Another unexpected break

Hi guys,

I have a feeling recently that the only thing I am doing is apologising for not posting. However, again I was not able to help it. I’ve got very bad eye infection which seemed not to heal at all. I have been instructed not to use any electronic devices (any way all the time one of my eyes has been covered so my ability to see without tearing very badly was kept to minimum any way), so I have left my phone and computer for some time (I had tried to write something, but blurry vision didn’t allow me to do anything).

But any way, now I am back. My eyes still aren’t perfect, but at least I am able to see what I am writing, so I will do all my best to keep publishing according to my schedule (starting tomorrow, as it’s going to be Friday 😉 )

For now I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my post tomorrow.


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