Treasure at the bottom of the sea…

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about some special people around us. Sometimes, we might not recognize them at first. They are just there and do great things. Who are these people?

Imagine the day, when everything seems to go wrong. No matter how much you try, there is just fail after fail. And you just walk with your eyes focused in one point in front of you, but you can’t see anything. And out of a sudden you notice a big smile from a stranger. Or someone is saying: “Smile” or “Why so serious? Smile!”.

It isn’t a big deal, is it? And I think I might have spoken about this before. But now, when I am feeling very low and my face must look like I just found out that I am dieing, it means so much for me. Of course, nothing change because of someone’s random smile, but I just can’t not to smile myself when someone like this stand on my way. It’s just something, that is becoming a light in a tunnel. And no matter how far this light is, if you can see it at least, everything seems easier.

This is amazing feature in my opinion. Just one simple smile can change someone’s day. And it really cost us literally nothing. Smiling is a weapon on it’s own. Even if you feel that your life doesn’t make sense and whatever you’ll do will become fail, just faking smile can make you feel a bit better (I’ve red it somewhere long time ago and tested myself). It will not sort your problems, but it can give you a little energy to try and sort your problems out.

That’s why I think about these people as a treasure at the bottom of the sea. They might be not noticed among so many things laying down on the bottom, but when you will find it, it will make your day.

This is the reason, why I highly advise you to become such treasure at the bottom at the sea for someone who you don’t know. And belive me, smile from someone who struggles will make your day too.

I am leaving you with this thought for now. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


P. S. I’ve started writting this post the day before, but I have fallen asleep, while doing it. So here it is, next day in the morning.

And my today’s cover photo has been taken on the way to my job. It looks like spring is finally here 🙂

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