Again: getting on top of things ;)

Hi guys,

Today, I am going to talk about something, what have been (well, still is) a huge problem of mine. And this problem is: time. Or maybe better, lack of time.

Since I remember, I have always complained about it. Claims like: “I would do this, but have no time…” or “That’s great idea, but I won’t be able to work on it. I have no time!” were the most often said or thought by me sentences. No matter if it was day off, school day or any other day. Really, I have always suffer lack of time. And always I had great to-do lists. Usually long, but at the end of the day I haven’t tick even half of my tasks… You know, I haven’t got time 😉

But when I am thinking about this now, I used to have time to watch so many episodes of my favourite programms on tv (always, no matter what), to play my favourite games for hours (literally hours!) a day. But my projects have been made last minute, because I haven’t got time earlier 😉

Now, I’ve realised that in order to complete my projects, there was so much time appearing out of nowhere. Literaly, I could spend fourteen hours in a row (with huge ammount of coffee drunk) just to make sure, everything is ready on time. No failure at all (well, at least if we talk about meeting dead lines; with quality it hasn’t been so colorfull each time).

And do you know this feeling, when you just type your last dot of your projects, and there is still ten minutes left? It is so rewarding, you feel so high, just give it a last quick read and you are realising that so much could be done better (if it would be more time, of course 😉 ).

I was sure, that everything will change when I’ll finish school. You know, no deadlines, no stress… Of course, if you are not stressed you can do much more, can’t you?

Of course you can! But… (yes, there is always some but) you need to acctually sit and work. So did I. Now, there is no deadlines in my life (except these set by myself) and I am still behind. At any point of the week or day I have some tasks which are due yesterday. My to-do lists for each day are just packed. And sometimes, I have to admit: it is overwhelming. Just looking at huge list I am starting to feel dizzy.

That’s why in my last post I told you about picking one, just one task and work on it till it is done. When you’ll finish, pick next one and repeat.

What I have done, to make it possible for me, I’ve started preparing my weekly to-do lists. All of tasks are sorted by due date (but there is no due date writen on the to do-list), so I am picking one task every time when I am sitting to work. First, which is not completed yet. And do you know what that has made for me? Now, I don’t need to worry about deadlines during my work. I don’t procrastinate either. I have one hour each day (Monday to Friday) and some more during the week days, when I am just sitting and picking task after task and try to get them done. And it’s working so far (well, I’ve started just three days ago, so you know, I will confirm it after some more time).

And I’ve just revised my to-do list, checked it according to due dates and there are still some tasks overdue, but I can see that list of them is getting shorter every day. And this is so motivating. Just so simple thing. This realisation, that you are getting on the top of things (even if you are moving there slowly) gives you so much fuel that you can’t even imagine.

And for now, I am going to finish. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post on Monday.


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