Importance of hydration

Hi guys,

Last week has been a very hard time for me, as on Sunday I ended up passing out again. I have been admitted to the hospital, where they found out that I am dehydrated quite a lot. They kept me in till Friday evening, as it was a bit worse than they first thought. For this reason, my wake up at 5 challenge has been stopped and, except results from my first week, I have no experiences to share with you about it. At least at the moment, as as soon as I’ll get some energy back, I am going to attempt it again.

However, I’ve decided to share some advises, I’ve got in a hospital, which might be usefull for you (especially that in many places it is middle of summer now).

But before I will tell you what I have learnt, I will explain myself. Since hot weather did hit London, I keep drinking a lot. Up to even 4l a day (in my work there are huge ironing machines, so it is always few degrees watmer than outside). It’s not that I forgot to drink. And that will start my list of advices:

Make sure that you are sipping your weather throughout your day

This was my main mistake. I was drinking a lot of water, however bigger amounts at the time. But as I found out, human body can take much smaller ammounts of fluid within 10 minutes. That means, that if you’ll get dehydrated, it is going to take some time to absorb enough water needed to replace the ammount you lost with sweat. What is worse, when it is hot, you keep sweating all the time, so gap between water your body should absorb and water it is actualy absorbing is getting harder to reduce. Having bottle of water with you all the time and keep sipping from it ensures that your body has always some sources to hydrate yourself, without neccessity of creating this gap. Moreover, if you feel thursty, it means that your body is already dehydrated. So make sure you will not let your body reach this feeling.

Make sure you supply your body with electrolytes

This is the thing, I wasn’t aware of (mainly because I haven’t pay attention to it). While you are sweating, you lose not only water, but electrolytes, too. They play very important role in our body. Some of them are responsible for absorbing water, other one to make sure your muscles works properly (heart is included in this) and some ensure our’s brain work. I’ve been advised to drink at least one isotonic drink a day, if I sweat a lot (make sure they have eloctolytes). But also to have certain things included in my diet on daily basis, like bananas, tomatoes juice, and some more.

If you can, avoid exercices and leaving your home when it is too hot

Of course, not always you can do this. Some people, work physically and they can’t do much about it. However, if you can choose between doing your shopping early in the morning and afternoon, when the temperature is the highest, first one will be a better choice.

Try to cool down your body, whenever you can

Do you have an opportunity to go to swimming pool? Make an advantage of it! Is it not the case? Cold shower will do, too. But remember, make sure water won’t be too cold. Just a bit colder than you are and after, gradually lower the temperature. As it might cause shock to your body.

These are all the advises I want to share with you today. I hope they will be helpfull for you and I’ll see you in my Wednesday post.

Stay hydrated and productive (by the way, it is very hard to stay productive when you are dehydrated; so here is one of the reasons why it is worthed to take care of it 😉 )


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