Purpose of having routines

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to focus on the challenge I am taking now. I will tell you about my preparations; how my routines look like and my observations after first day of the challenge. Let’s jump right into it.

First, let me remind you what all this challenge is about. For next four weeks, I am going to wake up at 5 am (instead of 7:30 or later) and during this extra time, I am going to get some of my tasks for the day done. If you want to check, why am I doing so and where this idea came from, please see my previous post A morning bird? Let’s give it a go!, where I am describing it in more details.

So my preparations started yesterday. After getting all my chores done, I have spent some time to decide, how my routines are going to look like. And here is what I came up for my evening routine:

  • Stop all devices (phone, laptop, etc.)
  • Eat supper and dring cup of tea
  • Plan next day (especially tasks for the morning)
  • Take shower
  • Keep bottle of water by the bed
  • Read book in bed till you’ll become sleepy

As I want to sleep at 23, I need to start all this at 21. It is very simple and not demanding routine. There will be no more work since the minute I start this routine, just getting my brain ready to get some sleep.

With morning routine it was a bit harder. I want it to be a productive time (as this is the point of waking up earlier), so I wanted to keep all activities associated with getting ready, as short as it is possible, so I have decided on this:

  • Drink some water
  • Have a 5 minutes of stretching
  • Have breakfast
  • Take shower and get dressed
  • Prepare cup of coffee
  • Start working while sipping your coffee

I supposed that first five points of my morning routine are going to take me something between 45 minutes to 1 hour. So hopefully it will not be later than 6 am, when I will be able to start working. As this first hour will basically make me ready to go, I will be able to work till 8, before I will need to leave my home for work.

Sunday is my day off, but I’ve decided to keep same routine this day, too. The only difference will be, that I will be working a bit longer and have lighter breakfast than during regular day (to be able to have breakfast with my husband, when he will wake up).

And here is first day of my challenge. Unfortunatelly, it turned out that instead of 5:00 am I woke up at 5:30 am. But still, it was close 😉 and it already made huge difference. My morning routine haven’t gone so smoothly as I thought. Propably, because it haven’t became my routine yet. But also, I haven’t realised day before that my coffe is finished, so I had nothing to wake my brain up. I have to admit that I did not fall asleep at 23 at Sunday. My evening routine went much better, but I think that it is still quite shocking to my body to sleep so early (usually, I sleep at 1am or even later and on Sunday I was asleep at 1:30).

Any way, even if not everything went perfect and my brain wasn’t fully awake, I managed to get one quite big task done in the morning. I started another one, too. However, after coming from work I was tempted to go back to bed or have a coffee at least. What made me a bit distracted. But having the hardest task for the day done, kept me motivated and I have accomplished almost all I have planned (and today was a very busy day). But provided that I am already sleepy, I hope that I will be able to fall asleep quickly today.

To sum up. First day of a challenge was generally more productive than usually. Mostly, because my hardest task being done in the morning (I kept repeating myself that the hardest is behind me so I can manage everything 😉 so-called self-motivation 😀 ). But it had it’s downs, too. I felt sleepy for pretty much all day. However, I thing that being tired is a good price for achieving most of the goals in the busiest day in the week. I also predict that, as my body will switch to sleeping this way, tiredness will not be the case any more.

But this is just first day. We all know that everyone is different and it might be perfect solution for me, but it could be just waste of time for other people (and still, I can’t say that this is good for me after just one day). I will keep sharing my experiences for next four weeks and hopefully I will be able to come to more precised conclusion at the end of these four weeks.

And this is it for my today’s post, as it is time to start my evening routine 😉 By the way, I think I haven’t told you, why setting up these two routines is so important. First of all, your body can work on auto-mode, if activities you are doing became your habit. In the case of evening routine, my body should start recognizing that it is sleeping time, just because there were particular activities taking place, which usually end up in being asleep (this is another thing I will confirm or deny at the end of following four weeks). Morning routine has slightly difgerent purpose. It should just save my energy on deciding what to do next and by having it in my routine, and improve my creativity this way (but I think this is topic for another post).

For now I wish you very productive day and I’ll see you in my Wednesday post.


PS. I haven’t realised till now that my post haven’t been published yesterday. So here it is 😉