Consistency is a key

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share with you something, what is so obvious and so many people (including me as first) is ignoring. I wanted to talk about power of consistency.

Yesterday, while getting ready for sleep (actually I was already in my bed), I watched episode on youtube ( here is link, but it might be useless for most of you, as it is in polish). Any way, episode shows method (or theory?) known as a slight edge. In short: when you start doing any activity, like learning new skill, on the beginning you need to put a lot of effort, spend a lot of time, but you can hardly see any progress. But if you’ll survive this time, you will get to the point, when with same effort your progress will much bigger. It works same for good habits, like for those bad.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about it. And this does make sense. I remember, when I was starting my primary school, I couldn’t understand even simple thing about math. When my parents got my notes, they were scared. I failed everything what was possible. Every test, homework or class work on my math classes. And my dad made some rule, that every day, no matter wether it was holiday or normal school day, I had to spend one hour solving math problems. I was trying to explain, that this is pointless, math is not going to stay in my head and I am going to repeat a year because of this. They haven’t listen. And even when I’ve lifted my notes, they haven’t let me stop. I was spending one hour every single day, till I was 16 (so for around 8 years!). And I am not sure, if you can believe, by the time I was 10, I was participating in national math championship. By the time I was 12 I was in top twenty math students in my age group in whole Poland. Person, who was on straight way to fail year because of math. And, what most important, I’ve fallen in love with math.

Talent? I haven’t got. But even till now, math isn’t too difficult for me. Just because my basics are quite strong.

And I am not saying this, to let you know that I am so good in math (to be honest after this many years I think I wouldn’t be any better than most of the people on this planet, as I haven’t use math for a long time, excluding basic calculations in shop or other required in ever day’s life), but to show you, what can you achieve, even if you think you can’t, just by putting enough effort to practice skill you will learn.

Today I’m going to finish at this point, as it is getting late already. I just thought, it might be useful for you, guys.

For now I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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