What have changed, since I have less time?

Hi guys,

Today, I am writting another post in a bus. It’s been already two weeks, since I am working 1.5 time and I have to admitt, that it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it will be. But what is the most important, is that reduce in my free time, makes me work on my personal projects much more productively. Before this, I used to push my tasks away till the day before deadline, now I can’t afford such action, as it would leave me without possibility of finishing my task on time.

So let me explain you, what have changed during this time:

Just one thing at the time

I’ve always have a problem with too many tasks to do. One of the reasons for that was that I wanted to acomplish too much at the time. Maybe you remember my first posts, when I talked about my goals. It was a lot of projects, which I wanted to carry at the same time. Now, when time isn’t the thing I have too spare, it finally got into my head, that I need to bring one project to the point, where it doesn’t require as much time from me as while setting it up. After move to the other. Well, very simple, isn’t it?

Say no, when you need to

Ok, I have been talking about it before. I was saying, that finally I can say no, when someone asks me to do something, I really don’t want. Before I thought I was, but now I really don’t have time for too much. So “no” became one of my favourite words.

Prioritizing tasks

This has a lot to do with first point. Lack of time doesn’t allow me to do tasks, which are less urgent, while there are a lot of with short deadlines. Similarly, I had to eliminate all task which are not important. At the moment I have huge to-do list saved on my computer, where all tasks are sorted by due date and importance. And I just deal with each of them, starting from first to the last (well, to get to the last it will be a long way; especially, that every day there are new tasks being added).

Using every minute

This is the point, which is the best for me. Before I wouldn’t start any task, if I had less time than I needed to actualy accomplish it. At the moment, even if I have only 10 minutes, I am at least starting next task. And this turned out to be a life changer for me.


This might seem not very important, but believe me: it is. Having less time makes you more focused on the task you are doing. You can’t be distracted by each message coming on your phone, you can’t watch “just one” episode of your program. At the moment I realised, that 15 minutes on YouTube equals 1/8 of all time I have planned for work for the day. And it motivates me to stay focused and watch it when my work is done. Any way, it will not be gone that time 😉

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I wish you a very productive day.