Buying e-books, which are containing already existing blog posts?

Hi guys,

Today, I would like to talk about something, what made me thing a lot in the last couple of months: what is the purpose of buying e-books or books with content from website of the author? I mean, why would you pay for something, what does already exist on the internet? For free!?

As you might have noticed, there are some bloggers writting about certain topic and at some point, they decide to write a book or an e-book and simply sell it. I know a lot of polish bloggers and people appearing in YouTube whi do that. And recently I discovered Pat Flynn, too. I found his podcast “The smart passive Income” recently (well, I found it long time ago, but recently I have started to go through his podcast’s episodes). If you are any how interested in making money online, you propably know this guy very well already.

In one of the first episodes, he is saying that he made an e-book out of his blog post (at least mainly) and in his case, this e-book you can get for free (I am listening to very old of his episodes at the moment, so it could have changed). He explained it’s purpose to be a way of organising a knowledge for a reader, just to make it easier for him to come back to information he needs at any particular moment. He said, that online content is not as convinient, as sometimes there might not be an internet connection, so reader can just read an e-book and have all he needs at any time and organised, without a necessity of jumping across subpages of the website.

I have agreed with this statement. And, especially in Pat Flynn’s case this e-book is for free, so it doesn’t make that much of the difference. If it is for free, you might as well take an advantage of it. But still, it didn’t get into my mind, why people would want to pay for it. If you’ll find an interesting article or blog post, you can always take a notes and you don’t need internet connection to access them again, don’t you? So why waste money?

But something changed in my way of thinking recently. I was working on one of my projects, when I’ve got an emergency call and had to leave my home, just to spend around an hour in the underground. I had so many fresh ideas, but I was missing some information, to put it at least as a draft or notes on my phone, while having nothing more to do. And that time, unconsciously, I have thought: “If I would have saved it on my phone!”.

And this made me understand something. Nowadays, money aren’t the most valuable currency we have (even for most of people who can do a lot to get more money). Time became much more important, according to me. If you don’t have time, you won’t be able to earn money, spend time with your family, rest, etc. And this is the most “fair” currency of all we have. No matter who you are, you have exactly 24 hours every day. Each minute, either wasted or productively used, will never be returned to you. It will just pass. And all benefits of these actions (or lack of them) you’ll see in the future.

I am not sure, if there is such saying existing in English, but in polish we say: “Someone is trying to buy some time”, when for example child is being asked to clean his room, but instead he is trying to involve his mother in the conversation, so she will not ask him about this now. But in reality, he is not buying it. Those minutes, when you procrastinated are gone, and will never come back to you.

I have came across a material online (unfortunately, I can’t remember where), where time was compared to money. You can spend it in many ways: have fun, relax, or invest in activities which will benefit you in the future. No matter what your choice is, it is inreversible. The only thing you can’t do with time, but you can with money, is lend it or borrow it.

I like this way of seeing the time. I am very sad, that I haven’t note it somewhere at the time when I heard it. Hopefully I will come across it again and I will update you, as I belive it is worthed to see an original material.

But just to sum up, buying e-books I have mentioned above, is some kind of investment. You spend your money, to ensure that you will not waste your time in the future. Is it worthed? I think: yes, it is. Money naturally comes and goes. Whatever you spend, you can always spend some time and earn again. However, time being wasted once will never be returned to you. You can’t get it back. So using solutions, which can help you to get your task done and save your time too, seem to be perfect, don’t they?

And with this thought I am going to finish today’s post. I wish you all very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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