Done is better than perfect

Hi guys,

Today I am writing another post starting with apologise for not posting anything. This last two weeks became just one huge madness. Deadlines in university, where I had to make up half year worth of work within less than one month. This lead me to the point, where I’ve got behind with my job (well, I needed to take at least one week off to manage with my university). However, today I am back, hoping that this was the last time when so much time have been taken out of my life (by the way, I deserve huge applause for not storing my work just in case of situation of any kind of computer damage, well done 😉 ).

After this experience, I would like to talk about life-saving rule which helped me to manage all this time. Actually, two rules (however, one have been mentioned by me before), if I can call them rules at all.

About one of them I have been witting for sure. I remember sitting in bus and writing about it. This golden rule is to divide tasks for four groups, namely: important and urgent; important, but not urgent; not important, but urgent; and not important and not urgent (I haven’t invented it, but heard about it long time ago, but I can’t remember where). Judging of importance is taking place by determining consequences and priorities, while urgency depends on deadlines. Going through to do list, first group is the one we are getting done as a first. However, my first group became huge. There weren’t too many tasks on it’s own, but they were time consuming (especially my assignments for university, which required me to prepare some applications, write essays and reports, but what was the most time-consuming was research which is my favourite part of academic assignments, but it needs a lot of time to complete. So, although this blog was in first group, I had to move it temporary to the second group, as I wouldn’t be able to finish my assignments on time otherwise.

This was the first rule I used, but second was even more helpful. And it was: “Done is better than perfect” rule. As I am very bad perfectionist (I can never accomplish anything and be one hundred percent happy with it), I was spending a lot of time on correcting my essays and applications. Just small bits and pieces, which wouldn’t make to big difference, but I found them. So they were requiring my attention… This time I’ve realised that there is no time for this. I had to upload my work just few minutes before deadlines, even if I’ve done it with quite big pain in my heart and not checking it properly before it.

But actually, why done is better than perfect? Nowadays, when one single person is playing so many roles in society, to do lists seem to have no end. Even if you can see an end, there will be many tasks coming on daily basis, so such a thing like empty to do list doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of many of people. However, task by task, slowly we are getting done what needs to be done. And try not to get mad about it. Here is where perfectionists have a bit, just a tiny bit worse than the opposite. For them, single task never seem to be finished. There is always something what could be done better.

During my battle with university assignments I understood, that just getting one project out of my to do list was a huge relief. Just one out of so many was making huge difference. I had no choice, but upload work, which had so much to change, so much to do to improve. Any way, I have uploaded it as it was (of course after proof reading). Till now I feel a bit disappointment, but at least I have been able to manage everything on time and today, instead of crying because of necessity of repeating subjects, I can appreciate my holiday and thing about my personal projects. And what more important: sleep eight hours every night.

We need to remember, we have a lot of things to look after in our lives. And of course, trying to become perfect is a good thing, but personally I am going to try get my stuff done first and after, if I have some time to spare, make them as close to perfection as I can.

And with this thought I am going to leave you today. If you have any other ways, to get on top of so many things to do, let me know in the comment, I will be pleased to read your advises. And of course, I wish you a very productive day and I see you in my next post.


P.S. Hopefully, my posts will be appearing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So I’ll see you tomorrow 😉

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