Let’s talk about different kind of planning

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about a YouTube video I watched recently. It is available here – Black mirror – 1%. Unfortunately, the whole video is in polish, but there are English subtitles available. And I highly recommend to watch it.

If you plan to do so, please watch it before you read further (there will be spoiler included 😉 ) Otherwise, I will shortly tell you what this video is about.

There is a couple coming to the clinic, where there are about to get some examination of the child, which they are waiting for (women is pregnant). As we can learn after, this kind of examination is being performed worldwide since thirty years and it is compulsory. It’s purpose is to determine unborn child’s behaviours, talents, etc., so government can provide right support for each child. For example, if child is about to be a genius, they need to make sure that he or she will have provided everything what is needed to progress. The whole programme is accurate in 99 to 100% and database is updated daily.

However, the couple’s child is being classified in very rare group – 39.22. As parents-to-be learn, this is a group where murderers, psychopaths, and so on are classified. They are being informed that their child is going to be separated from them as soon, as it will reach age of six and it will be moved to special place where good care will be taken of it.

Parents are getting very angry, they are trying to find other solution, they are arguing, trying to change the verdict somehow. However, when they are finding out that there is nothing they can do, they are returning home. They take a decision that there is the time to remove a child and women is going to the bathroom to get it done. Meanwhile, husband is getting phone calls, but he is ignoring them. He doesn’t know, that update of the data in the clinic they have visited, classifies their child into the other group.

All this movie has moved me. It shows a behaviour which takes place even nowadays (fortunately not in such extreme form). It shows planning someones life. In this video, child is not even born yet. But in a lot of cases in the real life, parents are trying to decide about their children’s future. They want them to become a doctor, lawyer, or whoever else they wish to, without consulting it with a child. What even worse, without considering their preferences. As a result there are many doctors-to-be at the best universities, who are so unhappy. In the future, we will have a lot of doctors who don’t feel that they are doing what they should have been. In the worse scenarios, there are parents attending their child’s funeral, as their beloved son or daughter has committed suicide, due to being forced to do something what they hated so much. Or just because they where not able to meet their parents expectations.

I think, this is a great message for parents or parents-to-be. We are all only human and we make mistakes all the time. I am almost sure that even while deciding about our own life, we can’t be sure we are right. While deciding about other’s life is even harder. Knowing (as we can thing) all about someone, doesn’t mean that we really do. And if we decide that our child has to do this or that, we can make huge mistake, and this small kid is going to pay for it for the whole life. In the case of this short movie, there was only 1% chance of mistake. However, this couple has lost their child because of that.

I am not parent now, so maybe I don’t know much. And probably I shouldn’t give advice on this to any one. But if you want to listen, please make sure that instead of trying to force your child to follow any particular path, make sure you are providing a great support in the field your child is interested in. There is a possibility, that your son or daughter will not earn millions each month, but at least she or he will be happy. And remember, you never know. Maybe your child will find great way to turn their passion into the way of earning money for living.

And even if they will make a mistake, they will always have a lot of ways out. Nowadays, you can change your profession at any age. And people are doing it on daily basis. Even in my university, there are so many people who are much older than I and who pursue they current dreams. Similar with me. This is my second subject I study, as first one turned out not to be this dreamed one. And even though I graduated, I don’t feel like working in my profession.

So please, make sure that you are supporting your children, instead of planning their life ahead. And I am pretty sure, they are going to achieve greater success in a field they love, than by doing something they hate.

And with this thought I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


P.S. There were no post in the last week, for what I am really sorry. But I was working on something big (well, for some people it will be nothing, but for me it was very big deal). I will tell you about it soon, as I still have a lot of work to do. But this week my main goal, is to keep posting according to schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), so I am going to make sure to write posts during this week

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