Is it worthed to get tired?

Hi guys,

It’s been nine days since my last post, but I’ve decided to keep it like this. At least for now. There is so many things going on in my life at the moment and everyday’s posts turned out to be quite big commitment.

Ok, so let me explain what’s going on. First of all, me and my husband are moving soon. We have contract till end of January, but we’ve decided, that we’ll start look for new home (unfortunately still rented) now, so we won’t be forced to take anything what will be avaiable (like it happened last time). But first I should tell you something about me and my husband.

We’ve got married in November 2016, so almost one year ago. Before that, we were a couple for one year plus we knew each other for about three months before (or maybe a bit longer, but less than half year). Our wedding was quite unexpected. While being a couple we were saving money for this occasion, but unfortunately our families are living in two different parts of world (my one in Poland, my husband’s one in India), so we needed to provide accomodation for everyone, food for all the time they stay and so on. Plus of course regular wedding cost.

So one day, in November we’ve decided to get married right now (not exactly at that moment, but our decision’s and wedding day were three days apart). It was crazy. On our wedding party they were only five guests plus us. And I think it was the best decision we could possibly made. It saved us a lot of stress and of course a lot of money. But that time both of us had contracts for rooms in different parts of London. So for first three months of our marriage, we were living separately (at least officially, because we were just choosing in who’s room are we going to sleep every day and both of us came there after work). That was kind of tiring. And on January we’ve realised, that our contracts are coming to an end so we’ve started looking for a flat. We had only one week to move out from both places, so we had to take whatever was avaiable. And this is how we ended up in our current location. It isn’t that bad, but could be better. Now we want to make choice, so slowly we are going through all offers.

Second thing is, that I am almost sure, that in December this year my website is going to be ready to be released. I am so exited about this, but there is still so much to do. Any way, this is not the end: in February or March 2018, I am going to start my app’s releasing proccess. I thing now it will be avaiable only for android (but who knows? Maybe somehow I can manage to code it for IOS as well? I’ll try to do my best 😉 ). Closer to releasing dates, I am going to tell you something more about it. Any way working on both those projects take huge amount of my time and energy (but it’s fun as well 😉 ).

And last, but the most stressfull thing is sorting out my university. I was supposed to be enrolled in June, but because of some problem I was assured, that I am going to start in October instead. Unfortunately next week my classes are supposed to strart and there is no confirmation from my uni. So every day (literaly every day, maybe except weekends) I am making tons of phone calls, just to try straighten it up. Please, keep your finger crossed for this 😉

And all things I have mentioned, make me very tired. Especially, because I need to do it after my full-time job. Almost every night I am going to bed with no sense, that I am doing so. Some kind of day-dreaming. And this is not even a joke. I have a feeling, that I am sleeping already, while I am still on my way to bed.

A lot of friends ask me, what is the point of getting so tired every day (they don’t know yet, that occassionally I am posting here as well, as I didn’t want to make fake crowd. What I mean: people checking what I’ve wrote just only because I am their friend, so they are supposed to do this). Well, answer is very easy: because it is fun for me. It makes me feel, that I am not wasting my time and actualy I can see results of my actions. And do you know what? This is amazing feeling 🙂

Ok, but for now I am going to eat some dinner, as I’ve just came from my work and get back to designing my website (or better to say: creating it’s content).

I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


As more you’ll do now, as less you’ll need to do later

Hi guys,

When I’m starting writting this post, I am on my way home. When I came to work for the first time after my holiday, I wanted just to sit and cry. I haven’t been there for three weeks, so in first two weeks they’ve got my job done, but last week have been waiting for me. Literally, when I saw it, I wanted to take my stuff, go home and never come back. But I’ve stayed. For all this time I’ve been working 12-16 hours a day and today, finally I’ve finished almost on time (only half an hour later).

