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Holiday? What does it mean?

Hi guys,

Today is my uni day. Last two weeks till Christmas holiday in my uni left. That means four weeks of holiday! But… wait, there is my job…

As you might have realised already, I am a kind of person, who find out about work rules quite late (well, not only work). And while I’ve changed my job, before signing my new contract, obviously, I’ve red it. But, let’s be realistic, it was in February or March, now December started. Who would remember, that I need to book my Christmas holiday in advance (well, propably every, or at least most of the people). So, what is going to happen now, my Christmas days of will be 24th (only because it is Sunday) and 25th of December.

It still wouldn’t be that bad, if not one fact: this means I need to prepare whole Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve day (and maybe night before it), what leaves me with one day off only. As we are short of staff already (well, some people have experience already and were clever enough to sort out their holiday before) and Chrismas period is realy busy, I can imagine how many hours I am going to spend in my work. And this made me terrified.

But today, when I woke up, I’ve realised, that it is not that bad. I’ve thought about single mothers and fathers, who on daily basis needs to switch between many responsibilities. I thought about couples, who hardly make it till the end of the month, and for who it is norm to work unbelievable amount of hours every week. Just to survive. But they can still manage. So I will.

All those thoughts made me gratefull for what I have. Some people might be wondering, how we can manage? How we are able to survive? But still, till we are able, everything is ok. We’re going to be perfectly fine.

So as Christmas is just around the corner (as most of the shops’ decoration remind us), maybe this year instead of trying to prepare perfect Christmas, it is worthed to try and make perfect Chrismas out of what we have? Just try to remind yourself last Christmas. What do you remember? All struggles, hard work? Or maybe those moments spent with your family or friends? To be honest, in my home at Poland, Christmas used to be connected to more intensive chores-load, hours spent at preparing dumplings and all other dishes. Everything in rush. Any way, never happened, that everything was ready on time. And guess what? Christmas always happened and they were great. No matter if there was twelve dishes or only ten, as two more were way too much to prepare.

But at the end of the day, Christmas is about time being spent with family. Whether on preparing Christmas Eve or just having breakfast togheter. It is quite simple thing, but so many people (including me), forget about it.

So, I wish you, that this month of Christmas preparation will be well-spent time for you. Full of meaningful moments and great memories. No matter if you celebrate Christmas, or not, just try to use free time for strenghtening relations with your family and friends. Try not to let Christmas fever take over you. And enjoy your time.


P. S. I promised you changes on my blog, and nothing changed so far, but unfortunatelly I still don’t have internet connection. Hopefully tomorrow it will be sorted and I am going to set to work straight away. My Wednesday’s and Thursday’s post are the only, I can easily write and post from my phone. So let’s hpe, tomorrow it will work. I will update you, how my internet issue looks like.

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