Gratefulness? Why is it so important?

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to talk about gratefulness again (I think, I’ve mentioned about it before). But this post will try to explain you in details, why is it so important to be gratefull.

I am meeting a lot of different people; some of them are coming from so called higher class, other seem not too have a lot. What is quite shocking, many of those people, who seem to have everything, are not happy at all. They can afford so much, but at the same time it is still not enough for them. All the time they are running after something. Sometimes I have a feeling that even they have no idea what it is.

On the other hand, people who needs to struggle a bit (or sometimes a lot), they can be happy about whatever they have. Even if it’s only roof over their heads and some food on the plate. When my computer has been stolen (it was very old computer, I wanted to change it any way before my next academic year starts), I have been put in neccessity of buying new one asap. Mostly because of dead-lines in my university.

I have asked for advise two of my friends. Both of them are into technology so I thought they will be able to advise me, what computer would be the best for me performance wise, but not exceeding budget I have. I knew what I need, however I had no idea which of them I can afford for. Researching would take me a lot of time, so asking for help was the best choice.

One of my friends found computers costing double and tripple of what I could spend for it. I’ve told him that and as an answer I’ve got, that I should invest. I am going to use it for at least two years. It did not matter for him that I am not going to use even half of ability this computer would offer. By the way, I hope to use my current computer for at least five years…

Second of them found huge range of potential laptops for me. Some of them were a bit weaker than I needed, other a bit better. But what the most important: the most expensive of them exceeded my budget only for £20. It was on offer in one of the shops, but higher performance would allow me to use it for longer.

After my deal was done I’ve thanked to both of them. And first of my friends said, that I could easily borrow some money and my computer would be much, much better. In short, I’ve been so stupid to buy so cheap one.

At the same time, I am happy like a child who just got some candy. Computer is working perfectly fine and I haven’t needed to fall into debts. I am so grateful. But at the same time a bit sad for my friend too, who complains almost all the time. That his computer, which could be easily used to perform very demanding tasks is not good enough, his home is too small and so on.

This is very sad that there are so many people out there, for who the most important thing is to have everything the best, the most expensive… and still complaining. People, who build their relashionships, based on what they have, instead of who they are. And unfortunatelly ending up with no one around them (let’s be honest, listening to someone who is complaining constantly, is not what people want to do).

So my advice today, is to buy whatever you can afford (even if it will be personal jet, you will never use, if you wish), but be gratefull for it. Try to not be the one, who never hasn’t got enough. Just start seeing another aspects of life, not only material goods. And you can believe me or not, bit you will be much happier than you were before.

What is also important, at least in my opinion, is to remember, that bad things (good, too) happen in our life for some reason. If we will learn how to deal with them, we will be much stronger (I thing, there is a saying, in English too, saying: Whatever will not kill you, it will make you stronger).

That’s why it is important, to be gratefull for bad things as well. And remember, even if you are going through very bad time, there is always someone, who is in worst situation. And propably he or she is facing those problems, instead of complaining.

And with this thought I am leaving you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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