How to manage your ideas?

Hi guys,

Today I would like to talk about new ideas (again 😉 ), as I think they are a crucial part of any kind of creative work. Even if you are the master of sitting and getting your stuff done, you won’t be as productive, if you won’t know what to do, will you? And in this post I have already mentioned, that having a lot of ideas might be quite hard. New things popping up in your mind can disturb you quite effectively. You might get this feeling of first excitement and want to leave whatever you are up to at the moment and start working on this great and the best new idea. However, if you are getting these new ideas too frequently, you will be left with huge amount of projects which have been started, but they are waiting on your to-do list to get them done.

I can’t remember in which of my post I have mentioned about working on one and only one project at the time, but I think I haven’t mentioned what I am doing with these new ideas I have (yeah, at least in my case, my brain mastered forgetting them in very short time). Very often I don’t even have time to think about them (as I am working on only one project, I can’t distract myself with considering pros and cons of the next one). But at the same time, when I actually finish whatever I am working on, guess what? I can’t come with any new idea for some time and I don’t remember my previous ones (or I remember just few of them, which I can’t start right away, because of tools I need, or lack of skills).

So some time ago I came up with the idea, how to solve this problem (well, to be more precised, I found it on the internet here 😉 ; however, the material is in polish and this method is used there to sort out tasks, not ideas). And the way to solve it, is just having a list with all ideas you have. Does it mean that you have to sit and spend two hours on working on them? Not necessary. The point of this method is, that you need to find any small notebook, or even one sheet of a paper (probably your phone will do very well, too), which you will be carrying with you and write each idea visiting your mind (they are trying to be very tricky, as they are coming in the most unexpected moment). So as soon as you feel that this is it! just write it down without considering anything about it and just leave it on the list for a time being (out of topic, for a time being is probably my favourite saying in English; I have no idea why 😉 ).

As soon as you’ll get your current project done, you will have a list of ideas, and you can always look into it and thing about each of them. At this moment, you are not working on anything, so you can allow yourself to just determine, if an idea you had some time ago still seems to be a good idea. If not, you just remove it from your list. At the end of the process you will be left with a list of potentially good ideas and you need to pick one, which you feel like working on at the moment.

I think, this is going to work great for people, who are working on their own products, too. You can write all ideas along the time and when you get one done, you can pick the next one and start working on it. This way, you might be sure that you are not going to lose any of them and, if after some time you’ll decide, that this particular idea is not as good as it seemed at the beginning, you can just remove it from the list.

As you can see, it isn’t a hard process, but it happened to be life-saving for me. I have in plan to include in my thing one more tip, which I came across in one of the podcasts I am listening when I have a time (mostly when I can’t do any other work; for example, when I am commuting, cooking, cleaning, etc.; so in reality it is huge amount of time each day). Although it is very interesting, I will share it, when I will adapt it in my planning process, so I will be able to share my opinion on this topic, too.

And this is it for my today’s post. If you have some other tips how to manage your ideas, I will be delighted to read about them in the comment section below.

For now, I wish you a very productive day and I’ll see you in my next post.


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