You said: “How long have you slept?”

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk about something connected to productivity and what is so hard to master (at least for me), namely: working safe and healthy. Ok, I don’t perform any dangerous activities; my work (except work I am doing for living at the moment) I spend in front of different types of screens. Whether it’s my phone or laptop. There are no hazards at all, are they?

Well, actually there are many. First of all it is a sitting job, where you don’t move that much. Second of all, screens usually are relatively close to your eyes, what in extreme situation might even lead to losing ability to look far (your eyes are not able to adjust to see from far). And last, but not least, I can think about is that people working on comupers are losing sense of time (you know this intention when you are planning to work one hour; you check the time after five minutes – at least you think so – just to realise that you’ve spent three hours already).

I’ve red this in one article (unfortunately, I haven’t saved it as abookmark before my battery died and can’t find it any more) and I’ve became a bit concerned. I am guilty of all of this! Well, I am guilty of many more, like uncorrect way of sitting, working in poor lighting and maybe even more I can’t think about now.

I need to do some changes! And I wouldn’t be myself, if I wouldn’t make some plan 😉 I’ve decided to handle one of those things at the time and figured out that the most disturbing at the moment is loosing sense of time.

Ok, but why is it a problem at all? At least in my case, I usually work in the evenings. And whenever I start working on anything on my computer, I set time I want to spend on it (mostly it is two or three hours) and next step is to get ready to bed. Unfortunatelly, when the time is gone and my alarm goes on, I am usually in the middle of doing something, so I am just finishing this small piece of work. However, this small success is so exciting, that I am starting next one and I don’t know how, but when I finish work for that day, I realise that I’ve spent five or six hours already. Generally, I am happy about it, as this is clear sign for me that what I am doing is what I am supposed to do. But what makes me concerned is that my sleeping time gets reduced by this. This is more serious problem. Lack of sleep leads to worse concentration, tiredness and in extreme cases – it is a huge factor helping depression to develop. And over all, it is hard to enjoy your life, when your head keeps falling down and your eyes are closing on their own, isn’t it?

That’s why I decided to change all this. And I am trying to leave my work no matter what I am doing at the moment (I just usually leave note for myself, to make it easier to understand next time, what my idea was). It’s not always the success, I still fail a lot with it. However, I hope that finally I will get the habit of finishing my work after time being set is done. And I will move to next one. Just one thing at the time.

This reminds me one story from university in Poland. Once a week we had our classes in room next to the place, where IT students had. What made me laugh that time was the fact that they had some kind of competition. And the winner would be the person who slept less. And one of them asked the other:

First: How long have you been sleeping?

Second: Two hours only.

First: It’s still too long! I haven’t slep at all!

It wasn’t a good tactique, as more, not always mean better.

And with this thought I am finishing today’s post. I wish you enough sleep each day, so you can get more work done in shorter time and I’ll see you in my Friday’s post.


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