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Is procrastination an enemy?

Hi guys,

As you might know, I am interested in self-development subject, so I always try to find out anything new, watch some video on youtube, read some book… It’s so amazing, that our own brain is cheating us. We might be sure, that we can control everything what is happening, everything we do is controled by us, isn’t it? That’s how it works?

So why we can’t do what we want to? Why is it so easy to watch another episode of Game of throne, instead of doing our own projects? Why, when we have some great idea, we can’t force ourselves to sit behind the desk (or get to place where your idea requires you to go) and simply make it happen?

You might have heard, that everything is because of procrastination. You know, this dwarf, who is sitting in your head and every time, when you are sure you want to work, he is trying to change your mind. You know those milion exuses, like Common, when went you for a walk last time? or Watch this episode, it will take only half an hour! What the difference, you’ll work straight after that.

And very often we agree with our dwarf. Half an hour is not too long, is it? Of course, we believe, that we’ll watch ONLY ONE episode. But our dwarf is very clever. He will try to tell us, that before we’ll start, we need to do a lot of other things and we don’t know how, but it becomes midnight already (and your dwarf will tell you Hey, man! It’s midnight. Go to bed, tomorrow after work/school you’ll do this).

As we can see, procrastination is guilty. But why she is so bad to us? Why she ruins our dreams and plans? Why we are keeping such creature in our heads?

I’ve watched very interesting video on polish youtube. It might be hard for you to watch, as it is in polish. But anyway, it is Damian’s Redmer channel called Rozwojowiec. He prepares presentations about self-developing. He shows a lot of references to different kind of sources. Video I am talking about is an extract from Neil’s Fiore book.

And this particular video is about what kind of mechanism procrastination is. What is actually interesting, is that procrastination is a way, how our brain is trying to protect us. Funny, isn’t it?

How does it protect us? It try to make sure, we are not suffering from stress. Especially when we are perfectionist, we like to do everything perfectly. We are afraid, that thing we are working on is going to be just average.

The other thing is, that we fear to fail. A lot of people doesn’t take any action, because they are afraid, they are going to fail. And what will people around say?

Another thing is, that a lot of people define themself by their work. If they would not do perfect job, their self-esteem would suffer.

But the most interesting is the fact, that a lot of people are afraid of success. Who wouldn’t like to be successful? But stil, it is some kind of stress. As you know, as higher you go, this more hurt you’ll be if you’ll fall.

All this makes us stressed. And here our dwarf comes. He is helping us to relive this stress. Even if it is only for a short while, at this moment you are relaxed, while watching this ‘only one’ episode of The game of throne 😉 This will multiply your stress after, but unfortunately your dwarf doesn’t know abot this.

So as you can see, procrastination isn’t our enemy. In fact, it is some kind of friend, who has very good intentions, but well, it’s not always good for us in the long run.

It is very interesting, isn’t it?

I’m leaving you with this now. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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