You are a sum of all your habits

Hi guys,

Yesterday I have watched another video on YouTube. And the man, who is the owner of channel said one very important sentence (he said many more of them, but this is the one I am going to focus on today):

You are a sum of all your habits.

Why this one, generaly not very hard thing to figure out ourselves, catched my attention? Well, the answer is very simple. In my case, things which seem to be easy, comes to my mind only if they are said aloud. Otherwise my brain tends to ignore them.

And hearing this sentence made me to analyse my behaviour, starting from the time I was a child. And I can agree with this in almost 100%. I had some habits, which have been defining me in the eyes of my family members. Moreover, almost all of my childhood’s habits actualy didn’t stay with me till now. I am completely different person and at the same time my habits are different.

But what scared me a lot is that I have realised about so many current habits, I would prefer not to count into sum of me. And some of them are some kind of characteristic being used by my friends to describe me (I’ve just took my birthday cards, I’ve got six month ago and read all customised wishes; not these being ready-printed on the card). And so many of my friends associates me with some of those habits! Something, what I used to not pay attention to, is so visible to my environment. And I’ve decided that this is a time for changes. Time, when I will conciously decide what habits I want to keep and which of them are going to be removed from my equation. And I will try to work on it as hard as I can, gradually. Just to make this equation work for me.

Of course I will do my research first and if I will learn something new, I will share with you here.

And with this comitment, I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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