Productivity comes out of nowhere

Hi guys,

Today I’ve decided to share my thoughts about productivity with you. As you might know, I’ve started this blog to find some motivation. It worked for some time, but after it just stopped. To become more able to actually do stuff (not only think of doing them), I’ve started to have note of every time I sat and kept working. It gave me great look into conditions I need to meet to be productive. But I’ve wrote about all situations, when I wasn’t in anything close to being productive as well (ok, let’s be honest: when I wasn’t able to get out of my bed even).

Today, after two weeks of writting my notes, I’ve decided to analyse all data I’ve gathered up to now and see what clues it is going to bring me. And results scared me, literally SCARED.

So most of my reasons, why I haven’t work, when I was supposed to, were of I’ll just check this video on youtube and I’ll start doing those stuff or Let me just play one level of this game, it’s only five minutes kind. As you can imagine, it’ve never ended after one video or one level.

So I’ve decided, that my distraction number one is my phone actually. I got into realisation, that I might be addicted. And of course, I am going to fight with this (which might be hard, as a lot of my activities require phone, including this blog and my uni. Yes, I am this weirdo doing my assesments on my phone).

But I needed someting oposite, something what would make me feel better. I’ve looked up my productive notes’ side. I had something what I need to reduce in my life in order to achieve this dreamed productivity, so I wanted to find something, what I can work on. And this is the best part: when I’ve set to work it was mostly, because my phone wasn’t avaiable at that time (means my battery was low -I have very short wire, so it is very uncomfortable to use my phone while charging).

So here is my main goal for me at the moment: to reduce use of my phone. And by ‘use’ I really mean unneccessary use. Like watching youtube videos, or playing games. Keep your finger crossed for me.

Ok, but why I am telling you about it? If you are like me, leaving everything to last moment, try this way to find out what your distractions are. As my example, I’ve always knew, that I was using my phone a lot, but when I saw how much time I am wasting this way, I’ve realised, why I don’t have enough time for everything what I should have. And even if you know your main distraction, you might find some other, which are adding on as well and make huge ammount of time being wasted. Who knows?

I will share with you, guys, what I am going to discover after next two weeks, when hopefully I will be free from my phone.

For now I wish you a productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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