Everything what’s good is going to be finished one day…

Hi guys,

Today’s post is being written from the coach. Well, I had great time with my family, but holiday can’t last for ever (how sad it is, isn’t it?). When I am starting writting this post, I have been on my way for one hour already. And there are another twenty seven hours in front of me.

When I was younger, me and my friends were going for holiday together quite often. We were traveling by coach or train (rarely we had an opportunity to travel by car). And as traveling in company isn’t this bad (especially, that we have never travel for longer than five hours), traveling on your own is becoming quite boring. Unless you have some work to be done and you want to use your time to get your to-do list shorter.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyone, who can work for twenty eight hours continuously. If there is someone who can work so long, well: respect. I can’t. After four hours of reading, I need to ensure, my eyes are able to rest a bit. So my way to survive such a long time, actualy in one position, without possibility to strech your legs and walk a bit (of course there are some breaks, approximately every four to five hours) is to skip one night sleep, just before your journey. So you can fall asleep easily, while you are on board. And at least some of those time will be gone quicker. Of course it isn’t like sleeping in your own, comfortable bed. But let’s make it clear: it’s better than nothing.

Ok. This post has been produced over two days. While I am writting this, I’ve just came to an end of my twenty eight hour long journey. I had already some sleep as well.

I don’t know how many of you is living far from place, where you were born, how many of you left family behind.

Well, I did. And I don’t regret this. The only problem is, that everywhere is someone, who I miss. This time during my holiday, my dad and husband stayed in London. I missed both of them a lot, but while living in London I miss my mum, brothers and friends.

So here are some thoughts about my journey. I know, they aren’t very constructive, but this is what I was thinking about. I will go and have some nap now (or maybe good sleep this time?). I wish you all very productive days and I’ll see you in my next post.