You will not get productive, if you will not change the way you think.

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about productivity (especially that this blog is some kind of motivation for me to keep going), more detailed: why is it so hard to be productive?

Of course I haven’t conducted any research about it, I will be talking about my experiences only. As recently I am spending a lot of time on reflecting about my habits and behaviours. It became some kind of madness of mine, but at the same time I am learning a lot about myself.

What I have realised recently (and I heard this from many of my friends too) that the hardest part of being productive is to actually start any task. After it just goes. There is some voice in our heads reminding about all these things, you need to do before (yes, watching an episode of your favourite serial on netflix is included in this).

Second is to overcome any obstacles instead of finishing work for the day. I catched myself on this so many times. There was some task I had no idea how to start or I’ve just found myself stuck somewhere in the middle and I used to just “take a break” to have fresh mind before I’ll do it. However, usually I ended up working on this task right before the deadline.

Recently, I have also realised one more thing. I don’t know if you remember one post, when I was so excited about grouping task according to importance and urgency (basically: important and urgent; important, but not urgent; urgent, but not important; neither urgent or important). And just few days ago it came to my head that important and urgent group contains task which should be done right now, but at the same time it is the biggest group so it didn’t help too much to prioritise them, as their deadline was just right the corner. But when I analysed it closer, I have came to a conclusion that those task are migrating from important, but not urgent group if we procrastinate them too much. So now, I am trying to include as many tasks from this group as I possibly can (you know, these tasks from first group take most of the time), so hopefully one day I will wake up with the feeling, that there is nothing important what I have to do like right now.

And another thing is to know how to say no. I have been talking about it before, but when someone asks you to do something you really don’t like to do, you need to say no. It is that simple and can help you save some time for things YOU like to do 🙂

And with this thought I am finishing today’s post. I wish all of you very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


P. S. I have scheduled my post for yesterday, but I haven’t realised that I need to sync it, while using wordpress app. So today one day late. Hope you’ll enjoy it any way.

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