Sprint, or maybe better long run?

Hi guys,

Today is very special day of the week. And very special time of this very special day. And what I mean, by that: end of my work for this week. Even if in total it gives me only one and a half day off, for me it is a lot of time. I can use it to progress in my personal projects. And you have no idea, how much you can achieve within so short time.

As my work (personal and this in my everyday’s job) pilled up because of my eye infection, I appriciate every hour I can spend on catching up, especially on my personal projects (you can’t even imagine, how much motivation you can gain, if you are forced to stop working on what you like).

One day I was talking to my friend about our schedules. And I have said that in current situation I have only one hour every day to work on anything personal. He said, that to spend one hour only, doesn’t make any sense. You can’t really start working properly and it is time to finish. And actualy, if you look at this from short perspective, he is right. In one hour you can’t expect incredible results. Just little bit and pieces here and there are getting done.

But in long run, I have five hours of work counting from Monday to Friday, three hours on Saturday and eight hours on Sunday. In total: sixteen hours a week. What means two days of full time job every week. And part time job’s time (if you work only two days a week, like many students does). Quite cool, isn’t it? And even if your counting will show lower result, still whatever you’ll get will bring you closer to your goals.

By the way, I’ve heard that our success depends on our consistency. Well, I generally agree with this, but not fully agree. However, this is the topic for another (maybe next?) post.

Ok, but is working this way helping us always? Propably not. There are a lot of things you have to take care of before you start working. And the most important is to eliminate distractions. If you want to spend one hour a day working, make sure you are actualy working, instead of checking all your social media, answering phones, texting, watching movies, etc… If we ignore this things, our mind can focus on current task, instead of getting involved in another arguments between our friends (we all know, they couldn’t sort it out themselves just talking to each other or at least by sending private messages; it had to be sorted in public; and we all know, it is so interesting for us to read 😉 ).

And another thing I am going to mention today, is to decide what are you going to do each day. Just pick one task and forget about all other. Focus on it and get it done. This is the only way, how you can actualy progress. Multi-tasking doesn’t work as well as doing just one thing at the time and giving it all attention (at least not for me; switching from one thing to the other actually distracts me a lot – eventhough, I used to think that I am master of multitasking).

But I will talk about this the other day too, as this is very simple thing, but quite complicated (if it does make sense).

But for now, I am going to finish my monologue. I hope you all have very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


P. S. I have discovered free pictures offered by wordpress. And I already love them 🙂

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