Where do you want to see yourself after ten years?

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about the future. And by future I mean quite long period of time. Have you ever thought, where do you wish to see yourself after ten years? If yes, what do you see? How much does it differ from the place where are you now? And finally: do you take actions to actually get there? Propably picture you see is something ideal. But do you think, you will be really happy when you’ll achieve all that? And quite important thing: does this picture include only or mostly material goods?

This questions are quite important (at least according to me). Nowadays a lot of people dream about nice car, luxurious home and even yaht or private plane. And of course there is nothing wrong in dreaming about all those things (or having any of them), but what is worse is to not seeing anything else.

I was talking to one of my friends long time ago. We were trying to figure out our dreams. And he listed all of above things. I asked him why and answer made me really worried. He said that it is because after he would be able to lay down on his couch, watch tv and, if he would get bored of it, he would just move to his yaht or go for a trip. Ok, but where are other people? I don’t even mean helping others, just someone to enjoy all these stuff with. Maybe wife or just friends coming over sometimes. But he didn’t want to. For him it was important only to have these stuff, just for sake of having them.

When I’ve told him that I don’t understand, he answered that eventually I will. Well, it have been many years now and I still don’t understand. Now, we are living in different countries and what more important: in different time zones. This doesn’t give us much time to talk (to be honest we hardly talk, as every time when I wake up, he is in work; when I come back from my work, he is already sleeping), so I have no idea if his dreams have changed over time. I hope they have and now he includes someone else in his dreams. Someone very important to him.

Why do I think that wishing only for material goods is so bad? What makes so big difference, if you are enjoying your stuff with someone, instead of being alone?

First of all, naturaly humans are meant to live social life. And every one and single person I know, no matter man or women, child or adult, extravert or even introvert; they all need contact with other people. At least up to some level. I consider myself as slight introvert, but still I do need to spend some time with others (I need my alone time too, but if I wouldn’t be meeting other people, I would gone mad very quickly).

Second thing is that material things are not constantly same atractive. What I mean by that: you can buy the newest phone you can find on the market, but any way, within month, there will be something newest and better. Running after the vision of having the very best gadgets will never make you happy. Something, what makes you proud today, might become useless the very next day, month or year. New technologies are approaching market as often as never before and I think it is worthed to realise it. And any way, finally each gadget will become boring for us.

And what is more important, material goods are just temporary. We have something – after sometimes it’s damaged. One day, we might loose all money we have and not be able to buy new one. But true and honest relationships are there for us. No matter what is going on. This is how we make our memories, just by spending great time with other people. And if by any chance something happen to us, our family or friends can do, what any kind of technology does – they can support us, even if only by good words or time spent with us, when we are for example stuck in bed. I think, this is worthed considering.

And as you can see, it is so important to care for relationships, make sure you have some people around you first and after chase your dreams about material goods.

And today I am going to finish my post with this thought. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my post on Monday.


P. S. You are very welcome to share your opinion about this subject in the comment section. I will be happy to read them.

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