But why am I talking about it? Because while I was talking to my cousin, she has asked me, why am I working so much. I could just take my time and keep catching up little by little. This is some kind of solution. And not too bad. The only problem is, that I am going to start my uni in October, so I will be missing two days every week. And if I wouldn’t be able to get up to date by this time, my work-life would become a real nightmare.

All this disscution made me remember, what my parents kept telling me when I was a child: “as much you’ll do now, as less you will need to do later. If something will come out out of the blue, what you should have done yesterday, this will be the only thing.”

And to be honest, just now I’ve realised how true it is. This time there isn’t any new task which have joined my to do list, so today I can go to bed without tons of things to do in my head.

Ok, and one more thing: in one post, quite long before I’ve left for holiday, I’ve been telling you, that I am trying another technique to make planning my work better.

First I will quickly remind you, what all of this was about:

You need to write down all your task, no matter how big or small they are. Next step is to label each of them with one of four groups:

1. Urgent and important;

2. Urgent, but not important;

3. Not urgent, but important;

4. Not urgent and not important.

As you do this, you need to do all tasks according to numer of group starting from first one. And all tasks from last group, you need to delegate or if they are not time consuming, you might do them on your own, but only if you have enough time. You can resign of them, as well (they aren’t important, are they?).

Here are my conclusions:

  • Method is ok, but not perfect for me. It really helped me to realise, what shall I accomplish as first (as before I was trying to do, what was easier for me). That made me finish my urgent task first, so they haven’t become overdue;
  • What hasn’t work for me, is fourth group. Well, I had some tasks, which landed there, but at the moment I can’t afford to delegate them to anyone (as it’s equal to paying salary to someone). I couldn’t just throw them away from my list, as they would become urgent at some point. So as a result, I had to work on them any way. Same amount of work stayed for me.
  • But if I would have my own company (and what more important: people I can delegate some tasks), this method, if combined with some other, would be perfect for me.

I thing, that I will use this method any way. Only to get a view, what is to be done really quickly. Now, I am going to give it a try, when combined with one more method. And after having any opinion, I’ll let you know about method (as I haven’t choosen any yet) and how do they work together.

But for now I will finish this post, as everything I wanted to share has been written. I hope you took some time to rest a bit during your holiday and as always, I wish you very productive day.


Everything what’s good is going to be finished one day…

Hi guys,

Today’s post is being written from the coach. Well, I had great time with my family, but holiday can’t last for ever (how sad it is, isn’t it?). When I am starting writting this post, I have been on my way for one hour already. And there are another twenty seven hours in front of me.

When I was younger, me and my friends were going for holiday together quite often. We were traveling by coach or train (rarely we had an opportunity to travel by car). And as traveling in company isn’t this bad (especially, that we have never travel for longer than five hours), traveling on your own is becoming quite boring. Unless you have some work to be done and you want to use your time to get your to-do list shorter.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyone, who can work for twenty eight hours continuously. If there is someone who can work so long, well: respect. I can’t. After four hours of reading, I need to ensure, my eyes are able to rest a bit. So my way to survive such a long time, actualy in one position, without possibility to strech your legs and walk a bit (of course there are some breaks, approximately every four to five hours) is to skip one night sleep, just before your journey. So you can fall asleep easily, while you are on board. And at least some of those time will be gone quicker. Of course it isn’t like sleeping in your own, comfortable bed. But let’s make it clear: it’s better than nothing.

Ok. This post has been produced over two days. While I am writting this, I’ve just came to an end of my twenty eight hour long journey. I had already some sleep as well.

I don’t know how many of you is living far from place, where you were born, how many of you left family behind.

Well, I did. And I don’t regret this. The only problem is, that everywhere is someone, who I miss. This time during my holiday, my dad and husband stayed in London. I missed both of them a lot, but while living in London I miss my mum, brothers and friends.

So here are some thoughts about my journey. I know, they aren’t very constructive, but this is what I was thinking about. I will go and have some nap now (or maybe good sleep this time?). I wish you all very productive days and I’ll see you in my next post.


