A lot of changes? Let’s try to adjust to them!

Hi guys,

I haven’t post anything for quite long time again. Well, this time I’ve got a feeling that I’ve lost purpose for this blog. When I was writting my first post, I wanted it to be my motivation, my weapon to fight with procrastination. But after, there were some changes. I had to cover my friend in her work, while she went for holiday, some personal stuff, my own holiday… All that made me too lazy. Maybe a little scared, too. Huge to do lists made me sick. I felt like no matter what, I can’t manage.

After everything came back to norm, but in October I’ve started my uni and things became crazy again. What I’ve realised is that there will never be a good time to actually start working on my own projects. That’s why I’ve decided to organise myself such a way, that I can work on each of my projects. Now I’ve learn that I need to do everything I can to float, otherwise I’m going to drawn.

So before I’ll go into details, let me tell you, what my actual projects at the moment are:

  • First of all my uni. It’s not a ‘real’ project, but there are a lot of diferent smaller and bit bigger project to do.
  • Second project is website designing. I’ve prepared one project (which by the way is almost ready – ONLY content left 😉 and some other bits and pieces)
  • Recently, I had some more ideas for applications, but my programming have been left behind. Now it’s time to learn it properly 😉
  • Last but not least is this blog. As I mentioned, I have a feeling, that I’ve lost purpose of it. But let me explain later in this blog, how I intend to change it.

These are my main personal projects and goals at the same time. If you’ve red my first posts, you might know that a lot of things I love doing are not included, like books, self-development, etc. But it only looks like.

As you might know, my first website (I have already two more ideas in my head, but more complicated so I need to learn more first, before I’ll jump into it – and finalise my first one as well) is going to be book’s reviews website.

And self-development will be included in this blog. And here we come to changes. This blog is supposed to be full of motivation for me and for everyone (ar at least some) of you, who are spending their time to actually read it. It should have some value. Some point.

At the moment it seems to be completely reverse. So here are changes, which will be made during this weekend and next week, connected to this blog:

  1. Next weekend (2nd and 3rd of December), my blog will change visually and organisationally. Posts are going to be categorised. I’ll try to include some pictures in them, so it will be more enjoyable for you to read them.
  2. Every Saturday there will be new post self-development related. They will show main ideas from different books about productivity, time management, etc.
  3. As I am going to learn programming, I am going to show you proccess of learning. It might be usefull for all of you, who like me want to learn it, but keep leaving it aside. I will be showing you, what I have actually learn every week. Try to explain you, at least basis. My programming days will be Friday and Sunday and programing posts are going to appear same day.
  4. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be my uni days, so I am going to publish posts about my thoughts, interesting things I was reading about, etc.
  5. Monday and Tuesday are going to be my days off and there are going to be no posts published. In case if I’ll know, that I can’t do something on time (too many homework, or something took more time than I thought), I will be able to ‘make it up’ or make in advance during this days. Otherwise it is going to be time for my family and friends.

Till Monday, there won’t be any post published, but you can expect new organization in my blog. Let’s hope it will make it easier to navigate and more appealing for you.

Now I am going to sleep, so tomorrow I can start my work with fresh mind. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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