Too many ideas… Is it good?

Hi guys,

Today, I will tell you one of the reason, why we would like to get somewhere, but we seem to stay in the same place all the time. And what makes people, who are progressing in whatever they do all thee time (sometimes we can’t even keep up with changes happening to them).

On the other hand, some of us have so many ideas, but everything seem to be frozen at the same point (definitely me 😉 ). Not moving forward, not going back. Just same point. And I believe, that having many ideas is some kind of an issue. You might think now, that I became crazy (you know, how could I progress if I have no ideas to do so?), but in this case “many” is the key word.

Let me explain it. Having many ideas is generally a very good sign. It does confirm, that you are a creative person. However, it does hold you back and makes you much more likely to end up with doing nothing. Why?

First of all, working on too many projects usually requires a lot of time. Of course, it is an investment, but as you are switching your available time between many activities, you are seeing your first results even slower, than you would working on just one project. I mean, results are same, but they are divided between so many things, so each of them still have a lot to be done till it’s finally finished (or at least, in presentable stage). It can be quite disappointing, when you realise that you have spent so much time and effort and nothing happen. And this could possibly make you give up.

Secondly, all of us have just a limited amount of time. For each person it is a different amount, but still limited. And trying to do too much at the time makes you much less productive. Instead of fully focusing on one problem, you have a lot of them to handle. And this might decrease your performance. Just imagine, that you have a problem A and a problem B and very quickly you are deciding that you want to handle problem A first. You write an ideas (or possibilities) how to solve it, maybe you even try some of them. But out of the blue, there is this great idea popping up in your head, which will allow you to solve problem B. So you are switching there and while in progress, there is an idea for problem A, and so on. Even if you claim that you are good at focusing on one problem at the time, your mind might make you a joke and show off with it’s creativity about something different. This is how we are working. And if you have more problems at the time, it will be ven harder for you to focus at just one at the time.

I have to admit, that I am guilty of this too. Even with this blog. If you are reading my blog since it’s beginning, you know that I wanted to make it something unbelievable good. Different sections for my goals and passions and different posts about it. I created schedule (which was impossible for me to keep up with) and I failed very quickly. At the moment, my goal is to focus on just one project at the time and as it becomes alive and keeping it upgraded become comfortable for me, add new one. But not before. That made me progress a lot more quicker and more efficiently.

And this is my advise for you. Having a lot of ideas is generally a great thing. But make sure you have some list, where you keep them and work only on limited amount of them (you might be much more organised that me, and handling two or three projects at the time might be a good idea), but make sure it is not more, than you can manage. Just work on your own pace. You know, it is much better to achieve something later, than if you were not to achieve anything at all, isn’t it?

So I am leaving you with this thought for today. I hope you liked this post. I will appreciate, if you’ll share your thoughts on this topic in the comment section below. And for now, I wish you a very productive day.


P.S. My second project is not ready to be released, yet. It turned out that there is much more to do than I thought on Monday. I needed to do some more research, before I will be ready to make it happen. However, I hope that it will be ready for tomorrow, and I will let you know in Friday’s post 🙂