Why in hurry?

Hi guys,

I have realised lately that life of many people (including me) became a kind of race. A lot of us has some goals and try to achieve them ASAP. I would like to start my website, launch an app and many, many more. And that’s great (I think). I’ve realised, that I love programing and I hope I will be able to do this professionaly one day. The only problem is, that I am having those days, when I am not able to enjoy it. I just can’t.

These days make me feel, like every attempt I am taking to write some lines of code are pointless. Especially when I meet any problem requiring more time to solve. It makes me disappointed, when sometimes it takes me day or two to add one function. And at the end it turns out, that it was extremely easy to write. And even if I love researching for solutions, it makes me almost give up.

I was looking for reasons for these feelings and I found out many of them. But the most obvious is that setting goals has turn out to be an bitter enemy of mine. Let me explain why.

First of all, having goals set makes you focus on how your life will change, when you’ll achieve them. At least this is happening to me. At the begining I thought about it as some kind of motivation itself. I haven’t even suspect that starting work on something will become so difficult. Especially, if working itself is just fun for me. The reason for that (in my case, at least) was that focusing on my goals kept reminding me how much left to be done before I’ll get there. This made me some kind of disappointed. And like a child going for holiday with parents is so concerned when they will arrive to their destination and because of that is not paying attention to how beautiful views are around, I was so focused on my goal that not time for enjoying my journey left.

Luckily, I found solutions for this. One is to be aware of reasons, why I picked those particular goals (I have written them in my journal page and read them every day); another think is to forget about goal itself.

Another reason why I coudn’t set to work, was the weight of comitment. Very often when we have to do something, we just don’t feel like. Partially, because of this overwhelming feeling, that no matter what will happen, we have to get certain tasks ticked before the deadline makes us stressed. Goals on the other hand are very special comitments, as we agree with ourselves to do certain things. We have no deadlines, so we are able to keep pushing actual work away. Even if we have deadlines set, who is going to make sure that we have actually kept them? And this problem I have sorted similar way as first one. I’ve stopped thinking about how much needs to be done and when I want to have it done, but focused on my journey instead. No matter how long it might take and whether I am going to arrive anywhere. Just act of doing what I love and learning more and more new thing about it every day, is worth the effort being put into it.

Those reasons of putting work away (even if they seem not important at first) are actually quite dangerous, as we don’t really know about them, as it doesn’t come to our mind to find them. So how can we eliminate them from our life? It is quite hard task, isn’t it?

This made me make one extra plan. If something doesn’t work as it should, I will be just stopping for a while to find the reason for that. It seems very easy, however it requires me to look deeply inside my thoughts, as some of them don’t seem so obvious. They are actually masters in being undiscovered. They only thing being able to make them visible is being extremely honest with yourself.

And with this advice (if I can call it an advice) I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post.


PS. Today, there is no cover picture. I haven’t got a chance to take any good one today…

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