Changes, changes and again: changes all around us!

Hi guys,

Well, it’s me again. After long, long time of absence. But I went for unplanned holiday. I intended to keep publishing, but after not seeing my family for more than half year, I wanted to spend as much time as I possibly can with them. And this is what I did.

As you may know, I have been having some health problems recently and this made me to go for holiday. I had to stop working for some time, so I can recover properly and who knows better place to recover than home you were growing in?

Now I am still back in my home, where there are so many great memories round every corner. All games, we were playing with my brothers, all conversations we had with our parents. Everything what have been making me happy, every struggle I needed to face… All this came to me.

But even if there is so many things, which hasn’t changed since I was a child, there is a lot of things I can’t reconize. Buildings in my home town have been renovated, there are many new ones as well. Some shopes I use to go before, don’t exist any more, but they are many more open instead. And finally people. Children I used to play with in past, aren’t children any more. They are adults now. Some of them have their own children already and everything what have left are our memories.

When we are staying in one place, we don’t see how many changes are taking place in our surrounding. We are meeting our family members and friends on daily basis, so we can’t record how different they are becoming. Our surrounding is changing as well, but all those changes are happening one by one and we are just getting used to them. They are becoming something, what we see every day. And we can’t even realise, when an old place have been changed and replaced by the new one.

Those changes are happening all the time. Not only in places where we used to live or where we are living currently. They are taking place all around the word. Let’s take technology for instance. Even if you were born in 90’s, when you were growing up, you propably haven’t got even simple cell phone. And children who were born just ten years after you, have smartphones (well, at least a lot of them do). When you have been spending hours and hours in library, just to find some information for your homework, they have everything at home (well, uncle google does know everything, doesn’t he?). Ok, when I was going to school, I could only dream to have at least computer without internet connection.

And what about medicine? Before, if you were born without leg, for example or you have loose some in the accident, you had to learn how to survive without it. At the moment, you can have a brand new robot one. That just amazing. Nowadays almost everything seem possible. Just imagine, than not so long ago people could only dream about flying. At the moment, any time you need or just want, you can book a ticket and plane is going to take you wherever you want. Simple like that…

You might be wondering, why I am talking so much about changes. Everyone knows, they are all around us, we don’t need to be super-perceptive to see that. But in my opinion very often we can’t realize, how quickly all those changes are going. We can easily say: with rocket’s speed. And this is amazing, but a bit scaring at the same time. Because how can we be sure, that tomorrow some invention will not get out of control?

But the biggest concern of mine is, that a lot of this changes seem to make us, human-beings less human-alike. People prefer to record someone’s accident, to upload it on youtube or anywhere else, instead of simply help. There is a lot of people (and what is more worrying: children as well), who can damage their health in various types of challenges, just to get new subscribers or likes and, what is much worse, there is a lot of people, who can ruin someone’s else life, for the same reasons.

Ok, but as an optimist, I need to belive, that people will still be people, who can enjoy all those changes wisely and use them to make our world a better place for everyone. And with this I am going to finish this post. I wish a very productive day to all of you (or if you are on holiday like me, I wish you to have a lot of relax, so you can face your normal schedule with smile on your face).

I see you in my next post


P.S. As I was talking about changes everywhere around us, I need to tell you about one change in my attitude, which is highly connected with this post. What I have realised while being in my mum’s home is, that I’ve started seeing this blog, as some kind of commitment (well, it is some kind of commitment, but in my case it was in very negative way). My own website became for me something, what I HAVE to do, instead of what I WANT to do. No matter what, no matter how I have to produce something. While, in my opinion, it should be nothing more, but fun. So I’ve decided not writting about what have been done, even if this was main purpose of this website. But simply write random things I’ve been thinking about or I’ve red recently. And just have fun about it. But to keep this blog as “My motivation” blog, I will be simply updating you as soon as any of my big projects will be finished, or when any new will come on sight.

I hope you will enjoy it as well 🙂