Being imperfect in perfect world

Hi guys,

Today’s post appeared after some break again. But things just went a bit crazy in the last few days. You might not know, but I have started my dreamed university in January. Unfortunately, there were some issues with my student finance application (as because of my ID issue I have sent it later than I was supposed to and haven’t been aproved on time). I couldn’t afford to pay £9000 just like that, so they have let me move into September’s term instead of removing me from uni permanently.

I was quite glad about this. But in the end of last week there was enrolment time in my uni (as September term starts in October actually). And there were many problems with my returning. Luckily, I’ve finally started and on Wednesday was my first day. I am still not enrolled officially, but now only their work left, nothing on my side.

Any way, let me tell you something about my uni. So I study computing technologies, what goes perfectly with my plans. I have classes only twice a week (my studies are full time, they have only filled two days with all classes, so if we have work, or children to look after, we still can attend). At the moment I am in foundation year (as I have no certificate proving, I can speak English or I had an opportunity to learn anything about computers basically), what is going to give me four years of study in total. I am very happy about this year, especially because of English, as it will hopefully help me to improve it. And that’s great thing.

Ok, but let’s move into our today’s topic. How it is to be imperfect in perrfect world? And what does “being a perfect person” actually mean?

So answear is quite simple: being imperfect person is to be just like me. Keep forgetting stuff, getting late, falling into panic, even if problem is nor really serious…

I think, that it is being like you as well. Every one has something, what he/she wants to change.

And all of us are living if this perfect world, where it does not matter, whether you are a good person or quite opposite. The only thing what matters is how do you look like, how much money you have and what you’ve bought for it.

We can see in each magazine a beautifull models, in swimming suits more expensive than half of my monthly rent (maybe a bit exagerated, but actually who knows), with perfect shape, with nice skin without any imperfection… And you start thinking Hey, why don’t I look like she? But apparently you realise, that you have more in your hips, less in your breast… Just nightmare!

But let me tell you something: our world is perfect, because of us, imperfect people. There isn’t any one perfect. Really. Or better different: every one is perfect in his or her own way. And if you would feel bad about how do you look like, or what do you have, world would propably be a bit less perfect. Just think about it: we are the one’s who make this world. That’s why it’s our responsibility of some kind, to make our world better. Only what we need to do is to try to be the best version of ourselves. But during all this proccess, we need to remember who we are and what is even more importan: we have to accept fact, that we are who we are. We can keep becoming better and better version of ourselves, but at the end of the day, we can’t forget who we are.

And with this thought I am going to leave you now. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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  1. Hello Daria,

    great post. I agree with you, our world is our responsibility, and we can change it only if we change ourselves .If we are better, we will be better for nature, for other people,for the universe. We must share positive energy over the globe to reach this goal .

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