Compare or not to compare?

Hi guys,

Today I am starting writting this post from my break at work. It is last busy week in our company (and I am very happy about this so much).

Yesterday one more person followed my blog and I’ve realised there is already over 30. I don’t know how to thank you. I know it isn’t huge amount, but for me it is a lot. When I first started, I thought, that 10 it will be maximum during my blog’s existence and it is already tripled!

When I’ve told about this to my friends (any of them knows how to find my website yet), they’ve said that this is not so great achievement. A lot of bloggers have thousands or even milions of followers. And of course this is true (propably many of you thought the same), but for me this is not any kind of race. For me this 30 followers means like billions would for someone else. I am so happy!

And all this brought me to todays subject. Shall we compare ourself to anyone? Do we need to be better from anyone?

Those are quite important questions. Let’s say, we are going to try to be better than one particular person. We are working realy hard to achieve our goal and finally we can manage to do this. We are the better one of two. But to be honest, what has had changed because of this? Actually nothing. We can say: “I am the better one”. And that’s it.

My goal is slightly different. I want to be better each day. This is the only thing pushing me further. But each day, I want to be better than I was the day before, not anyone else. I don’t think, there is anyone perfect at every inch. We all have some bad habits, all of us is making mistakes on daily basis (well, if you don’t do anything, you might not, but I would consider doing nothing as a mistake 😉 ).

For me success of other people is very motivating. And at the same time, it doesn’t mean, that I need to fail, because of this. I know, that they must have worked very hard for this and I am really glad, that they succeeded.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of people (for example in my work), who would put all their effort to show how perfect they are. I wouldn’t mind it, as any way I don’t need to talk to them that much. The only problem is, that being perfect in their mind means, that every time they make mistake, they need to find someone who is guilty (of course they aren’t, even if there is milion withnesses).

Personaly, I hate people who pull someone’s legs with no reason (and I don’t know any valid reason for doing so). I don’t understand, why being the best is so important for some people?

I slipped out of topic a bit. Coming back to the point: I think, that trying to compare yourself to others makes you such kind of person, I’ve just wrote about.

I believe, that whatever you do, you should work WITH people, NEVER AGAINST them. And this is my conclusion for today.

I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you tomorrow in my very first programming post.


P.S. Cover photo has been taken today. I can’t explain it, but I found it quite magical. I hope you enjoy.

24 thoughts on “Compare or not to compare?

  1. Hey I do photography at school and I love your photo that you have taken. It does feel very magical. I love you blog I think it has real talent. I thick I am going to read it every day or just when you write it. Do you think you could have a read of my blog and how do you write a lot. I find it hard to get all my words out post. Thanks xx

    • Thanks, it’s good to hear you like my photo. Even of it isn’t any professional one 😉 And of course I will have a look at your blog, just finished my exams so when I’ll get home I’ll have a look. And about writting: I usually pick some topic (mostly something connected to what happen this day) and just let my thoughts fly 😉 Thank you again for nice words and wish you good luck 🙂

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