Being on top of everything (day twenty three)

Hi guys,

Today’s post is being written from home. Finaly. I feel very weak and sleepy, but that’s because of medicines I am taking. I hope it will go soon.

Today I was thinking about being on top of everything. At the moment I can just dream about it, but I have done next huge step in developing my website. And for a while I felt, like I have it. Like I can do everything I want, I just need to work for it. This, of course, isn’t anything new, never discovered by anyone. But I needed some success very badly.

What I have realised, it’s very important to divide bigger projects into smaller tasks. Why? It just sounds much better, that you have finished two or three tasks out of hundred, than none out of ten. Simple like that.

And this is another skill, I am trying to learn. Dividing any tasks, even if they seem like not too huge, into more, but smaller. It helps a lot.

So I have divided my website project into pieces during my stay in hospital. I have divided it before, but previous tasks still were quite huge. I needed at least two or three hours to complete each of them. My new one are much shorter. I have estimated time of each of tasks and on average I need 20 minutes for each (there are some shorter and the longest one is going to take 1 hour). I am working in 1.5 hours blocks and that alowe me to accoplish at least one and sometimes much more during one working period. This is amazing.

Only this simple think is boosting my productivity any time I am trying to work. And what I have realised, this is what I needed to do. Look into any advises and keep trying them, till I will find set, which works for me perfectly.

Today, as I metioned before, I wasn’t very well. I haven’t felt like doing anything. But I’ve said to myself, that ok, I will get one task done. It’s only 15 minutes. When I have done, I’ve decided to do one more. Another 20 minutes won’t do any difference, will it? This way I was working for two hours in total. Considering my condition, this was great result.

And this is the only think I wanted to share with you today. Maybe it will help you, if you are struggling to start doing anything, or projects you are procceeding in, seem to be too overhelming. Maybe you need some success like I did, even if it will be some small one.

So the only thing I can do now, is to wish you those small successes, which finaly will lead you to achieve this big one, you were dreaming about. Of cours, I couldn’t finish my post without wising you a productive day 😉 I see you in Wednesday’s post.


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