Another thing to test (days twenty four and twenty five)

Hi guys,

Today, while I was sitting in bus on my way to work, I’ve been searching internet. I wanted to read my book, but I forgott it at home. Any way, I found another thing, I am going to test in next couple of weeks. This thing is, prioritizing my tasks.

I don’t remember at the moment, how this method is called, but I can shortly explain how does it work.

So first of all you need to have all your tasks written, so you can easily see them. Next step is to put them into one of four groups: urgent and important; urgent, but not important; important, but not urgent; not important and not urgent (I am going to change it a bit, and instead of ‘not’ I am going to have ‘less’).

While doing your tasks, you are doing them in order, as I mentioned them above. This way, even if you can’t do all of them, as you planned (let’s be honest: it does happen very often) you are going to do at least those the most urgent and the most important. There are some separate procedures for last group, but I am going to explain it in more details, when I will share, how did it work for me 😉

Today’s post is going to be one of the shortest ones. Only one more thing I want to tell you. Self-development’s book post was suppoused to appear today, I have even rewritten it in wordpress (rewrite means copy and paste in this case 😉 ), but yesterday I had analysed my free time and I’ve realised, that Wednesday is the most busy day in my week. So I’ve decided to move it to Friday, as this is the lightest one (still busy, but better than the other ones). I know I have been changing it many times so far, but this time I tought about this very carefully and this is the best solution.

Ok, and I think that’s everything for today. I wish you all very productive day and I see you in Friday’s post.