Was it unexpected?

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about feelings. By the time I will finish, my absense here will be excused. So let’s start the story.

As you might know, I have moved recently (there was some internet problem in my new place, so I mentioned this propably). So my old contract is going to be finished in the end of January (lucky we), but to have a bit more time to find something perfect, we’ve decided to look for perfect place earlier. And we found it. So we have organised everything and moved our stuff to new place, we were supposed to call home for some time.

Unfortunately, very quickly it turned out, that our new place is more like a hell, than a home. We had separate flat, which is a is a result of conversion of big home into flats. Of course it didn’t matter to us, as we had our room, tiny living room, bathroom and kitchen only for us. It was more than enough for us. So what made us change our mind?

First of all, in our building there was shared area, which we were supposed to clean every second week (even if we weren’t using it). My dad realised as well, that this sharing area , where every time someone was spending time, watching TV, and so on, was connected to our electricity meter. That mean, no matter how much we would save energy, our bill would be huge, as there is light on in that room for 24 hours, even during the day, when natural light is more than enough.

You might say, it’s nothing, but for us it was just waste of money. Any way, I had a very bad feeling there. We really liked that place (except the fact, that people were trying to cheat us), but I had this feeling.

When we decided to move out, my dad came again, to take our stuff back (as I said, our old contract is valid till end of January, so we’ve decided to return to our old flat). Me and my husband were in work, so I gave my key to my dad. When he arrived there, my landlord were in our flat. It would be fine, if he told us before, but he just came on his own, when we weren’t there. My dad said, that when he came there, all of our bags were open, what means, he was searching our stuff. My dad called the police, but I am not sure what have happened, as after talking to police, he packed our stuff and left.

So now, whe have a bit more than one month to find perfect place (or at least good enough) for us. Christmas is round the corner and all our stuff are in boxes, we haven’t even bothered to unpack them.

Any way, all of this make me want to ask you a question: do you have this kind of a feeling? When everything seems to be fine, but you feel otherwise? And if you do, do you trust this feeling?

Any way, I am going to unpack at least those stuff, we are going to be using on daily basis. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


P. S. Today’s cover photo is made from my window, during one day long winter 😉