Knowledge comes with experience

Hi guys,

Today is the first day when I managed to get my computer back. I mean, not necessary back, as I had to buy new one. Just right before Easter someone (who apparently has key to my room) have stolen it. Just went inside, took my university bag containing all my notes for assignments, computer, some cash and my hospital papers.

As you might know I was already struggling a bit with money and I was planning to work as much as I can. Well, now it looks that it will take longer than I thought. I need to pay my computer back and all other stuff. Mean time I have two weeks to make up all work on two quite big projects for my uni, I’ve been working for last few months. Well…

Any way, I complained a bit (a lot of people is saying that complaining is a national characteristic of polish people 😉 ), but during this week, being cut down from an internet I have realised something.

As I am working on my own projects, including books review website and something connected to programming, I will propably keep this blog as a place, where I can just throw my thoughts out of my head. And when my projects will come to life, I will update you here and attach links to get there. That means, there will not be any programing posts here or any book’s reviews.

Why so? I have realised that I was trying to make this blog too packed. Everything in one place. And I’ve made my mind that it is not such good idea as I thought at the begining. First reason is that most of the people (including me) comes to particular website or blog for some reason. Including a lot of topics in one blog will make it quite messy. Light posts mixed up with programming lessons? You can judge yourself… Very poor idea…

And second reason is more personal. I have realised, that this became too overwhelming for me. Preparing programming posts (I have 2 ready so far) have been taking a great amount of my time and made me learn less effectively, as I was focusing on how to make it suitable for my post instead of on how it really works. I hope it does make sense 😉 Well, this short (or rather long) time of experience did teach me a lesson 😉 And I think, this is how it should be. I wanted to have my blog for a long time, but my excuse was that I don’t know why. Now I am actualy learning on my own mistakes.

But coming back to topic, programming lessons will appear too, just in a bit easier form and in different place. And of course I let you know about it soon 😉 about my work on my website with book’s reviews you might already know from my previous posts.

I hope you will like new changes and I hope I have finally found my way. However, if you have some ideas, advices or just opinion, feel free to tell me about in comment section bellow.

I am going to finish this post here. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s post (hopefully no more bad luck any more)


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