Does our success depend on consistency?

Hi guys,

Today I am going to explain you why I don’t fully agree with this saying. Ok, so let’s make something clear first: I am not saying that it does’t depend at all. It is very important part of success to be consistent. Otherwise, how are you going to master whatever skill you are using?

But I can’t say, I fully agree with this. Try to imagine situation that for example, you want to become a professional programmer. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You just need to spend a lot of hours learning how to write code. So this is what are you doing. You are writing code for one application, you need to use a lot of resources, like tutorials, books. After you write another program. And you are realising that you need much less effort. You don’t need to check how to write each line of code, just some parts. And you keep repeating it, till you’ll get to the point, when you hardly check how to do anything. “I became a master!” You might think. But are you sure?

This is why I don’t agree with this saying. Being consistent doesn’t meet all requirements to achieve a success. I think, that this is true, but only if each time you are starting more demanding project. It is like someone who learn how to play guitar. If he or she will learn how to play a song and each time this is the only song being played, no matter how consistent you are going to be, you will not become any better. Even more, no matter how much time you’ll spend in total, you will still not become any better.

Coming back to programming: even if you were picking more and more complex tasks, if you haven’t discus it with someone more experienced, haven’t get any feedback and looked closely at any kind of constructive critique, how can you actually know that what have you done is actually good? Even if it is working perfectly fine. But maybe there is a way, how you can replace tons of lines of code with just five, which will make your program work much more efficiently? Similarly, in other fields, you might be making some small mistakes, which corrected now, would save you a lot of time in the future.

That’s why I can’t fully agree with this saying. I can’t deny it’s importance, but it works only if your time being spent consistently on learning any skill, you will use wise. On working on something, what actually could help you learn something new, instead of repeating what you know already very well. And as much as it is possible, try to find things, which are going to be more and more challenging each time. And keep getting feedback. Feedback is something what is one of the most important things I can think of in order to achieve any success. As quicker you’ll be able to figure out what habits can make you a better programmer, musician, etc. you will be able to incorporate it in your process of learning. Same if you are trying to come out with new product, it might to be wise, to get an opinion during the time, when you are working on it, then if it is ready to be sold.

So to sum up: while you want to achieve success, you need to be consistent, but at the same time make sure you are taking advantage to learn new things during the time you are spending on your work. And don’t be afraid to consult your work with someone more experienced. If you can’t find anyone like this in your surrounding, don’t hesitate to look for help on different types of forums (believe me, nowadays there is a forum on every subject you can imagine; well, if you are doing something very original, these advise might not apply to you as well. But at least have a look and maybe you can find something similar, what can help you). This way you can pick your bad habits up very quickly and save some time by learning from mistakes, someone else done. It doesn’t mean you will not make any mistakes, but at least less than you could if you wouldn’t research.

And with this thought I am leaving you today. I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in the next post on Wednesday.