Disadvantages of working a lot

Hi guys,

My last post was about changes caused by working more. And as you could see, all of them were very positive. However, I have noticed some disadvantages too, so today I am going to tell you about them.

Without further introduction, here are negative things about this situation:

You are constantly tired

Working a lot, gives you much less time to rest. Even if you are working this 14 hours, you still need to add some more time for getting ready for work, commuting, etc. If you add to this working on your personal projects (even if like me, only 2 hours) you have about seven hours for sleep left. But, except work, there is personal life too. Propably you would like to spend some time with people who matter to you; you might have place to live and connected with it chores; different kind of appointments and meetings. And all that takes a lot of your time (well, at least a lot of my time). So very often I end up with 2 hours of sleep, sometimes bot even this much. As you can imagine, I look like a zombie somtimes 😉

You are forgetting more

This point is kind of connected to the first one. Insufficient sleep makes your brain less sharp. In my case, I can remember about big things, but these small one I tend to just forget. Like for example, I have prepared this post in the morning on Friday, but I forgot to schedule it. So instead of having a post at 8p.m. (UK’s time), it appeared on Saturday in the morning 😉

Your health suffers

Ok, you can say whatever you want, but lack of sleep decrease your immune system a lot. You might think, that it cannot be as bad. Well, since last week I am able to do anything, only because of huge amounts of paracetamol I am taking (even if I know that in long run it is very bad for me). And also, (I am not sure if it happens to every one), I am having headaches quite often.

You are getting angry very easy

This is kind of dangerous. First of all, you can be very rude to innocent people around you. Second of all, you are more likely to give up on your personal projects. Especially if you’ll meet any obstacles on your way. I think, this is also connected to first point of this post.

These are all disadvantages which I can think about at the moment. You might ask me, if it is worthed to work so much. Well, my answer is simple: if you are in situation requiring it, it is worthed. However, I would advise you to take this challenge only for short time. I am coming back to normal schedule of work after one or two weeks. And I won’t lie, I can’t wait for that moment.

However, I have to admit, that I have learnt a lot during this experience. Mostly about myslef. I was able to see things, I couldn’t see before. I believe, that it made me a bit better at planning my time and actualy sticking to my plans. It is also showing me, how much I can handle. This makes me a bit less worried about my projects. Mostly, because of the awareness, that in case if I will invest a lot of my time at some point and I will fail, I will be able to work this way again and quickly make up my money lose (if any would appear because of the failure).

And this is it for today’s post. I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my Monday’s post.


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