again. I should say sorry. But this time I don’t feel like, as again, unexpected happened. Well, if it would be anything what I could predict, I would do all my best to get ready for this. So I am writting this post from hospital. This time any accident happened. Or maybe some kind of accident?

So everything have started with my nose bleeding. You might say, it’s nothing (and I had said same actually), but it got a bit serious when I couldn’t stop it for four hours. I felt like I am going to collapse, so I’ve decided to call an emergency. I’ve said what is going on, explained that I am home alone and just wanted to get some advise. Instead they’ve came and took me to the hospital.

I was trying to explain, that I must be overworked and nothing else. But it happened to be my blood pressure problem. I am about to be sign out soon (propably tomorrow) as now everything seems to be under control. And my phone was dead for all this time, as my husband kept forgetting to bring my charger (sometimes happen). Any way I wasn’t upset about this. It’s just a phone.

So any way, my next blog post hasn’t appeared (as you could have noticed), but even if I would have my phone with me, medicines are making me sleepy. Well, now I know I needed rest 😉 I can literally feel the difference.

Ok, so this is what was going on with me for last few days. And this time, there are no excuses, just explanation and I hope you’re going to understand.

Today I wanted to talk about something very impotant to all of us. Something, what belongs to everyone and is used by each of us in diferent way. We all have same amount of this source and some of us complains, that it’s not enough, while others think they have more than they actually need.

What is this excellent source? Of course it is 24 hours of our day. No matter, we are kings or beggers or anything in between, no matter if we live in the city or in country side, all we have every day, is 24 hours. We are the one who decide, what are we going to do during this time. Are we going to sleep, meet our friends, spend time with family or maybe all of above? We need to decide.

What is amazing about this currency? No matter how much money you have, how hard you try, you can’t buy even one extra second. And whatever you do with your time now, will bring consequences in your future. That’s why you need to be very carefull, how you are going to spend this currency, you’ve got for free.

What else is amazing about time? Or maybe about human’s nature? That I am sure every and each of us knows at least one person, who does almost nothing, but complains all the time, that he/she doesn’t have time at all. And on the other hand someone who is getting incredible amount of stuff done during every single day and still is looking for some more activities, as there is still a lot of time to use.

And not by accident I used word “currency” to describe time. There are so many similarities about any currency and time. But they are some differences as well.

Let’s start from similarities:

Both of them we are spending. Money we are spending to buy food, clothes, etc., to pay our bills and go for holiday. Time we are spending for doing different kind of activities.

Next think is investing. We can invest money to get more money in the future. With time is similar, but in the future we are gaining not more time, but sometimes some money, other time better relationship, new skills, etc.

The greatest difference (in my opinion) is that we can save money, to use them later. With time is completely different. I’ve heard people saying: do this differently, so you’ll save some time. And this is true. But time, which have been saved this way, must be spent straight away. We can’t use it after one week, or even one hour.

Ok, so this were similarities (not all of them) and main difference between time and money. But what is the answer for question from the title of this blog? How much is 24 hours? Is it a lot or not enough?

Well, the answer is simple: 24 is just enough. Enough to work and earn money, enough to enjoy your hobby and you still have some left to give to your family and friends. The only thing: make sure everything you are doing, you are doing wisely. On the beginning it is hard, but when you’ll find the way, which works for you the best, you’ll realise that you have actually a lot of time left to rest, or start doing new activity you’ve always dreamed about.

For now I wish you very good and productive day, as it’s after midnight already, here in London. And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


PS. Promised self-development’s post is going to apear on Wednesday, as I have it written on my computer. I think I need to keep saving all post as soon as they are ready, so wherever I’ll log in, I’ll be able to publish it.

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